The people of India, and the people of Pakistan are the same people.

As a matter of fact,...People all over the earth are the same people.

In some cases, our vehicles or our bodies may look different, but we are all the same..

Even though we live in different parts of the world, we are all the same....

Though we speak different languages, we are all the same...

How and why then do we allow unscientific and unnatural information about our differences to become our reality? Based of this obsolete information, we draw lines and borders on maps, then tell ourselves that we are some how different.

Oh!...Now, I know how we have made this grave mistake,..

"Without Question we accept the different names and labels we are told that apply to us, because we are not yet liberated or awakened from our long sleep in a state of amnesia, isolated from our true nature and eternal identity!

We take on names and labels like Christain, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindus, Jews, Atheist, Terrorist, Agnostic, Liberal, Conservative, Democrat, Republican, (etc.)

These labels and Tags serve to keep us seperated and divided, thinking ourselves to be different!

Like Sheep or Cattle On Their Way To Slaughter, we have believed and still follow this
'ancient dogma' to the point that today, we are all ready to declare war on one another and poison our atmosphere beyond repair, in the name of our so-called differences!

And I Quote:

"Unnatural attachments to ego, nationalism, tribalism, spiritualism, materialism and racism, give rise to our perceiving ourselves as individuals, different in nature from everybody else. This is why we can resort so easily to war as an option, fighting and killing our fellow human beings."

"The barbaric act of war,
A terrible act indeed,
We take the lives of those,
Who have the same nature as we,
A barbaric act indeed!"

We must change our global perception of reality soon or we will loose, our children loose, and future generations loose!

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if i will know write english more beter as know i will write same like this my dear enterial friend Charlie...but i am not in fear for us and us children,and future genetations...nothing cant loose and nobody cant loose...we are ENTERIAL.. as enterial and joy in that enterial life...
Ljiljana, thank you for taking time to post this most enlightening reply. It is true that we all are Eternal Children Of The Universe, but we must all at this critical time in our history, take necessary action that will prevent the destruction of our life supporting atmosphere by way of terror, destruction and war..

I invite you to join us at The World Peace Fair!...


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