The de-established democratic process in Pakistan and their surrender to hard core Tlibanis is a problem for neighboring countries like India. With the US aid being tripled, Pakistan may use these funds to buy military equipment to be used against India and that will start an arm race.
The problem in Tibet and China and its ideology with influx from Bangladesh into Indian borders, it is becoming difficult for India to remain a peaceful nation. A common Indian is worried about the fate of the country and continuous support of US to Pakistan , even if it is misusing the US funds.
US increasing the aid to Pakistan, which it uses for building up arms and terrorists, to be used against India will increase the tension.

I would like to bring this topic for general discussion and post here one of the mails I have received from a net friend from foreign country,

Dear Ravi........

I happened to see a conversation with the above...........
The Pakistani President is requesting that the US give Military aid and equipment to aid in fighting the Al-Quaida and Taliban........including drone planes..........but they do not want the US military inside their borders.

If you have any contacts that can reach the US to protest and prevent the Pakistani military from receiving equipment and technology because we know they are only doing a partial job and have done so with the billions of dollars received from the US over the previous 10 years which has accomplished nothing.......I say India must approach the US in regards to the threat Pakistan represents to India which is a real threat..........not only from a nuclear perspective but from the fleeing muslims into India which are enemies to India.

The Americans must retain ownership of weaponry not Pakistan......
I am not a Twitter person or any of the other social networks.......but I am going to find out how I can spread this message ...........there must be protests over this........

Leona Smith......Canada

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The people of India, and the people of Pakistan are the same people. People all over the earth are the same people.

In some cases, our vehicles or our bodies may look different, but we are all the same..

How and why then do we allow a few misinformed men draw lines and borders on a map, then they tell us that we are some how different. Like Sheep or Cattle On Their Way To Slaughter, we have believed and followed these few misinformed men and today, we are all ready to declare war on one another and poison our atmosphere beyond repair!

And I Quote:

"Unnatural attachments to ego, nationalism, tribalism, spiritualism, materialism and racism, give rise to our perceiving ourselves as individuals, different in nature from everybody else. This is why we can resort so easily to war as an option, fighting and killing our fellow human beings."

"The barbaric act of war,
A terrible act indeed,
We take the lives of those,
Who have the same nature as we,
A barbaric act indeed!"
If the people of both the countries are same then why they could not remain united and had partition??

Pakistan was build for Muslims... then why Some remained in India and are inviting terrorists to do partition again? Remember Salman Rushdi, The Bangladeshi Book 'Lajja" and The cartoon in Denmark??

Will you please answer my one question? In India / world every other religion can be criticized or suggestions for any improvement can be given except Islam ? Why can I not say that people who follow Islam, have no respect for women and they must rectify it in their Holy Book or Preachings?

I fail to realize it and so try to post many things which are not really necessary...

Ravi, in my humble opinion, if we the human family on earth are serious about bringing true peace to our earth, we must first realize that it is important that we must keep our conscious minds updated, just as we update our personal computers!

If I try using a P.C. loaded with Windows 95, and software created in 1995 today on iPeace, I would not have a very good session.. It is the same case with our religious and spiritual mind programming!

All over the world today, we are using Religious Mind-Ware/ReligiousTeachings, that have not been updated or upgraded in over 2000 years... We must update the language of all the religions of the world by using The Scientific Approach, if we want to survive the approaching storms of war!
Hi Charlie,

You got what I wanted to say..??

Any religion which is not updated is obsolete...and efforts should be made to amend it..

The Communists and Islam are the two main imprtant factor in this region, who are adamant and do not wish to change their ways.....
The main question is how to do it??
Ravi, what we can do as citizens of the universe is spread the message of oneness around the world..One Universe, One Earth, and One People!

Powered and Driven by the internet, this task will be an easy one, but every peace lover must do their part.

Any data in any format,..(digital or other means) that speaks to spreading this message of oneness and peace must be sent out over this vast internet to all corners of the earth...When the masses realize this truth as it relates to our eternal oneness,... peace will be the result! After all, it is much harder to declare war on one's own brother, born from the same mother and father, than it would be to declare war on a being different from ourselves.

We Are All One And The Same Creation,..Born of the same stuff from the cosmos!....

The problem has been, we all have been taught since early in our childhood to believe the tall tales about how different we are. We must reverse this mindset by updating our conscious minds with data files that promote our Sameness/Oneness!

We The People Of The Universe, have the full power and force of the universe at our conscious disposal...All we need do is access it!...We Are The Children Of The Universe!
www.apocalypsenot .net


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