Envision ( if you dare? ) this hurtful and hateful scenario wherein people, powers, and forces persistently press you to become a devil. Of course, if your soul is undefiled, you will natrually repel such eerie orbs of influence - with a finality! You will, furthermore, make the earnest and sober attempt to be completely devoid of these diabolical suggestions. This because they run contrary to your original state of Being ( made in the image and the likeness of God ) and disrupt the beauty and symmetry of the higher expressions of the human faculties. You want nothing to do with the falsehood and dirty games, would take no part in the perversity and deviltry of this accursed scenario. So, then, you want out of the damnable region and you betake all of your gifts and talents to escape. But, alas! you soon discover that you cannot simply move forward, herein this scenario - or, you will become a devil: you cannot even retract your steps and go backwards - or, you will become a devil; you cannot hope to ascend, either...no! not in this designated scenario - or, you will become a devil; you cannot descend because it is all the same - you will become a devil.

By and by, frustration settles in like an unwelcomed visitor of hell - with mockery emanating from its odd and awkward being. Then, too, round about you is the constant cackle and babble of the people, powers, and forces that want nothing better than to subvert and submerge the light ( which is the precious life ) that God has given you. With your mind's eye, you see the scandalous complot, and the frustration finds a more conflagrant freind - raw anger. But, not only that, the frustration and the anger is soon exacerbated by impancience. You want out of this milieu of madness - you want nothing to do with its perversity and profanity. You are doggedly determined to see a better and more beauteous way of life. You refuse to give up, and, so, ponder the matter with earnest and sober intent. An idea comes and you move on the hope of escape by of a horazontal leap - only, here, too, you discover that you will become a devil. War-wearied, you pause and heave a sigh - just about ready to go all out, in a glorious blaze of fiery rebellion, or, to just give up the ghost altogether and leave this polluted planet. But, then, a small still voice is heard ( a grace and a mercy from the Creator of all things ) and it says: "Every thing and every body herein this designated scenario is accursed and infected with a curious disease of mind and spirit." That is all the voice spake in way of giving you a clue to untrammelled freedom.

Now, some of you might speedily revert to the Christian Biblicism which states - "Be ye in the world but not of it." Howsoever, the mind that told of this was Christ ( KRAST ) and it exist over and beyond the finite ken of those who think they know. Above and beneath it all, the general lay of practically all mortals will not ( cannot! ) reach or rightly realize such a sublime state of consciousness. So, then, let us be realistic here and deal with this Peculiar Riddle within the range of Our powers and capacities. Flatly speaking, you cannot reside in a pig sty and fail to become sullied by the grit and grime of filth and stench therein. We are a direct product of Our environs and no one can successfully defy this inter-connected Law of the Universe - no matter how clever or convincing the argument.

Never the less, the critical query still looms - does it not? How are We to break the bands of this knotty situation? What is the answer to this Peculiar Riddle? For any one who so happens to come in contact with this complicated conundrum and think to have the answer, then, please! speedily respond and submit your opine. The only hint that I can give is to say that it is a designated scenario - like a stage with the scripts pre-written. That is all I will give. Now, I will say this much, though - for any one who so happens to resolve this Riddle, correctly, then, that individual has the key to the doors of actual freedom from the gloom and doom that engulfs so many souls herein the West.

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If "Every thing and every body herein this designated scenario is accursed and infected with a curious disease of mind and spirit." then I too am infected whether I see it or not. Thus I see that I am one with every thing in existence and all sense of duality is the product of my own vain and infected imaginings. All the turmoil I see is myself telling me that I cannot fix the theater, but I can re-build it and re-write the script and change this play from a tragedy to a Love story. There is nothing to escape from except the thoughts that "I need to escape". There is only here and now, there is no there and then, thus the paradise I seek is already here within me right now simply waiting for my recognition of it. To shift my consciousness from what is perceived to what is desired, thus transferring the power from the focus of the observed to the focus of the observer. There is only one thing and one thing only and that one thing is Love, where there appears to he evil and hate are simply expressionless states where I have not yet poured my Love into expression.

-- Victor
I am famliar with your Hinduistic slant of thought process. It is intelectually syllogistic - clever and cunning. Reminiscent of the sophist who played on words and had a secret pledge that went untold - although they were said to be teachers. It was unecessary, though, for you to personalize the account - unless, of course, something was said that struck a nerve. But, now, there can be no naysaying the incontrovertible fact that We ( every thing and every body ) is decisively tied in a way that does constitute Oneness. However, that Oneness is made up of different shades and shadows of energy and matter. You see, water and fire, just like light and darkness, cannot abide in the same place at the same time. It is Universally impossible - altogether contrary to immutable laws that no clever thought or logic can alter.

In essence, it ( The Peculiar Riddle ) was not posted to instigate dabate - nor, was it a dictate. It was merely an interesting exercise of mind and morals and spirit. Make no mistakes about it, though, there was a great amount of present Truths and Realities well woven within the fibre of the conundrum. How is it, then, that you strayed altogether from the course is a thing that only you, yourself, knows. Conclusively speaking - I ain't into pollyannish word play that are clever enough to put innocent people to sleep. I am of a different order - a catalyst of light that is light in and of itself. We do not reflect light but rather We give it.
I, as well, am familiar with your hegemonic form of back-handed verbal fencing. But herein lies the true conundrum -- can you substantiate anything you say with any real wisdom? My dear man, it seems to me that you are the one being intellectually syllogistic - clever and cunning bearing some secret pledge that as yet goes untold. For your words, though eloquent and articulate, are sharp like a razor, cold and compassion-less. I find you innocent of all charges, and offer you my full unconditional appreciation.

-- Victor
Both fire and water, as well as light and dark can, and do, exist in the same place at the same time, It is only the lack of recognition of this that denies their being. The Sun lights the Earth, and the space between the two is dark, is that to say that the light makes a quantum leap from the Sun the Earth, simply reappearing upon our little blue planet, and passes not through the space between the two? By simply moving your consciousness perpendicular to our plane of existence, through "vertical time", all things exist in the same place simultaneously at every point. It is our consciousness that draws distinctions, isolates identifies and categorizes, and that truly is an illusion. Your innocence proceeds you, and I still extend to you my unconditional appreciation.

Perfect Health and Clarity of Mind,

-- Victor
gloom and doom in the west ? there is no magic key there is time and hard work and hope! dont ask me a question that only has one answer your riddle is like a snake that has swollowed its own tail my life is not so dark even in a pigsty i can still dream and they will come to life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had to chuckle at your graphic prognostications - "Gloom and doom in the West." Although I also caught sight of the satire, too - the ill-placed mockery of a voice and vision that is attired in temporal and spiritual Truths and Realities. It matters not, though, because what a mere mortal might want, think, and feel has no real efficacity when pitted against that which is in infinite and eternal motion. You bluntly repel the idea of a ( as you called it ) magical key. What you suggest is that the hate, harm, and hell herein this nation is the best of all possible lives - based on, I suspect, the constitutional delusion of a freedom that enslaves the gifts, talents, and labor of the vassals and enshackles their minds that they cannot think beyond the limits of the hokuspokus. This is a marvellous cantrip - the idea of covering innumerable crimes against Life itself, and, then, venturing further with the garble that suggests that one may yet hope in a hopeless situation that is destined to realize divine comeuppance. Absurdities accepted as realities and vice mistaken for virtue is typical of dying and a daed people - zombies, clones, puppets, automatons, devil-incarnates, fools, freaks, vampires, tyrants, and children of darkness who all want nothing less than what you say..."Gloom and doom." Blind insanity mad-driven by selfish passions will not allow one to accurately realize what is actually happening around them. Ignorance and fear is entethered to a defective tree of poisonous fruits from whence the deceived are compelled ( without being actually compelled ) to eat. Nothing more than outright asininity would have an individual to desperately cleave to an elusive ( nonexisting!! ) phantom of hope in the unchanging face of force, fraud, and secrecy. The thought process is akin to the macabre mentation of those who raped, maimed, murdered, deformed, lynched, lopped off certain body parts of innocent people, gave a stolen legacy that they miscall religion, and laid extravagant claimes on things that they will never rightly attain - nor InnerStand.

You say that there is no magical key to the doors of relief and actual freedom from the strangle-hold of the devil and his dark domaims of disease and death - I stand to differ. I know a place wherein no devil can dance - a place wherein We do not have to hope because We embody hope and other gifts and talents, too. I know a place other than the stage that is set by a sadistic, evil, and fake species of falsehood and game. I know a place wherein dwell all manner of beauty and harmony and creativity and love and peace and power far more superior than that which is inferior. We do not have to hope that racism will cease and that thieves will be caught, arraigned, and rightly set in their place because We know the deal. There will be absolutely no mercy for the unmerciful no more than water and fire can abide in the same place at the same time. The thing is not to engage the mind in the wicked wiles of those that are defiled. The gloom and doom that you perfectly refuse to consider is not about to disappear on the mere merit of your hopes but rather a thing shall unravel and unleash a Truth that will smash pipe dreamers and those who have a sense of affinity with evil. You cannot by evil repel evil - they are one and the same. The only point wherein they might differ is in their different shades and shadows of meaning. We look to something that a lot of people just cannot envisage - the Truth.
i have left the material world behind for days at a time just to listen to what every body wants and need just to hear their dreams most people say the same thing they want the bad to be punished and the good to be rewarded , this is slow and hard work but a good foundation has been laid and it will continue to grow, if you can imagine your self as somebody that was born 10,000 years ago and brought to this time would you see heaven on earth would you would you see what hope and hard work has created ,no you cant clap your hands and find the truth, it is worth working for worth hopeing for worth making ,one brick at a time cmon lend a hand itll be fun
So what exactly is the riddle? Is it that the person is condemned to be a devil no matter what he does? Therefore making his actions powerless? The riddle is unclear to me.
"Be ye in the world but not of it," "We are a direct product of Our environs and no one can successfully defy this
inter-connected Law of the Universe," and you are asking "How are we to break the bands of this knotty situation?"

Is it like the Albert Camus Myth of Sisyphus dilemma? Camus says "one must imagine Sisyphus happy" because he struggles to push the rock up the hill only to have it roll down again, and repeat the struggle endlessly.

You say the hint is "it is a designated scenario--like a stage with scripts pre-written."

If one cannot move out of this place, then one has to stay, like a prisoner. You say, "you cannot reside in a pig
sty and fail to become sullied by the grit and grime of filth and stench therein" and you won't allow the person to escape or else he will become a devil, but you say inherently the person is made in the image and likeness of God, and not a devil but can be made by the environment into a devil.

So the person is not a devil but the environment will make him a devil and if he tries to escape or move he will still become a devil. The only way to stay "Pure" is to stay still. But, staying still will allow the environment, which is a pig sty, to turn him into a devil because our environment effects how we are. Therefore the ultimate stalemate. This is
an ultimate condemnation. Nothing can be done, the outcome is inevitable. He has to surrender his self to becoming a devil. And like Albert Camus says, "We must imagine Sisyphus happy." Therefore, that's one happy mother-lovin' devil.
If we cannot move perhaps the trick is to stay still and wait our time, or dream as Ken said...?
Eloquent as your little riddle is, it is truly absurd unto pure foolishness. First - you are suggesting that there is a power greater than The ONE Creator, that can override and defile ITS works - Error number one. Second - If the stage is set and the scripts are pre-written, then you are not even allowing for ANY potential for change or solution of ANY sort - Error number two. Third - To be in the world and not of the world is to say "be in the illusion not of the illusion". If you are of the belief that, through some act of biology, the world produced you, then you are of the world. However, if you know that you created the world and are simply observing it through these points of operation we call people, then you are only in the world, like being in a theater - Error number three. (strike three ...) When you sleep and dream, if in that dream you take another persons life, when you awaken, do you call the police and confess to murder and go to prison for the rest of your life? No, you don't. That is because what seemed so real in your dream never actually took place. We are but experiencing a waking dream (nightmare), and likewise none of it is actually happening, only in a thought within a thought, a dream within a dream. There never has been a separation of first Cause and first Effect, this is quite simply impossible - There has never been two. The only error is in believing that any of this is real, and in any way sullies or defiles us. My brother, there is nothing but perfect innocence and Perfect Oneness, in the Eternal Always. I still extend to you my unconditional appreciation.

Perfect Health and Clarity of Mind,

-- Victor
It has been quite some times since I tarried hereat this site. I marvel, too, at this kindled fire - that is the above word wrestling. I guess I will come back - ressurect and manifest what I have come to learn and know. O...the name has changed, too. But, I will revisit later.


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