Izraels foreign minister warned his IDF-officers to travel abroad. He blocks all personal information of Golanis involved in recent Gaza war crimes. He inhibits journalists to investigate the severe violations of International Code of Conduct:
- phosphorus bombs, use of uranium amunition
- targeting of protected humanitarian agencies like UNHRA or ICRC
- intentional killing of Medical doctors, paramedics and aid workers on duty
Delaying promised (internal) "investigations" it appears now clear that this "mistakes" were part of a psychological warfare and independant examination of these incidents will never happen.
Like other war crimes in Congo, ex-Yugoslavia or Ruanda responsible army commanders deserve a judgement before International Criminal Court in The Hague.

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Oque fazer?...Se grupos como a ONU, NÃO FAZEM SEU TRABALHO?...O que fazer se adotamos a politica separatista? O que fazer se todos tem as informações......e o quadro é cada vez mais trágico e arbitrario?.......A sensação de impotencia é uma tortura.....imposta a uma humanidade que ainda não despertou para seu poder de controle de suas vidas....Até quando seremos como bois indo pro matadouro???/assistiremos as cenas mais aterrorizante com o nossos semelhantes sem nos movermos? mesmo sabendo que o proximo pode ser EU? E QUE A DOR QUE ELES ESTÃO SENTINDO SERÁ A MESMA QUE VOU SENTIR QUANDO FOR A MINHA FAMÍLIA?.........
Quando vamos ter a coragem, a dignidade, de nos colocarmos como seres Humanos de verdade???e como tal interferir nos assuntos que são de nosso interesse, assumindo assim a posição de lideres, organizando, éticamente a vida na terra como um todo, respeitando cada um como unico e valioso SER HUMANO, que merece todo cuidado, proteção, respeito........QUANDO?........
Não funciona em ação isolada, já esta provado.....Tem que ser conjunta, isolados somos fracos em relação ao poder paralelo que já está Organizado e instalado temos que sair do papel....das teorias,........dos discursos, é obvio, que se nos unimos seremos invenciveis.......temos de colocar todo tipo de interesse individual de lado o momento exige um Corpo funcional.......Só assim acabaremos com guerras infindaveis que atendem intereresses particulares, só assim acabaremos com as discrepancias separatistas impostas e inseridas por pequenos grupos, que controlam vidas para atenderm ao seu interesse pessoal.
Então é esse o quadro do nosso planeta hoje......ATÉ QUANDO SEREMOS MEROS ESPECTADORES??????
i have been advised to watch friday nights dispatches programme channel 4 hosted by john snow which identifies areas of war crimes and apparent evidence, i cannot watch this on line because i am not in brittain , can someone who has access to this please download the documentary, it may be very helpful to our understanding, john snow is a very trustworthy investigator.. thank you for your information, the more info we have the better our understanding
whistler-ab@hotmail.com Your title is misleading in that folks in U.S.A. might think that you are calling for their newly elected president to be brought up on charges. Just saying.
peas on earth, good food to all
Funny, never would have thought of that myself.

No worries though since it is the other Barak, Ehud...
And according to many people with knowledge of the law far more superior than mine - they do not need to worry..
Recent news look well, even Olmert is already afraid besides his massive corruption charges...
government speaker denied International Community to do their own independant investigation !!!
Izraeli ruling parties can now choose new candidates - murders and criminals loose their right to be elected
anybody know the 108 countries who signed the Rome trety....
better for the criminals to know where they can still travel for holiday
This reply was intended for you, but somehow in ended up on my page. Anyway, here it it.

Hi dear sister, I am pleased by your words and the way you see clearly through the whole situation. Many people around the world think the same way you do. The Israeli people are brothers and sisters and they are not responsible for the crimes of their government, just like most Americans are against the war in Iraq or in Afghanistan. Most human beings want Peace in their hearts and in their country and this is what unites us all in a great Family around the world.

I sympathize with you and the people living around you and I send you my best wishes of Peace and Love
we will see how much people vote for the war-mongers and criminals...who lost dignity


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