Please help Whales and Dolphines ! Tell your friends !


Open your heart...

Hello Planetary Partner,

OMG... President Obama's administration is currently advocating the resumption of commercial whaling...

Rather than getting upset or angry, (Oops - too late!)  OK, rather than staying upset, let's align our loving passion for a global shift in humanity's relationship with dolphins and whales.

I just posted a video on YouTube that speaks directly to the issue. It's probably the best video I've done (It's my 111th), a call to compassionate action, a paradigm shift in how we regard our cetacean cousins. I
would really appreciate your comments and your
forwarding it to your friends. Thank you for your

I will be having some online healing meditations, including the use of Ho'oponopono, to bring healing to our relationship with the oceans and her inhabitants. I invite you to join us.


Click on the photo of Romeo (below) to see the video...


Here's to our awakening Humanity! Our Love is Transforming our World!!!



"Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God."
-Teilhard de Chardin


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Dear Wendy,

Thank you so much for these petitions. I signed already a lot also I get avaaz mails to sign. Thank you for your help :-).

Love Light and Peace


in other words .. need I say savagery

Dear Joseph,

thanks a lot for your interpretation. I know some or more of it. The whales are here to hold the energy for our earth and us. The dark side does know this and that´s the reason they are trying to kill them. They do not disappear by metamorphosis.
There is no need to kill them for science or for hunger. The same with the dolphins they don´t eat too many fish. Both are in a higher consciousness as we humans are.

Love Light and Peace to you and ALL THERE IS



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