We have so many lovely Poetic ipeace members who's words of Wisdom are written in poem form.
Like our dear friend Hussain Jack M. ,RJK, joni,and more..Wise and wonderful words,emotions conveyed in poem,rhyming,lyrical form.
So, I start this discussion for them, or anyone here wishes to. I sometimes write in lyrical,rhyming,poetic form. I'm not a poet,but have my moments of inspiration,since childhood.

copied from comment by joni...


a poem is a deep expression of soul...pain joy or sorrow the beauty it

emotions released explode into being...the feeling we get is o so freeing :)

spontaneous poem by me inspired by leah

written by joni

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OK Wendy, I hope we all go there,
and hope we are all still together...

Thankyoooo sis!......it sometimes just pops out all at once from nowhere!
NO, you're more awesomer than me hunny (well sometimes Lol), my dear wifey :) xxxxxxx
Thank you for your words hun on my writings, as I never know if it is making much sense to anyone, other than me :):)
u be welcome joni..I thought it fitting ..er suiting er oh well I just thought it & did it..:) is my way..I think therefore I do..so much for my poetic wisdom at the moment :)
Wow, it lovely Joni! It make me think of sunshine! :)
Synergistic souls
peace in wisdom, soul by night
lauging endlessly

Inner touching poems
blank page slowly fills with words
conciousness will grow

A tree in moon light
just before the dawn of day
bird song spreads my peace

my haiku, with love...
Just home from work ... saw
poems growing rapidly and
felt eager to join

Touching hearts and souls
sharing wisdom, peace and love
together we're strong

Making every wish
come true, singing songs in heart
let's connect and hug
(((((((((( Group Hugzzzzzz))))))) I'm a little late to the group hug..but I am giving U all 1 now,anyway :)
Okay.....here's a big DessyHUG ........((((((HUGE HUGSSSSSSS)))))))
Warms my heart Rolly that my lil moment of inspiration yesterday morning,in creating this discussion for you ALL.made you eager to join in :)) big smiles & hugs
Dancing Flames of Synergy

I see you,you see me
We are in synergy
Warriors & warrior'ess fire-souls
Could we be or aren't we though?

Shining brightly burning fire
Souls that are driven by our desire
Leaving imprints wherever we go
In hearts and minds ,I see Your Soul.

Like moths to a flame,
Are We one and the same?
Twin flames burning ever so bright
Basking in yours & in my light
Fluttering bye in mid flight
Butterflies or moths delight

I am you, you are me
Dancing flames in synergy
The moth and the flame are one and the same
Drawn into our light in mid flight
To leave imprints in our lives
If only for a moment or lost in time

Unless it's You fluttering bye
That left an imprint for all time
I see you and you see me
we fly and dance for all eternity
in light and flight fluttering bye
I am you and you are me
Twin flames dancing in synergy.

As I sat on my patio this morning having my coffee and a ciggy,this poem or rhyming lyrical thoughts started forming in my mind..by the time I got to my computer I had forgotten most of what I wrote in my head,but thoughts of YOU kept coming instead..so I started writing here,from bits of words,thoughts,writings,of friends over the last few days,weeks,months,years..As I wrote above in discussion, I am not a poet,but have moments of inspiration. What I wrote here today,is from All of you..inspired by joni,Des,Wendy,hussain jack,gunilla & Stephanie,kenneth bro who is not here ,but always in my heart,and a few others..it isn't perfect but hey who cares ? I leave these words and thoughts to YOU fire-souls,lovely beautiful sweet loving shining brightly souls, I call friends!
I Love YOU xxx

Fluttering bye dancing in minds
It lovely babe! I think we are all maybe one and the same... You sound like a poet to me hun...Love my awesome poet wifey2be xxx


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