We have so many lovely Poetic ipeace members who's words of Wisdom are written in poem form.
Like our dear friend Hussain Jack M. ,RJK, joni,and more..Wise and wonderful words,emotions conveyed in poem,rhyming,lyrical form.
So, I start this discussion for them, or anyone here wishes to. I sometimes write in lyrical,rhyming,poetic form. I'm not a poet,but have my moments of inspiration,since childhood.

copied from comment by joni...


a poem is a deep expression of soul...pain joy or sorrow the beauty it

emotions released explode into being...the feeling we get is o so freeing :)

spontaneous poem by me inspired by leah

written by joni

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aww thank u joni and dessy..well is easy to be poetic with such amazingly lovely inspiration...:)
Luv the pic twista' Thank U !!
I also want to say, i "hear" you Robby J. . I can't see your words written, but I sence your presence,tho your hiding away. So come on sista' Robby J..twi 'twi and flutter on bye' if only a moment ,just to say Hi :)
YAY! Robby Sista' heard me & joni..soooooooo happy happy see your words dear twitwi..
mega hugzzzzzzzz n loves yooo ;))))) oh and ur very welcome bout my words on your page sis,only wrote what was true, from my heart it be to your i see..xxx
dearest sista' Robby.Thank you for the hello hello hello..loved reading you,feeling you, seeing ur words written, by You to me,to joni, to us all ,
missing you and thoughts of u not just by me but joni , so many so missed u..and the few that did not know u, now can see why u been so missed by me & joni...
(((((((((((mega huge cozmic hugzzz))))))))))))))))
O i can sooo relate to this o so exposed emotion, poetic words by U joni twista'
is o so much same as me & my only son..who can not or will not "see" me..for who I truly am..only as I once was..tho even that he has wrong,so much left unsaid, over time..but o so much that should not have been said, a son should not know of his mother..his eyes are wide shut, his lies and cruelty,ego driven delusions..some he learned from me as a wee laddie, sum he learned from my brother,his father and mostly from my evil sick & twisted father(sperm donor or the evil bastard is what i call him,not dad or father) ..
sum i suppose is just from him..i often wonder,
was there anything else I could have done?
as i watched my lovely sweet son..
grow and change even before becoming a man..
i saw,could see.. felt so helpless, thought just maybe i can?

as his love turned cold, indifferent.. into the man he became
O so selfish,lies & more lies came from him, as always the same..
i wonder still..what can i do? i stand by in silence,left little hope
maybe one day he will wake up, from his illusions & from the dope

sometimes i still see a small ounce of that beautiful loving boy,
in this stranger ,this man he's become..liar lost without any joy
i wait, i ponder, i wonder? hope lost but not yet gone
someday,someway perhaps I'll get back my son?
O thank u sweet sista' RJK..Robby ur soooo beautiful soul! My son is 31,has not spoken 2 me over 1yr & nearly 9 months..I do not know why..? I am closer to his ex girl, mother to 2 of my grandsons..not by blood but by love she is my daughter and my grandsons. At 1st we became close, because of my son. From her I learned so much,about his life & feelings,we for some years were all a family. Brief time in all
memories remain & I was getting threw to my son,erasing the pain. after they split up he slipped away,bit by bit more each day..till nothing remained but memories and pain. My love for daughter & grandsons were gifts ,that came from their years as man & wife,all that remained..blessing I call them this daughter ,I had none before,the joy & love they bring to my life where I had none!
My son is lost and your words Robby give sum hope..a smile and joy for you & your daughter ,now that she is becoming more in energies of you ,the Momma :)
Momma love energy ..yes we all have,we give,we are in memories..This my wish for all us Momma's, we give and hope and cry & love,we only want our babies happy and healthy & to share in the love. to be in our lives and in theirs too..all the momma love energies
..like me and like you..
Ohh thank U sweet sis Robby so so so
For the poem for me and all 2 see
rings true to my heart my soul my eyes

happy tears..sad tears..heart tears..love tears..i gotz tears..
Joyful smiles..no more sad smiles..heart smiles..love smiles..now
I gotz smiles :))
i always have loved this one sista RJK...thank u for posting it for us here :)) luv ur way xxx

sooo beautiful..Wendy..:))) this pic was taken from my window at home b4 moved to a flat in Feb. birdies perching..but don't have 1 in spring with blossoms..
lotsa LOVE XXX
YAY happy u likey Wendy love, I have many many wildlife & birdy pics from the old homestead..in
"my pictures" browser..so after ur touching beautiful words I went looking for 1 that was as close as i could find for U..I looked for 1 that had 3 birdies ..U,Me & joni..perching together :)))))
posted with luv luv luv XXX
Wonderful Wise poetic words O Wisdom sista' Robby :)) Thank U 4 sharing...
yes sis Wendy..Robby, joni
lets keep on whirling,dancing,dreaming
flowing upwards,upwards twirling, We fly..
Together all the ones becomes the We..sharing the wise
constant change o being, whirling and twirling
cozmic rays O sunshine , We are rays a shining
Friends family O wisdom and peace are Lighting..
Our way.. every one & We each Day.. We are shiny
Rays of cozmic love , up up upwards & writing
You and Me, are We.. together We be shining !

..lol ,ok i need more coffee, brain needs 2b more awake b4 i can find my words..
shiny rays o sunshine ..stead o yawning,foggy brained & rhyming :))


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