France is the only place where you can make love in the afternoon without people hammering on your door.


Love is a gift of God, and as we obey His laws and genuinely learn to serve others, we develop God's love in our lives. Love of God is the means of unlocking divine powers which help us to live worthily and to overcome the world.


Love is a madness most discreet.


Someone has written, "Love is a verb." It requires doing - not just saying and thinking. The test is in what one does, how one acts, for love is conveyed in word and deed.


Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.


Ring out your bells! Let mourning show be spread!For Love is dead.


Love is something eternal-the aspects may change, but not the essence. There is the same diflference in a person before and after he is in love as there is in an unlighted lamp and one that is buming. The lamp was there and it is a good lamp.


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Mody,  Some of these quotes take my breath away & I have very healthy lungs! ; - )   I used to write poetry when I was very young.....The words came easier then.  I'm enjoying being back & receiving your messages.  What was your email address again?  My business email address is: if you ever want to reach me there or when I am traveling?  Love, & Wawrm breezes,  Teresa

thank  you Teresa, i only  post  the quotes  that i feel ,if i not feel  the meaning i would not post it.

i do  everything in life  with a feeling  most of  than do it with  a brain .

some called  me  romantic  and not realistic  man but this  is me ,and i can not change   the way i am

Teresa  the  whole  world  know my  e mail  from my  front page  here on  ipeace .lol

thank you  Teresa 

hugs back ..

Yes, of course your email is there...Silly of me!  I now have it & you have mine as well.  Simple is good in life.  COmplex is sometimes difficult.  I like your spirit & tenderness towards the world.  I look forawrd to Skype w/ you tomorrow.   Love & Best of Everything! Teresa


PS:  Feeling the meaning is the best way to bring out the best emotions! I like the emotions you transfer to others.  You wil soon ahve the world as one big love fest!  : - )  You are making a difference in the world & in my life!    Good night my friend!  Teresa

lol you  not silly dear ,you  are  just  kind  and  polite  to ask for  my e mail ,

you are  special  Teresa and have  pure  spirit .

i wish  i can  really make little different  for the world  and  humanity ,you  bring  smile to my  lips now  Teresa  for know  that  i  make difference  in  your life !!!

thank  you  beautiful Teresa  and light 

Wow,  God sometimes surprises us!   You are a surprise indeed to everyone who encounters you!  We all work so hard & travel so much....You bring me back to the palce of calm where love lives.  You have added a touch of class & sheer sensuality to my busy & hard-working days! : - ) Let me say a sweet good night to you for a wonderful new day to you.  Peace, Joy & A Sense of Wonder,  Teresa

thank  you  so  much  Teresa,

you added  a light  touch  to me  too . a touch of  joy  and  friendship which i need  it really  this days  .

sleep  as  an  angel now  and  dream of  moon light ,and shining  stars 

good  night  my dear 

now  i have 2 minutes  to repost  again  more art  and quotes

so go go go lol

warm  hugs Terea

OK, OK.... Good night good night..... I will look forward to more of your posts in the morning!  Over & out in Texas!  Teresa

i see you  .lol

you  better  take cold  shower  and stay  Teresa .lol

sleep  well and safe  my  dear

sweet dreams Teresa

PS; you not  a night owl  as me .lol


Mody,  Thank you for this peaceful painting.  I usually am a night owl, but I need to be a sharp eagle in the morning for work, so I may have to sign off as a peaceful dove for the night. lol  I have already turned down the bed, so all I have to do is cross the room for sleep!  It's just that I am enjoying the conversaton so much!  I wish you strong energy for the day ahead!  Teresa

you  scare  me now .lol  a sharp  eagle !!!

sleep  well plz  and dream of  something  nice tonight 

do not dream of my  bald head  plz  lol

good  night ,

warm  hugs 

lol...I think I am laughing too much here.  But that it is good right?  Never mean to scare you.... I  will turn back into a dove after my first conference call.  We will catch up tomorrow I am sure of it.  This has been great fun & a bit exciting as well.   We are doing a good job for international relations, Am I right! lol  I am off to dreamland!  warm breezes & a gentle hug,  Teresa---the Washingtonian who is now in the Lone Star State for another month!   : - )


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