Realize the Connectedness with Your SELF

Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ October 16 – 23, 2012
Channeled by: Julie Miller
October 16, 2012


When you are able to truly notice the non-BEING-ness of truly being you, you fully begin to comprehend this knowing does not direct or escort you to the departure of the distinct and individual soul. No dear ones, you are directed towards understanding that your distinct and unique soul doesn’t exist as many may assume. Your journey will eventually bring you onto the path of emptiness of your being that is filled with truth not only of your own unique soul and self but in regards to your discernments of your own individual self. Therefore, what you recognize can become freed from what is considered to be a commonplace beginning of existence that is solid and concrete. We of the divine do know your beliefs, we see what you are aiming to manifest through the thoughts you project. With the connectedness with each beautiful soul that shares the Earth that is home to you, you begin to understand the importance of being aware of all your actions. The energy you emit is filled with a current that touches everything. We urge each of you to pursue thoughts, actions, words, feelings to be speaking always of the purity of your loving hearts.


It is essential dear ones for you to comprehend the importance of understanding how powerful your energy can be even to yourself. All that you do dear ones affects your aura – this is your thoughts, feelings, emotions and even your awakened consciousness. What is most noticeable dear ones is that the aura for many of you is always in a state of unrest based on your constant changing thinking patterns of your emotional and mental twists and turns – the vibrations of your own environment affects you, the place you call home, the planetary alignments, radio waves and so much more that have the ability to penetrate your entire being can cause distractions. Remember dear ones your own aura is your own electronic signature. All these examples and more are reflected through the aura that surrounds you. More reason dear ones to work at bringing those distractions to a minimum so you can maximize the peace and calm that is realized once you have learned to adopt a calmer way of living and being that is fortified by unconditional love.


If you do not already work with a guide, call to God and ask for direction. He is always there for you and He will direct you to discovering the right methods that resonate with your heart that will enable further understanding of your chakras and the importance they play in achieving a healthy auric state. Your chakras dear ones are your inner Energy Vehicles that allow you to enter many dimensional planes as long as they are opened and functioning in optimal health. Through your chakras you will learn much of your Spiritual Self, discover weaknesses that require your attention and comprehension of yourself as a whole and love-filled being.


Many dear souls are on the path to become ONE with God and when this occurs dear ones, they absolutely become ONE with themselves as well. What then comes through each of you after achieving this ONENESS is the allowance of the universe to be held in that oneness and balance that you have become part of. Understand dear ones the opposite to this is when you are not fully one or whole that is the result of thought forms of others that are less than perfection and purity of heart, any harsh feelings, criticisms – even those held quietly within your mind, emotions, even if they are never spoken out-loud will become heavy to your aura. It is important to hold the idea of other people as beautiful, luminous, sunny, pure and whole then YES you will be of assistance to another in order to complete that part of your destiny that has been within your own being to do.


Oneness that is experienced by many that are walking in the Path of Light experience a feeling that they are indeed connected to everything and comes from a common source of energy and light. Oneness dear ones is more than understanding your connectedness with all that is around you, it is the realization of the connectedness with yourself, God and the Universe. This universal consciousness is expressed through each of you in many forms that many of you do not even realize. Every time you disperse true feelings of love for another dear soul who has found a little bump on their spiritual travels you are also further aligning your own consciousness to being universally connected. As you send healing, love or other forms of love across the air waves, you invite joy into the existence of each person that is connected and possibly listening. Your true and wholesome spiritual realization starts when you begin to think and act within your own God Presence that demonstrates actively of your Oneness of all things, species and beings alike.


When you do find yourself experiencing the Oneness with the true nature of God and His unmistakable Light and Love, a deep awareness is reached that has the effect of dissolving barriers that created stagnation and more-often-than-not disharmony when over looked for too long. The walls that were once maintained come down revealing a dear soul that they themselves recognize as pure love and realize other people’s interests and concerns are as relevant as their own. The realization that regardless of background, beliefs, spiritual practices or lack of, wealth, level of intelligence or others that can easily cause separation are important to understand because underneath the garment you call a body holds a beating heart that has the capacity to love and feel love just like anybody else. It is essential to always carry deep and abiding respect for those you pass by and meet even for the briefest of moments.  A warm smile from you dear one can easily be all another needs to brighten their day. Words are unnecessary if your actions can speak for you.


The inability to effectively deal with the many issues that end up becoming pent-up emotions can lead many astray and into areas of depression, deep sadness, anger, resentment, possibly to drug or alcohol abuse and more. This inability dear ones is caused by having too many wants that are attached with unrealistic expectations. Your emotions require your attention and your ability to understand them and to control them. Your never-ending thinking mind is also filled with logical and intelligent thought processes. It is here where you analyze and evaluate what is considered good or bad for you. Your ability to decide and choose is based upon past experiences that has provided you with knowledge and often with forewarnings as to where your current path is about to lead you.


The emotional side of your mind dear ones is filled with feelings that are very powerful in helping you choose what you need. This can be impulsive and often illogical. Your emotional mind is where rash decisions come from, the ones that have no thinking about the possible consequences that could easily occur. Your emotional mind can if left to run rampant cause a great deal of inner conflict and trouble with other people, but if it is balanced, it is very creative and the powers within are infinite.


We suggest dear ones to always be aware of the types of thoughts that enter your mind, are they pure or less than, are they rational or irrational. Understand which type of decision you are about to make and embrace the choices you make with love. Take time to weigh the possibilities of any risks that can be accrued if you are about to choose with your emotional mind. It is up to you dear ones to interpret your emotional brain and accept responsibility for all outcomes.


Your own spiritual intelligence dear ones offers bright and smart guidance to your emotional mind. When you are experiencing many lows you may find yourself feeling vulnerable. Balancing your emotions can be a huge undertaking for many dear souls but it is always worth the effort dear ones. Being aware of your thoughts, where your actions and reactions stem from is an important part to help you understand your inner SELF. And with understanding you meet a raise in your awareness with the A-ha that will be greeting you. Being able to fully understand your emotions is your key dear ones to obtaining more knowledge – it is the bridge of balancing the Ego that works within your mind as a misunderstood protector. Yes it is there as a protective mechanism that requires you to reconfigure its usefulness. Learning to balance Egotistic thinking your consciousness will rise and what it is to bring is happiness that will be much simpler and reachable.


With a raised consciousness you are able to deal in a positive way the emotional turbulence that can occur within your day and this balance is powerful and is felt deeply within ALL that you are. Your own spiritual powers remain dormant dear ones until you seek them from within. They will be your aid to spiritual transformation as an individual who will rise onto a higher state of love, kindness, joy that is met through the ONENESS they have been on the path to meet from the beginning. Awaken your inner powers dear ones, and reach and be ONE with yourself, God, the Universe and all there is.


Allow laughter and simple joyed experiences to enter your living space more often, develop deeper meditation practices, and discover other methods that will surround your dear soul and aura with peace and serenity. Let your heart guide you, it will never lead you astray – trust and believe dear ones in yourself and the journey you are on will bring you onto the path of contentment.


My love, guidance and support is available to all and if you do choose to invite my presence remember dear ones even though I am a stern teacher. I am always serious in my teachings and I see the potential that is glowing all around you and I will help you reach your fullest potential.


I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller

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