There are a lot of misconceptions about the meanings behind these two ideas. One misconception is that many guys (and gals) think that The Language of Desire women don't want to be approached. While it's true that sometimes even the most affable women don't want to be approached, I believe the real truth is that women just don't want to be approached in the wrong way. What do I mean by this? With most things in life, there is a right way to do something and a wrong way to do it. ''Approaching women'' is no different.

What about the attraction side of it? Does a woman go out wanting to become attracted to a guy that approaches her? If she's happily in a relationship, probably not, although I'll say even then attraction is not a choice, she just likely won't act on that attraction in this instance. Attraction is not a choice. This is a truth that is just as real for men as it is for women. What it boils down to is that if you're a man that has self confidence with women, you will likely approach her in an attractive way, which will cause her to feel an uncontrollable attraction towards you. Once again, a woman who's taken may not act on this attraction, but it will still be present nonetheless.

what you do in your approach matter as well. It's important to understand that specific lines and techniques will only get you so far. You'll run into a wall once you've exhausted these canned lines, and then won't known what to do. You'll lose her interest (especially if it's a high energy bar, nightclub, or festival). Being attractive to women then, is not something you do, its something you are. You ARE attractive to and possess self confidence with women. You don't just DO attractive techniques or rehearse lines. Below are 3 quick pointers that will get you started towards becoming an attractive man that has self confidence with women.

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