Reciprocity as an Expression of Gratitude and Kindness
Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ January 06 – 13, 2013

Received by, Julie Miller
January 06, 2013


There are certain rules among exchanges in regards to reciprocity. It is essential to learn to give and take on mutual terms, to give in kind or similar within the degree of reason. Our beloved Creator often works through these ways – He and other spiritual beings that are working at your side might help you discover a person that is needed to help you upon your journey, yet at the same time, the help you are receiving is not one-sided, but has many sides. As this person you have discovered that is of a great help to you, you become a great help to them. Sometimes seeing this trade takes time, but it is there. Sometimes this results in favours or a debt owing. Returning a good deed needs not to be a pressure, but an expression of gratitude and kindness towards each other.


Being able to give is an important part of your development and you learn this early on from parents, caregivers, teachers, etc. But what else is crucial is being able to receive from the exchange of your generosity. When you love someone unconditionally, you love without the expectation of wanting or expecting anything in return from the person or persons you have expressed your love to even if that expression is in the form of a gift, advise, or even your silent presence. The exchange then dear ones is not receiving something of equal in return, it is the knowing you did something from the goodness of your heart when someone needed you. They may not be able to express their gratitude in words. Not everyone is the same in this area, many do not vocalize what they are thinking even when they are thinking good and loving thoughts. Know dear ones that even without verbal approval from who you have given a part of yourself you have brought them a little sunshine to their day and in time that motion of graciousness will come back to you in surprising and wonderful ways that you will be able to identify.


When you give of yourself dear ones learn to not expect anything in return. When you love, love wholly each time. Do not refrain from openly loving in fear of not being appreciated. You are appreciated and this knowledge comes from within. Don’t feel disappointed if a thank you is not provided, although verbal recognition is much more easily understood because it’s a physical action, accustom yourself to knowing the spirit and yourself that your actions that are filled with pure loving intent is your thanks.  


Each relationship you are part of benefits from all your loving intentions. You apply much of your energy in many different relationships, building important foundations, establishing trust and mutually rewarding opportunities for growth not only within your personal life but as well as an increased development within your spiritual life. What we often see, is a person who has established themselves a primary giver, they give more than they receive and this person often will expect to receive something in kind from the recipient of their giving. When you give with love, there are no expectations, the Ego does not exist when your actions are pure and love filled. As soon as you begin to have self-centered feelings of what should be and what you feel you should expect then your ego responds in accordance. Be aware dear ones of your thoughts and question yourself if you must in regards to your intentions before you act. You are reminded of the responsibility each of you carry – your actions and reactions are yours, you own them and they are your responsibility, The energy you give during any interaction needs to be felt and known. You are all connected and how you feel even if you express differently can create different outcomes and effects.


Many of you have heard of the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you; you will reap what you sow. When you show kindness and love to others, you create favourable impressions on them and that relationship flourishes every time you extend courtesy, compassion, honesty, respect, and other simple favours. It makes little difference if the favours are small, understand dear ones they do accrue over time as the relationship grows through trust and a mutual understanding based on history between the ones involved in the relationship. You learn what to expect automatically and what not to expect. Realize dear ones you are evaluated sometimes instantly by your actions and motives through all giving and receiving. It is this knowing that encourages you each day to always be mindful and respectful of others and of yourself. Be consciously aware of your own mind-set – set reasonable boundaries especially if you feel your own thought forms heavy with negativity. We understand how difficult it can be for you to maintain a positive outlook every day. You are faced with many challenges and sometimes those challenges to have their toll on your psyche. Learn to forgive yourself dear ones and share your burdens with the many angels that work close to you. They are not affected by low energy, but they will help uplift your low thoughts with loving light energy that is filled with the Love and Light of God.


Comprehend and appreciate reciprocity is that primary basis for establishing trust and sincere yet influential power. The common understanding is that others will reciprocate in return depending on how you treat them. The universe provides what you give to the Universe. Your positive actions and thoughts attract similar occurrences, situations and like-minded people into your life. Make an honest effort to keep your energy positive. It is well understood how the Law of Cause and Effect works. If you spread yourself frugally you will gain frugally, yet if you give yourself big-heartedly you will also gain big-heartedly. We encourage you to remember our Loving God  has created Grace to be realized and recognized as it is all around you at all times and to remember deep within your heart and soul that He will ensure you have all you need for every effort you apply within the good work you do each and every day.


When you give of yourself dear ones, remember God is often right there beside you, giving through your compassionate act of kindness. Have Faith in yourself that you are following God’s Love and Will while demonstrating His Love each and every turn. Have Faith in God’s direction. You are not expected to understand His wisdom each and every time, yet we know you will in time.


Sometimes that act of giving and receiving can take on a negative side but only if you use this divine act to harm others, to coerce, seek revenge or take on any kind of negative action that causes disharmony to those on the receiving end. For the many dear souls that act within this kind of reciprocity, they too are recipients of low energy thought forms that are lacking of love and compassion. Just because someone has treated you unfairly dear ones, does not mean you must react the same. This is when you listen to your inner voice, not the one that is filled with anger. Your anger is a result of words expressed, possibly from actions demonstrated. How you react makes all the difference. Learning is being done on the most basic of levels. Understand the full depth of that anger, why it is there. Understand why the words stung so much or the action bothered you – get to the core and through this discovery of truth you will grow in knowledge that will feed you with great insight and wisdom that will be needed at a later date. Nothing is ever lost or wasted. All experiences are encouraged to be embraced as they hold valuable lessons that are not just filled with negativity or sadness, but with positive wonderful growth possibilities. Forgiveness is key throughout many different transitions you go through. Forgiving yourself is not ever considered a weakness, but a strength dear ones.


We encourage each of you to practice doing good deeds when you are provided with certain situations, be aware of motions and actions and understand dear ones within your beautiful heart is where God’s Presence lives. Make a conscious effort to demonstrate His presence in every action, word, thought, and feeling. Believe in yourself and in God’s endless wisdom. In your own way, you do carry out God’s word and that word is very special and it is alive in every human and that special word is LOVE.


Being able to give and receive graciously opens your heart and soul to receive more Light and Love from the Divine Realm and allows more of God’s miracles to be witnessed more often through each change you progress through. When you learn to give from the level of your beautiful heart and soul, you will radiate outwardly every area of your experience that goodness that fills your beautiful heart and soul. You will illuminate the dignifying God Presence from within and this divine glow is unmistakable. Yes, others will notice this radiance, it may be a softening of your facial features, the words you choose to express may be slightly different, and a certain amount of calmness is felt by all.


Always begin your day with a smile - when you interact with another start with a smile on your face, even if that interaction is in writing. A smile speaks of happiness and contentment. When you communicate through this intensity you will notice reciprocity will be favourable. Any outcome from your good intentions on giving may not become actual right away. Time is just that, it is infinite. Some rewards come when you are not looking. Your relationships will improve when you understand completely the power and the value of reciprocity and apply this knowledge and concept. In all areas of your life, be that it is regarding your professional, personal or spiritual life, the kind of effort you give is what you will receive in return.


No matter where you sit upon your journey, my energy is in abundance for all. Support and guidance you will receive when you seek with your heart.


I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller 

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