Relieving Stress through Universal Connectivity
Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ March 08 – 15, 2013

Received by, Julie Miller
March 08, 2013


The busier you become many of you may find stress also seems to increase. Stress is an outcome when your coping strategies stop working and at the same time you begin feeling overwhelmed with your current situation of what is required of you to accomplish. It is essential dear ones to always be observant of new ways that aid in relieving stress. Stress that has been allowed to reign out of control has been the cause of many health conditions that plague your physical body and prevents Light and Love energy to enter your life-stream that would normally provide a steady stream of healing rays that come from the Heart of God.


Adopting a spiritual life does not mean you incorporate any specific belief system and it does not make you religious. Being spiritual provides you with the opportunity to raise not only your awareness but your connection with others even if they are not within the vicinity of your current location. This marvelous ability to connect with others offers incredible potential for furthering your own development by learning through the sharing that naturally takes place when people converge regarding their beliefs, passions and what they are searching to reach during this lifetime. There is so much to appreciate when one has allowed their mind to fully open and allow their whole self to be nurtured by knowledge that is diverse, essential and always healing.


It is well understood that many who follow the spiritual path discover the observance of prayer, they participate daily in meditation and work at techniques that will help them gain access into higher realms of consciousness. Yet there are many other dear souls that share your Earth Mother that find solace with her natural wonders, or within the arts; we know you are to follow what fills your heart with the most joy and this is how you connect with yourself and with God. You are meant to be different, each of you are meant to have a path to walk that is also different even if those differences are only slight. Through the differences you learn through the ways that are best suited by you. There is no right way to reach enlightenment. What is right for one person will not necessarily resonate for another. What is important dear ones is that when you move forward along your path, meeting all your challenges and learning all your lessons you are acquiring all the necessary information that will propel you even further that will turn those experiences into much needed wisdom that will help prepare you for the next circumstance. Each experience you have worked through provides you with the ability and opportunity to share, to show what you have accomplished, how you persevered; it will demonstrate great levels of tolerance and illustrate the amount of patience you utilized with yourself and all that may have been involved.


Through our observation we understand how much value is placed upon the use of spiritual practices as stress relief. There are many fantastic health benefits that will be enjoyed and appreciated by your whole self. When you adopt any of the spiritual practices, you will discover a feeling of profound purpose as you find meaning of your Self – you reveal through careful inner exploration what you find is truly meaningful to you and you may be surprised with what you discover. When you do reveal what is important to you, you will notice yourself before more focused because your heart and soul is involved and you become less worried about the unimportant things that were causing stress and you feel that stress begin to dissolve and disappear.


Learning to reconnect to the world on a Universal Level brings you a deep awareness that you are not so alone. You will see that you as the individual person is purposeful and that you are valuable and through the exploration of self-discovery peace is often an outcome as you also learn how to love yourself and self-love is paramount along your path. The more you are able to see and understand just how valuable you are as a person, whether man or woman will provide a deeper calm that you will be able to feel especially when you learn to quiet your mind – you are never alone dear ones…you are connected to everything and everyone.


It is essential dear ones during difficult times you may find yourself feeling separated from everything and everyone. It is during these times when it is vital to learn how to release the control you have been carrying for so long. Humans naturally are social beings, it is important dear ones to be able to relate and converse with others. When you engage in conversation with others that feel you feel a close connection with the feeling of separation soon diminishes because you are able to share your burdens with another even though you have not given them away; you have released the heavy energy that you had pent up inside of you. We know it can be hard to open up to others, to share what is bothering you and causing you to feel overly stressed. Really work dear ones at expanding your social network. Realize and appreciate dear ones that sharing is a spiritual expression that aids in building new relationships.


Stress can also be relieved by changing your lifestyle. Depending where you live, weather, age, etc., can determine how much you are able to contribute to providing yourself a healthier life that includes more participation in physical activities. We suggest you to start small, and build up your confidence. The more positive changes you bring into your life and home, the quicker you will heal from stressful situations, and even from illnesses.


While meandering along your journey you will discover the delights of chakras and the importance of maintaining good chakra health. Each chakra energy center provides you with valuable information that will aid in helping you live less stressful lives that is healthy and positive. If you are feeling overwhelmed, it is also a good indication that your Base Charka is imbalanced. Understand dear ones that each chakra is connected through a silvery cord. If one chakra is imbalanced, it will affect the performance of all your chakras thus affecting your perception, health, mood, and so much more.


During the early stages of learning your Inner Self it is important to understand what it is that you truly value. Be specifically honest with yourself in regards to what you are looking for in any kind of relationship, what makes your heart sing, what it is that provides you with the sense of belonging, what offers you inspiration, what it is that brings you real happiness, what are the many things that gives you hope, and sometimes revisiting a moment that was a great achievement and you felt a great sense of satisfaction and pride will help you understand yourself and allow yourself to be drawn to like-minded people. The information you uncover when you ask yourself certain questions will provide you with crucial information that will help describe you as a person and what it is that inspires you to achieve personal growth and development. The relationships you build along the way will also encourage you bring more focus within this search for your Inner Self.


When you make a conscious choice to adopt certain spiritual practices you become instantly more in tune with your Inner Self; key elements to identifying your Inner Self can be found through prayer, various kinds of meditation, and other relaxation methods that resonate with you that you have explored and find effective. By taking part in these activities daily you will learn how to focus your feelings and discover having a peace of mind becomes easier to attain.


Through your spiritual journey, the many people you come to know and learn to relate to will also be able to provide healing just by listening. They nurture you with their presence even if they say little. Recognize the importance these special people are and how essential it is to create connections with people, especially those that share similar interests – you begin to feel a deeper sense of belonging and more understanding of your Self and that definitely you do have value and purpose.


It is important dear ones to have the people you connect with to be a major significance to your journey. The more you give of yourself, the more you will receive. Learn to always see the good in people, and you must learn to see the good in yourself and to love yourself. Step away from the prospect of judging others and accept them for who they are – unique people that are also on their own journey of self-discovery. Giving yourself selflessly is soul rewarding, many people who actively volunteer find their work rewarding and through their pure loving efforts they build relationships and relieve stress because they are focusing on someone or something that requires their full attention. There are many ways for you to learn and enjoy that will present you with the opportunity to remain connected with your Inner Self and with those you have let into your life that have noticeably increased the quality of your life in all aspects; mentally, emotionally and physically. Yes your beliefs will change as you grow and change, but change is good. Embrace each day as each day gives you many possibilities to bring in new changes that will be for the greatest of good. All changes that you accept will continue to provide you with techniques to help combat stress and to reaffirm your purpose that is divinely beautiful and necessary.


I AM Ascended Master Serapis Bey through Julie Miller 

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Dear Julie

This is exactly what I needed to read at this time!

I was thinking about someone who is lonely and wondering how to help, and the word "connectivity" came into my mind.  And then I saw the title of your message from Serapis Bey, amazing.

I know now that I can help this person even though they are far away.

Love and Light,


You provide them the reminder of how they are also capable of healing themselves. 

You are a good soul. I am thankful to you and many like you. 

Blessings of Divine Light and Love 


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