Religion on personal level has got peace into minds
Religion on social / Mass level has only got destruction

Religion has now become A Money Making Scam

whats your word????

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YES Al - it truly is....Along with respect and understanding of others .and
To Love Others is to Love Ourselves...building blocks to True Peace...LOVE YOU !

Thank You Laurel for taking the time to write all this out for others, I feel your caring kind & loving intent, in all you wrote ..releasing negative-ity is yes very important. and yes to collectively dump accumulation of negative energy would drastically improve's the collectively that is the problem..many understand this- however to many never will. All that do, certainly will help. ;-))
I should mention you can do this meditation laying down on you back. Do not have your legs touching below the knee is the best way. And I forgot the MOST important aspect of clearing blockages. You must unlock your jaw. Keep your mouth slightly opened, relaxed and no clenching the jaw, otherwise, the energy center running down your head gets blocked. :) You can ask the clearning to continue as you sleep and ask to be reenergized.
I wonder why there are so many religions. It seems that the vast majority of people follow the religion they were raised in. Why did God make it so complicated. People believe that they are right and those who do not have the exact same beliefs are evil. It seems that many religions are very similar. However for some reason people like to fight about it. I guess that most religions believe in God but people get all worked up about the small details. Why?

I find it helpful to worship in a group. but religion is often used for bad reasons. christians believe that we must love our enemies yet christians have wars all the time. Why?

Is it that religion is bad or is it that religion is made up of imperfect humans
Humans have created the "complications" ..I have ALWAYS disliked the way people fight,argue and even Hate those with either different religion or beliefs, since a small child I have disliked this. I suppose is in part what has shaped who I am and how I see things I do not follow the Religion I was raised in, always have had a questioning mind,never 1 to be a sheep. I began to study religions,origins,history of -at 13 after I left My mothers home,
where she was a Jehovah's Witness, beginning when I was around 4 or 5. She left that Church and Religion not long after I did. She has spent much of her life searching for answers,going from religion to another Religion for many years following...We shared a similar belief system around the mid 80's and in many ways still do. I learned from Her and later She learned from Me..all leading to a similar understanding.
I think most every religion has some basic similarities, Men made up the "rules" and seperations of faiths over centuries ..Most for Power & control. There are some good basic truths to all, some good basic guidelines that any caring loving soul already has as a foundation of life, so many NEED to be taught,guided by the hand and shown..many like Me do not.
I think if a certain faith gives a person a sence of purpose,makes a better person, gives community and belonging,then that is a good thing. I have seen both where a chosen faith has saved lives and I've seen where has taken lives. I do not think Religions are Good or Evil, it's what people chose to do with it that is either one.
Though much Evil & much good have been done and being done in name of a chosen religion or faith.
Your last sentence " Is it that religion is bad or is it that religion is made up of imperfect humans"
Religion is made up by imperfect Humans, this is of course just my opinion. I would never presume to speak for any one else..I believe all answers lie within, each of us..all need do is look within our selves to find each individual answers & truths...quietly mind,soul, heart..or as some describe as the chakra,
many different "words" that All mean the same thing..Is only but My opinion, is all.. I do notice often that in Tolerant dialog , with out ego involved,many actually do believe same,things just use different wording..or terminology..
Why I think I was drawn to title of this discussion..I had hoped for ego-less tolerant peaceful dialog,discussion..
Perhaps,maybe I feel could still be some hope left to achieving this? or maybe not? Not sure yet..
RisingKundaliniBlueS.gifDear Richardji, everything You want to tell all of us is Divine Truth!!!!!!! If all people follow Your guidance One day definitely they all become Self- Realized!!!!!!! For that I request to all People don't think that the statement told or write by Richardji is correct or not If You really want to become Religious then You have to believe on God & Love to every Person even if the person is Your enemy !!!!!!!! I is easy to talk but we really follow this because it is lovely wish of God!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not ragging on anyone, this is a discussion. For open dialog. All my comments have been in the spirit of respect and repeatedly stated a wish for peaceful respectful dialog. This, however I am not seeing from you.
You are repeatedly stating that you are right-period; My replies are not for any personal satisfaction nor ego based. I genuinely care. My purpose here and on ipeace is for many reasons. Mainly to share and learn in a spirit of understanding and reaching out in compassionate cooperation globally to help create better communication and unity. I do rarely comment on Religion topics,as I find they tend to create more division than unity.
Yes I am far from a teenager, I am a 48 yr old woman , that many have always and do say wise beyond my years, but that is their opinion of me. I am not the one saying so.. and again I anm far from ignorant.So, to you if not agree with what YOU say then I must be ignorant & illusion..?? interesting..
You do seem to enjoy making generalized assumptions of others, unless of course are a follower...of yours...
What I am expressing is that I do not feel you are respectful to other people on this forum. It seems to me that you have singled out a single person on here to attack, you call them "ignorant" in one thread, you address them as "lady" in another and in your last thread post above, it seems like the intent behind your comments is to inject guilt into another person in order to divert attention from the behaviour you choose to exhibit.
Dear frinends
Do not try to judge Richard just try the simple test that he had mentioned in his posts. Then you will see.
May god bless you.
Respectfully, no-one needs to try, believe or do anything that anyone else says they should try.

I honestly feel that open disccusion about issues and trying to understand others points of view is helpful, but all to often what I see is people trying to convert others.....some people just don't respond well to this as they may feel their own beliefs/faith are being disrespected.
Mahmoud I am not judging Richard, He is judging Me, which I then replied to...
We can discuss such issues respectfully and with out rudeness, judgements nor division..That is ALL ..this you see is all I have been trying, repeatedly to say. It does not matter who's beliefs I Agree with or Not , it matters that I am pointing out to be respectful in doing so.
that is what is most important to me. I have been saying., repeatedly. My message..over and over again..WHY can not people discuss topics of Religion with out lowering to name calling and being judgemental? How can we attain global peace as long as THIS remains such a difficult thing to do?
I am not nor am I trying to say who is right or who is wrong. I've said that ALL should chose for their opinion does not matter to anyone but me,as far as beliefs go. What I am asking is to do so with kind regard & respect of those differing from our own.
Humans create division between all humanity when lower to shouting out the message " I am right" and " You are wrong" This is what I am commenting here for...and yes, I did only just recently reply to richard, as was being insulting,belittling and ordering me about.. this I do not take to kindly to.
I have tried to say so as delicately as possible, but his attacks only shows me he does not practice what he preaches.
Many Blessings to you Mahmoud
PS. No I will not see, but thank you for the good intent.


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