Religion on personal level has got peace into minds
Religion on social / Mass level has only got destruction

Religion has now become A Money Making Scam

whats your word????

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Well after all of these replies all I can say is you guys are great!
I hope we all make it into the higher state and especially stop the war.

One of my spiritual teachers told me he picked up a book and the first line was, "The mind is useless."
And he said said to himself, "This is pure spiritual genius!" ahahaha
Yes Laurel, so do I.. I wish an end to all wars and violence..You are quite lovely.
Peace and Love dear seem to be on the right path for your personal growth and evolution, very refreshing reading your comments..:-)
Thank you Leah!
I took the time because other lovely people took the time for me.
Pay it forward!!!

Lots of people on here Laurel who will take the time - when I first came to this place I was a bit lost,... it totally helped me to move forward in many ways...Still i gotta a lot of unanswered questions...who knows, maybe they will be answered some day.

Peace and blessings!
You are very welcome Laurel your caring does shine brightly in your words..
and yes I truly do believe in...Pay it forward...very much so..
and also ...

Peace and Love
sweet Laurel
Hi Des!!!

I am so happy to hear that!
Me too with the unanswered questions.

A funny thing about self-awareness, only recently it occurred to me
I am really not myself. (Reminds me of a funny and coolt cool movie called I Heart Huckabees? That question is asked by some "existential detectives", "How am I not myself?")

So recently I inquired from my higher power about how
to be my true self. Now I am starting to realize if I am perfectly myself,
as I was created to be, then I am perfectly aligned with the world.

This whole inquiry is brining me to a place of silence, not like an emptiness, rather a clarity is arising where the emotions that are not all muddled and half assed. ahah --Pure love, pure clear, and a solid field of power and emotinoal state where what people are doing or saying doesn't bug me.

What is really weird to me is how I am less affected by what could otherwise be viewed
as "tragedy". It's not like I've gone cold in my heart, all of it becomes my path back to God, the state of being in the heart of love of this big universal thing and ironically, it is also my own heart. Maybe this makes no sense. I'm kindof in the middle of shifting between attachment and a full out attempt at unconditional love which is simply being my true self.

By conventional standards, I've totally lost it. Next the mind may go and then I'll be on here chatting everyone up about saving the whole planet. ahahaha
Ah Laurel I truly do Love how you write,say things...;-)
All you are describing here in comment I did so many years ago..and my friends and family did think I had "lost it"
It is unfortunate that the majority view all this as being nuts,odd,strange,different, I have grown,evolved I learned to take this as a compliment,lol...I say "I've seen so called normal and frankly scares the crap outa' me"
This gets a giggle by most,confusion by some and agreement by others. Most do not understand what being our true selves is...This is something I discuss here on ipeace and at times with people I meet that are open minded.
When you 1st begin to see,feel & understand your true self,can be overwhelming for some and overjoyed.
It warms my heart to see, read and feel your Joy and Love..ipeace has helped me and Des,many others to feel more connected,as being one's true self in society,even in our families can,for some be isolating, cuz they just don"t "get it" or no longer understand Who you are. It can be a struggle for some people,as was for me in the beginning. As a child I did not discuss or in some ways hid that I was different. Later as I grew learned to put words to explain to helped but I truly did not know how to be my true self in a suffocating negative environment, so I left. I since find easier to just be..I don't feel compelled to explain myself as I once did.
But I did learn better ways of communicating things not easily understood,from many sources. The hardest part was to find right words others could understand, some things well just aren't words for describing.
I really loved your last sentence, cuz I've "been there and done that" lol..I am much more suttle now.
Being our true selves is an ongoing,never ending process, shit happens and from time to time we need reminders or reflections..I had lost a bit of my faith & hope for Humanity as a whole prior to joining ipeace in Oct. 2008..since then I have to say did renew my faith in Humanity tho some days,moments are challenging,
is hard to see & feel so much going on in the world and not be affected by it,for me it comes & goes.
At present I'm having a bit of a battle between what I know to be .& so much negativity surrounding me..
I do not let it affect me, well 99% of the time anyway, I am human and no such thing as perfect :-)
I chose to listen to my inner self, inner knowledge,not outer influences. Is hard to do sometimes, like I said is an ongoing process and no one is perfect..
Much Peace and Love -smiles too...
And peace and love to you Des!! :)
Richard you said " through writing borne from the personal perspective of the fallen consciousness of those who have to defend their feminine insecurities," there again you go with the judgements,assumptions..I am anything but insecure in my femininity, quite the opposite actually.
It seems to me you have a problem with strong women who can think for themselves, unless of course they completely believe in you. Which I do not. Also, in your beginning statements you mixed up me and christine,in your views of who said what, christine stated " she was not completely atheist" not me.
.I agreed with much of her points of what is truly important in this world. Nowhere did I nor do I ...
" another woman who simultaneously proclaims God " if you are referring to me, that is ?
You took personal my comments about "recruitment of souls" this was stated as a generalization to others and also directed to Mr. Moore..(as he wrote in a comment to christine that was directed to him,and I later replied that was correct ) from a previous discussion..So, you heard , interpreted what you chose to.
If you are in fact as enlightened a soul as you claim to be, you would be able ,as I can, to sence the true nature and intent of others. Such as me for example. Which you continuously-get wrong.
I chose not to go in length on my personal spirituality,awareness,enlightenment & choices, as I have said already..out of respect to others,and because my point has always been "Tolerance" in differing opinions and beliefs. I said to you and others whether I agree or not I respect all others choices in religion and faith, as long as is not harming anyone else.

I can feel the caring intent of Laurel, Mahmoud , Al and few others...I do not from you. What I feel from you is not what you are portraying yourself to be. That is my strong feminine intuition and personal opinion.
and I do not see the point nor would I,in giving you a history lesson, I surely do wish you would stop trying to "educate Me" upon your own versions.
If you chose to "enlighten" others here on your opinions/beliefs that wish to receive it, that of course is your given right, as it is mine to reply to whom ever and where ever I chose to..
As for my relationship with Des, he is a grown man with his own beliefs and opinions..which he was quite capable of voicing before he met me. What he has posted does not differ from what he did prior to our meeting here on ipeace and yes,falling in love..He is NOT my puppet on a string, but a free thinking intelligent being. Not that is any of your business but Des lives in another Country than I do, this is public knowledge, to all who know us and our friends around the world. Though 'tiss true he does not like it when he sees personal attacks upon his wife to be..or anyone else either ,for the record.
Honestly, I wondered when you would bring this up,as I knew you would-. I do not imply that those that follow you or have a personal relationship with you you put it.."so all he has written is because he knows which side his bread is buttered,"..if your logic holds true..then all who post here that have any relationship to you, is the same then..? Well, I don't think so..I would say neither would they,
though I would not presume to speak for anyone else. Of course I can see your believers coming in to support YOU, where is the difference? I do not see any..
If you haven't noticed I do not respond well to rude bullys, so you can go Tell someone else,
cuz the only harm you are giving me is writers cramp and a headache.
After I first had a good hearty laugh at your arrogance.
Peace be with you,I think you could really need some ...
and perhaps an anger management class or some psych meds might help.
I couldn't agree more hun....he uses flowery language, but at the root of it, he just comes off hostile and intolerant. The guy is obviously a little immature and is having some trouble expressing himself without coming off as offensive.

Pretty much a plain and simple bully with no respect for anyone else unless you agree with him.


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