Religion on personal level has got peace into minds
Religion on social / Mass level has only got destruction

Religion has now become A Money Making Scam

whats your word????

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Your words are lovely and a true heart of Love I see within You, I am happy that you have found a place of Joy.
As have my own way, enlightenment has many varied words and meanings for all who chose to look within to find it. To me it matters not How or Who helps in the journey to seek it. Only that those who continue to search can find it...
Peace~Love~ and Light
you's have to trust Richard.he helped my daughter get thought a tough spot in her life.Cant say to much about what happened to her but she sleeps like a baby now, no more sleepless nights.
dean yee,
No, I do not have to trust Richard..nor anyone else I chose to or not to- based on my own individual free will.
I do however think it is a wonderful thing that your daughter has better sleep and was helped. This is something
I of course see as a beautiful ,wonderful blessing..and I very much do care for the well being of others..
Wishes of health & happiness for you and your daughter..
Love and Respect,
hi Leah its OK.i can see you are a caring gal and a strong gal, all things that happen to all of us has a purpose in life.
love and respect to you
take care.
Thank you dean yee for your kind comment and compliment :-)
yes, I believe this too. That all happens for a reason,whether we understand it or not. I always look for the positive in all things and people. Threw my life as much difficulties and troubles,I see as a learning experience. All has made me who I am. I think had my path & journey been different I may not appreciate the little blessings in life as I do.I Take nothing or no one for granted.
So, to me all things that happen, does have a purpose. This way is challenging at times to maintain and not blame .I chose not to. Instead I see as way to strengthen ourselves..learn and
not repeat any destructive patterns. It is at times difficult when bad things happen to good people,or a child.
Love and respect ,returned to you
Hi there Laurel
I very much appreciate you..your kind words and Thank you for understanding my intent.
This gives me smiles and warm feelings of Love.
Yes, so do I..My purpose for writing here is as I have repeated, I only wish for what creates unity and global understanding not what causes division and anger. I have no enemies,nor do I believe in such things as us verses them. We are one.
I try to show we can have differing views,beliefs and yes disagree,Respectfully with kindness. Why I chose to write in reply on This is important,to show We can disagree and still Love and care for each other.
Yes, I see progress,it brings joy and happiness. What saddens me is those that do not or chose not to understand this. I let go of that sadness yesterday,to focus on the good & loving intent of people such as yourself Laurel.
You are most welcome -Sister..
Much Love & Respect :-)
"Religion on personal level has got peace into minds
Religion on social / Mass level has only got destruction

Religion has now become A Money Making Scam"

lol no now we are back to the point!
and if you read the bible like you said than you would know that a micro chip is assumption based on theory it said "mark" and it wasn t the forehead it was the back of the head as translated from latin around the vincinity of the nape or the back of the neck thank you also not the palm of the hand it was the fore arm (that would most likely be in the space between the elbow and the wrist). how could it be translated differently unless it was meant to confuse or the translator was unskilled, or like they say it was lost in translation. sorry too many interpretations and no solidity
LOL..christine..I had considered the almost identical reply..however had decided had enough of the attempting to show this too..where you posted the Topic and then now we are back to the point!
thanks..loved that..
Hi Leah:)

Thank you.
I'm glad you are regaining faith in humanity.
I can also feel the love coming off of your writing.

I really like all of the people on this forum! Even when you all disagree. ahah
It makes me feel happy that you all would even consider this topic, that you feel it is important
makes me feel that progress is being made. Thank you for that! :)
Hmmm, I wonder why our comments in this thread on this forum are coming out in duplicate ? very odd.
Has happened few times in posts on ning,ipeace..but I've never seen so many different peoples posts duplicated like this before?...anyway, I replied to you Laurel, above. this 1 is my reply to this same comment..
Peace& Love..:-)
I wonder Richard, as all us here are showing kindness,respect and talking to each other..You have not. All you are doing here is Preaching Your truth..I see nowhere here where you are ,or attempting to have discussion, dialog between others here,except to use as your pulpit, the bits you have written directly to is full of judgements,belittling,bullying,ordering and just few words that were not was to your "follower" in your so called "forgiveness" was also stated more like an order..Why is this? Why can you not have any actual dialog with tone of respect and kindness of anyone here with a differing opinion?
I am and have been attempting to point this out, everywhere that myself and others here have commented in kindness to each other..your reply's redirect back to -YOU and your beliefs. It is really a shame and sad that someone who belongs to Unconditional Love groups, seems to not be able to show the slightest bit of kindness nor respect to anyone here NOT a follower of Richard?
In my first comment to you,
I ended it with much Love and Peace back to you from your first comment here, not once did you respond to this to me, Why is it so hard for you to ? I get that your Religion and how deeply you believe in all you are writing here, is very important to you..but I do not get your hostility towards others that Do Not believe same as you do?

It takes Us All to..Start Now..Unity Love and Respect..for ALL..regardless of
Nationality,Religion,Faith,Sexual preference, and All
To change Intolerance, judgements, disparity,To care for this Planet and All living upon Our Mother Earth..


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