Religion on personal level has got peace into minds
Religion on social / Mass level has only got destruction

Religion has now become A Money Making Scam

whats your word????

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Well then Dear Marique ,I am truly happy I gave u lots of Smiles & laughter :))
Wish u had been around during all of this too!!
been missing you...write me when u are up to it and let me know how u are doing,okay ?
( i just now saw your reply here)

I think religion is a good thing, it gives you something to look forward to, no matter how bad things get, how sick or old you are, or whatever postion you are in, you always have something to give you hope, it encourages us to act better, and treat others better,
But it's also bad, people take it too seriously, and are willing to murder those who do not believe what they believe. Some people get so wrapped up in the next life and never learn to live in this one, it has created seperation and tension betweem groups too....
It all depends on how people act with it. Everyone should learn to respect others' beliefs, and not jump into a fight anytime somebody says a prayer or something.

I am a Catholic, but will convert as soon as I am in college, when my parents can';t force me into the religion anymore (a good example of making a big deal out of it), and become a Quaker.
I do not believe humans are in anyway aboce other animals, nor gays and lesbians deserve to be treated unequally, and absolutely do NOT believe God is a 'He' or a human.
megan that was well put thank you!
No problem, it's nice to know that somebody actually read it! :)
I read it too. megan. very well said and wish more people were so caring and open minded ,respectful..
thank you..:)
I also very much liked and agree with this your last sentence megan..

"I do not believe humans are in anyway above other animals, nor gays and lesbians deserve to be treated unequally, and absolutely do NOT believe God is a 'He' or a human."

yes, me too ! agreed on all u wrote there,I did correct 1 word aboce* to above,and put word NOT in emphasize my thoughts on this..thanks again for your comment.
Leah x
Yo--esoldier, do you still believe the world is flat?

Well in 500 years from now the collective knowledge of people will be that dogmas (religions) are no longer needed or in circulation.

CoMdr * LightSpeed *


Next question, that one was easy.
In His sermons and parables, Jesus seeks to shock us out of our selfishness and worldliness and create in us a true passion for the welfare of our fellow men, women and children around the World. Universal Love is at the very heart of Jesus' teachings; it is God's earthly work for Us.
What matters to God is our Love for Him and our Love for each other. Wealth, power and status count for nothing in the Kingdom of God. When we truly Love our neighbors, we do our part to make the World a Better place, and we find our Own Fulfillment in Life.

Hi Leah,

(this is not in relation to any specific topic but a whole conversation you had in this blog)

These are my thoughts of life on my experience. Its up to you what you like about it and take it as a precious gift.

Can you tell me, are you a realized soul? Do you know what is a realized soul? Are you aware of your spirit? Had you ever experienced the energy of God in your body?
This a very ancient science described by each incarnation differently. Like a Ruh in Islam. Holy Spirit in Christianity. Kundalini in Hindus and by saints in India. Kundalni is a Sanskrit(language) word.

What I think, there are many things which you may not have been able relate when you read Richards documents. What my impression was that you don't like him because he says he is a Christ. How can it be possible right, this is your impression.

You have misunderstood Richard in many ways. You are not aware of it. I don't want to hurt you by saying this please. I know you are a very loving person. There are many things which cant be explained by writing because those are for the experience to see for yourself what is right. Be open to what others are saying and what they think. Decision is always yours no body can force it on you.

Are you 100% sure religion created boundaries. That's ok no problem don't go by any religion but just follow the teachings of Christ believe in Jesus and not in Christianity. Why did he incarnated in simple words to spread love on this planet. Like wise there were many incarnations who took form of humans to spread there message of love and the religion was created out of it. There are many incarnations who represent God. God also needs a human form to express himself sometimes, so that most of the people know what is truth and they should not suffer. These are Completely my thoughts out of love for both of you and for everyone participated on this blog.

My Quote below.

"By knowledge, patience, love. Wherever you go you create good vibrations fragrance. It will bring change which may not be visible but the energy of positive thoughts will work in a subtle manner".... Vibhanshu Ghai
Sorry Vibhanshu, I just saw this comment to me. In answer to your many questions and thoughts/words to me,
First, I thank you for your kind and loving words. Wriiten with respect and caring. This is what my issue with Richard has been- from beginning of this very long blog/comments. You say I do not like him because he thinks he is Christ. If you read ALL my comments to him, my problem was/is his rude dis respectful tone to me in replies. Never has he written a kindness to me.This is both not very peaceful nor "Christlike"
No, I do not believe he is who he claims to be. I showed him respect and was treated poorly by him. So, my responses to him were pointing out his lack of respect. Only to be bullied & insulted by him.
I have repeatedly written here about hoping to create tolerant,respectful, caring dialog & not division. My intent from 1st posts here. I have not returned 'till now due to the negativity & in tolerance in dialog.
In an earlier post, I wrote that my personal beliefs were not important, I would not go into detail about it out of respect for all differing opinions/beliefs. I still feel that my opinions,beliefs are not as important as having peaceful,respectful discussion here.
In answer to your questions, "Can you tell me, are you a realized soul? Do you know what is a realized soul? Are you aware of your spirit? Had you ever experienced the energy of God in your body?"
I simply will say "yes" but not in the way you described as "God", same meaning different words.
As I do believe that a higher power exists- within us all. I am aware Vibhanshu Ghai..
Love is All..

"This might cause some discussion"

"Loving You Leah"

Loving YOU right back dear friend ,Hippy Al


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