Religion on personal level has got peace into minds
Religion on social / Mass level has only got destruction

Religion has now become A Money Making Scam

whats your word????

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"And I thought this was a"

yea me too Al..well I tried,seems no discussion on religion or beliefs can remain "civil" ..funny thing is, Richard uh,doesn't even know "what" my beliefs are? Hmmm..ah well..
Peace great love & respect to you my dear Motorcycle Hippy friend

Al, I wish it was a drama free zone too! People's egos seem to get in the way much of the time. The desire "to be right" by individuals on internet forums across the world seems to be neverending and is a barrier to understanding and communication. Lots of peace and hugs to you Leah and you too Al
Amen to this thought Al. I second, third and forth that! This forum is about peace and not a pissing contest about whose religion is the true religion that everyone ought to follow. It is this "contest" and battle of wills of ideology that got us into this mess on the planet earth. The only religion that I follow is love and honor my fellow man.
All that I see in your words is anger and a personal attack Richard. Doesn't sound very peaceful to call other people "ignorant". Name calling isnt the way forward if we wish to be taken seriously.
Yup, Des. nope, "doesn't sound very peaceful.".not at all...

would be nice,eh.?.no anytime soon me thinks...
oh i have not the desire nor the destiny to have "indignation in righteousness" the one who sits and laments upon his own injuries and injustices (weather a firm believer in god or gods or naught ) cannot befriend me simply put for it is those whom have while in bitter turmoil sprung from their seat and said "enough" i may bleed and cry but by far there are others who suffer more so than why should i cry woe? It is my duty and call it devine or not i do not care! to speak for those whos voices have failed them whos hearts are too bruised to cry for them i shed a tear and for them i will give my last breath. and truthfully none are more so arrogant than they who know they are right!
but i must ask if any that i say for i shall never call upon them but when my words sting their hearts then perhaps they should ask themselves "why?"
Whoa Richard! What is up with this comment????? I call foul! We are here to love and support one another and Peace, not attack each other over ideology. I am sure you do not mean to pick on others who do not believe as you do, or I could be mistaken. Either way OUCH.....not a loving response for a person who claims to know all the answers.
leah i see as it irks me that others over use scriptural content, since they cannot hold their own opinion but what they have been told to be and believe, and since i did use it but not in that context but to throw it back in their faces (as dirty of a trick it is) i accept your apology, that and upon re-reading your post i see what you are saying and i am sorry for jumping to conclusions
No worries christine :-)) I understood that you miss interpreted what I said,
and I thank you for accepting my apologies for not writing my comment more clear. I did understand and liked way you used scripture to throw back to, I myself could.. if I chose to. I have read bibles,of various versions,studied many... historical facts of and the origins of ,since age 13.
It is so very clear to me that would be futile to engage in such types of dialog .As some believe so blindly with a closed mind and so inTolerence, of differing opinions,that I would be wasting my time and energy and What I so want to see is unity here!
I've been writing,and saying so all threw here- religion is such a huge part of what creates division and hatred,bigotry,anger..etc. So, I chose (mostly) to keep attempting to show that WE can discuss without all the tossing around of personal religious beliefs,if We chose to.
It saddens me to see all discussions on religion where many chose to use as a platform to " prove their Truth" to everyone else. To me, this is NOT a road to true peace & harmony.
It is road to disconnect & disharmony. That is My message.
So, when I see people like you christine, that are able to speak your mind, without doing this, I always leave a comment so know I agree & appreciate this and say a "thank You"
I write where I agree, I do not engage in lengthy dialog spouting my personal beliefs or opinions,as I chose to Respect others in their choices..yes it irks me when people decide to judge,condemn,belittle and rant at me,when don't even know me or even what my beliefs.are .Why I liked so much all you wrote christine, you made very good points, put focus on most important issues,as I feel same on those.
I do hope to continue "peaceful" dialog with YOU..
Thank You..
Hi All.
This is a great topic give the fact we are the verge of WWIII.

I believe a person's level of consciousness determines what they do with religion, what they do with a marriage, how they treat their kids, what they eat. A hateful person will take the love of Buddha or Christ and speak it out of hate, hard as that is to imagine. The words are still the same (true teaching), however the underlying energy is still hate. Words are always mixed with the human emotion. The words and teachings (religions) are a roadmap, but the actual power is that emotion, the state of being and that is the territory. And it is from that emotional base that people act. It fuels all of the activity in the world, most of it currently being fueld by fear.

It is a tragedy when people who are unconscious (negative intentions towards others, cruel, selfish) go out in the name of "religion" and do things in the name of God acting out of their own hate. The perfect example is Pope Innocent III killing the Khazars. He was upset because they would not pay the Catholic Church money. The Khazars said money is of Rex Mundi, the God of the world and they refused to pay him homage. From what I've read, they practiced birth contol and non violence. So he told them to convert of die. They would not convert so he had hundreds of them, men, women and children, put into a cage that was set on fire cage and down a cliff. He said, "Kill them all, let God sort them out."

It's the lower state of human consciousness that murders, rapes, and kills. All of that is the animal instinct devoid of higher consciousness. And there are animals that exhibit very high states of consciosness. It is only higher spiritual awareness that gives rise to love, as seen in the animal kingdom where a mother will die for her offspring. I think there is a real biological aspect to war and peace. Many serial killers were literally dropped on their heads as children (brain damaged) and consequently the emotional center of their brains bled into the replitian cortex. Then you have a being that derives pleasure from violence. The most recent brain is the neocortex and it gives us a conversation like this one here. It expresses awareness of human poetry, abstraction like writing,

I was startled when I read a study quoted in the book, The Biology of Transcendence, that talks about children being born since the 1960s who have brains magnetized to the reptilian cortex. That cortex houses the part of us that likes regimen, sexual impulse, domination, rape, murder. It is based in fear, the survival part. And we do need it to survive real threats but it shold not dominate our consciousness. These reptilian cortex children only see 1/2 the visual spectrum and hear about 1/2 the sound spectrum. Their brains are predisposed to violence, loud music, garish colors. So why are these evolutionary throwbacks being created? It seems that in the 3rd trimester a decision is made (like an assessment of the external environment) and if it is too violent, that sensitive child loses the cells of the neocortex and the reptilian cortex is bolstered.

So it is of prime importance that pregnant women are in a safe place during pregnancy. Violence in the home that is internalized may affect the development of the baby's brain! War may start before that child is even born, independet of religion. :)
These studies are very important to the human race and I hope we wake up quickly. Women must mange their emotiona states, not just their vitamin food intake during pregnancy and the men who live with them need to get a clue and be kind and loving. We need more neocortex dominated children, not reptilian brain children or there will be no end to the wars on our planet. Rest assured with every war we allow to take place, we have a generation of what I would call "brain damaged" kids and I don't say that lightly. It is literally harder for them to embrace love because it go against their bilogical disposition. So with this message I hope there is some understanding and compassion for our situation as human beings.

That being said, there is a great work being done by HearMath Institute.
and if you follow some the advice you can wake up your heart.
The heart is 40% neurons so in a way, it functions like a brain. When the brain and heart are in coherence a person experiences health and love. There are things that cause "coherence" and things that cause dissonance.
The most obvious way they give to experience health is to concentrate on loving thoughts. :) Pretty simple.
And they will tell you it changes your biology. Emotional grooves are created in humas where we tend to experince the same emotional states over and over again. We are habitual creatures. So changing the human mind/heart takes practice to be a habit.

And what is enlightenment but the heart and mind talking to each other? When all choices are based in kindness to all life, and felt and known as reality. This is what I am working on everyday and I hope you do too!

Regarding religion...
As spiritual beings we have the potential for love. And I must say that as we have Pope Innocent III as an example of hate within the religion of Catholocism, we also have Mother Teresa. Her home for the dying in Calcutta was across from the Kali Temple. So imagine all of these poor people dying of leoparsy and she was the only thing in this world between them and dying alone. She showed them true love by caring for them when they had nothing to give her in return. Her comment about their condition was "I see Christ in his most distressing diguise." --This point of view is so powerful and it destroys hate and predudice. So imagine when the members of the Kali temple wanted to stone her to death! The police showed up and Mother Teresa had told them something to the effect that they could kill her but to please let them die in peace.
When the police saw her work, the stench alone from the rotting flesh, made them sick. The police who were of the Hindu religion said, "Leave her alone, she is a saint." I read this acount in a wonderful book called Faith and Compassion; The Life and Work of Mother Teresa. It is written by Hindus. :) It gave me a basis for doing good work in the world, from a true religion, seeing the good in others, even when they are not expressing that potential and treating them with compassion.

Sorry this message is long, but important...
I have real problems personally with people who have lots of kids. I think it is environmentally irresponsible and horribly selfish. I also think our country, USA should take care of buisiness at home. So although these may be valid points, I was starting to really be angry with people who have lots of kids and for a time really lost respect for them. To remain a loving person, I am helping a family of 7 from another country of a different religion build their home though Habitat for Humanity. Even though I disagree with their lifestyle, most of their ideas and so forth it should not preclude loving them. This is a practice of unconditional love so I will still stand for lowering the human population and I will be capable of doing it from a place of love.

I went to the Science of Mind Chruch for a meditation on world peace. The minister asked us to think of someone we love unconditionally, a child, a beloved pet and hold the emotion and presence of love. Then she had us think of our family, anyone in our family we did not feel love towards, and again expand that love. Next our friends, our neighbors, our country. Finally she asked us to expand that love towards those we consider our enemies. This is true spirituality, true religion. The greatest accomplishment of a human being is to connect the mind and the heart. Without a heart-felt concern for others, and our choices mixed with that concern, the world will not improve.

Great avatars keep teaching humanity the same truths: Love, forgiveness and that God is within.
I had the privilege of being with my dad when he was dying. And in the last week of his life he told me, "It is always between you and God." The only relationship I have to get straight is the one within myself, God within. Practice love, forgiveness, service to others. And if I get that one relationship right, all others work out.

And Richard, I love you dearly. Richard has great strength as a yogi and has power beyond anything I've ever know a human to possess. He has a different approach to religion (yoga) from my upbrining. Even if you don't agree or understand everything he is saying, just take this out of his message. There is a great evil in this world and the only hope is God. For those atheists, do your best and go for total forgiveness of yourself and others. Spiritually you can't go wrong with love and forgiveness. He just doesn't want you going down into the depths that are there. He is trying to get you our of harms way.

And the kundalini is a very real energy that lays dormant at the base of the spine. My kundalini became active last November when I had truly asked to be unconditionally loving. The lower chakras, centers of energy in the body are necessary for survival, but if a person stays down in those depths, they will be in hate, fear, greed, lust. It is at the heart that one becomes loving, when that energy moves up. It is not to say a person in the lower level has no experience of love, maybe flashes. But the actual state of being loving is only achieved by the rise of the energy field to that level, where it is stablized. Now this may sound completely ridiculous. I never personally believed in the kundalini until it was unleased in my own body. My body was like the burning bowl.

So yes, all of those yogis are telling the truth, not crazy, just in a higher perspecive and understanding of the physical body and spiritual states. So when they tell you to forgive, they mean it. The higher centers are only reached though the opening of the heart and then eventually the mind.
A handful of humans have gone up to where Richard now resides. He is in a very high state, high enough that he is miraculous though I doubt he will do tricks for you all. His intention is to wake you up, get you out of the lower state.
And he is approaching an avatar level, where his only concern is salvation of the world.
I am still amazed he spends any time in conversation, even with me. I knew he had power when he appeard to me remotely, then when he merged with my chakras, and when I looked up, I saw into the gate of what I would call heaven, when my crown chakra opened. And the only emotion there is bliss. So he has the key, and you might want to try to listen to just a little of what he warns you about. Because as there is the higher level, there is also the lower level and he knows humanity is on the verge of major war. Soon he will not be in the state with us, maybe I won't either.

So take the time and at the minimum practice forgiveness.
And cut me a little slack, because I had no real awareness of kundalini until recently and am working on improving my state so I can help others as quickly as possible. I am tired of all the hate, rape, war so I am stopping it within myself.

I'm so new on this site I'm not sure how to edit so please forgive any typos. :)


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