Religion on personal level has got peace into minds
Religion on social / Mass level has only got destruction

Religion has now become A Money Making Scam

whats your word????

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Yes Hun,
Actually I think he could learn a great deal from Laurel. who is loving and learning quickly what it is to be ones true self..but His god complex would not allow for admitting a mere woman has a better grip on reality than he does..or love and compassionate understanding..and that not once has he been able to give a logical answer to a single question I have posed..
I think once again you showed all humanity the power of forgiveness. I will forgive them too as you want.
It is amazing that how god designs his plans. All these Dramas for people to understand the quality of forgiveness. hahaha!!
There is no flowery language nor lack of compassion in the words spoken here by Richard.
This is the time of Revelations and many Divine Ones are now here to guide us through the darkness....They now walk amongst us warning Us of the Dangers and guiding Us Home.
In reply To Richard..from previous page/post..
I think if any one should be given or asked for forgiveness it would be YOU from Me and all others You have insulted,belittled and bullied ...
So, I forgive You in your arrogance and illusion,of being who you portray self to be. Humility is a good trait that I think you have yet to learn..
Peace be with you Richard..
I am clapping and applauding here Leah. You have my full support and admiration for not being bulldozed by a bully. Now I am watching for the wrath to turn my way, haha. I am glad you are on my team, lol.
LOL, Oh dear Marique,I so wish I would have seen/read your comments here..sooner!! I just read and "the arrogant bully" is gone,hahaha
I'm also truly grateful my friend that You are here & applauding...for YOU

back to u dear..with warmest regard and respect..

Hugsss ,Love & smiles :))
and if any statements dealing with femenistic qualities perhaps it is overly due to the fact that i am a woman and you think i have insicurities? i find that funny since it would be your perspective getting to know oh so much about me through a post or two puleeze! it is not i who am insicure about my femininity now is it richard? could it be your own lack that is fueling this discussion and as for my having stopped you only wish! i have not nor will i ever slink away with my tail between my proverbial legs but i simply was not online rather i was helping a neighbor in need for several days and that is no concern for you nor caries weight upon the current conversation other than as my absence which thank you for caring so much as to notice i would not have noticed yours!
Richard.. um what christine said..Ditto from me too,in agreement with all christine wrote above comment..
.However yes I was online last few days, as I have much work to do today and the next few days I will not be online here. I will also not be wasting anymore of My energy or time on a person who can not or will not wake up and See,what is truly most important here and in this world..from those of us that do See and care for the betterment of this planet and all that is residing upon Her..
Yup christine Richard does seem to have quite a problem with free thinking strong intelligent women, this he has repeatedly proven in his comments directed to me..and also to You..christine..
That is those of us here that do not "follow" or are in complete agreement with Richard's truth,his words and his opinions.
I did try to do so respectfully,but as he has continued to insult,belittle and tried to bully me off here and has yet to in any way show me some respect .I did and in very much out of character for me- reply to him in a less respectful tone and manner in which I normally would..
As I did not nor will I ever bow down in submission to Richard nor will I ever to anyone,
I never have and I Never will ! nor will I be Told what to do or to think..I have free will,can think for myself and chose for myself what I believe or what I don't..
As obviously so does christine Kudos to you christine..for your comments,intelligence and as another free thinking strong caring woman..Thank You..

To Samantha, you dear are truly entitled to your opinions,as are we all..
However, I do not need some self proclaimed " Christ " to guide Me Home..can find the way without Richard..Thank You very much.and Peace be with you Samantha..
With Kind regard & Peace in my thoughts
Sorry peeps. This site is stalling out and it double posted.

So Des, peace and love to you! :)
I realized I didn't put that at the bottom of the post(s) and meant more than
anything to say it. :)
Dear Friends
Believe it or not God has a nice plan for us. Explaining the awareness growth is very hard and Richard has explained it in the best way and I know at the beginning it is not an easy job to understand what Richard said but there is more simple way to get the JOY Which is the purpose of the whole creation. As Richard has told you just hold your palms to this photo and ask " Mother please give me my realization " and see for yourself whether you can feel the cool breathe on your hands and on your head or not. then you can understand what is real JOY.


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