Religion on personal level has got peace into minds
Religion on social / Mass level has only got destruction

Religion has now become A Money Making Scam

whats your word????

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Thanks Leah...fully agree with you..I see God as not an entity but an energy source.
Peace, love and light.
Your Welcome Chrissie :-)..yes I also see or think of as energy source of sorts..
The Vatican is the actual capitol of the One World Order. The Crown Temple that owns all the land in North America by land contracts, and heads the bar associations, is a regency of the Vatican. Believe it or not, the freemasons actually work for the Vatican. Entities are posed as enemies of one another while their hierarchies actually work for the Vatican. And, worst of all THEY suppress knowledge that everyone has a right to know, like, the yoga secret of vagal stimulation acting like LSD. The most effectual thing you can do against them is to spread this secret.
������������"In rights.human there
is a person who has been physically abused, apparently to inflict involuntary vagal stimulation in place of LSD, which has been so outlawed that it can't even be used by the CIA's MK Ultra today. ������������There are efforts to legalize LSD
for such "research". Research? It has always been used to punish dissidents un-Constitutionally, and to punish those secretly considered to be "witches" by the masonic lodge.
������������Here's what I said to the victim.
������������So, that's what THEY are doing now.
LSD was outlawed enough that the CIA's MK Ultra can't even use it. THEY can't force the vagal stimulation of holotropic breathing, "pranayama" (see ), though crucifixion does. So, THEY are afflicting direct vagal stimulation.
������������The nerves of the parasympathetic
nervous system are called muscarinic nerves, after the drug muscarine which overrides the inhibitory neurons in the brain. And, there are muscarinic nerves outside the parasympathetic nervous system, in the brain.
������������The stimulation, "kundalini",of the
muscarinic nerves in the body, like in the neck, "vishudda chakra", spreads to override the inhibitory neurons in the brain, that LSD would block, thereby, waking up the brain more, and, therefore, has the end results of LSD.
������������Crucifixion forces holotropic
breathing, also "ki gung", to such an extent that it puts one swiftly into perinatal matrix three, the realm of the wrathful deities in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, "the Bardo Thadol".
������������In perinatal matrix three every
thought manifests, and the wish to be someone else soon results in body switching, backward and forward in time, for about a hundred years, the "aioniu amartaematos", aeon of failure, translated "eternal damnation" in the Bible.
������������The purpose of the Clockwork Orange
treatment was to force its victims to suffer the sufferings of others, with high doses of LSD, and forcing the victim to watch violent movies, in which the victim lives as real as life the sufferings of everyone in the movie.
������������Mine went further than that, and, I
lived the experiences of everyone I had ever seen. Jesus lived the lives of everyone who ever existed. Thus, "If you have done it to the least of these you have done it to me"- Jesus Christ
������������Jesus got in trouble for "profaning
the sacred mysteries". In the Twentieth Century THEY still had the same policy.
������������THEY found out that I was what the
Koran calls "blowing on knots" to gain the magical powers of perinatal matrix two and no further, which has always been esoterically defined to be witchcraft.
������������Under Islamic governments the
penalty for "blowing on knots" is execution by stoning. The Holy Inquisition is live and well in Islamic countries.
������������In an Islamic country, if an
unpopular person get caught with a suspicious rash on his neck, a "witch mark", a confession is tortured out of him and he is stoned. ������������Ben Franklin invented the modern
mental health system to primarily apprehend and punish "profaners of the sacred mysteries". Albert Pike, 33�, said, "Profaners of the Sacred Mysteries are worthy of all punishments", and THEY afflicted those punishments on suspects in the Twentieth Century.
������������It looks like THEY are still doing
this. What did you do to get in this mess? And, where did THEY do this to you?
������������In the most accessible, and at the
same time, effective hallucinatory vagal stimulation, there is secretion of plasma, here called "saliva" in alt.soc.rights.human. ������������Squamous tissue is innervated by
muscarinic nerves, so that when muscarinic nerves are stimulated neighboring squamous tissues perform what is called "plasmaphoresis". ������������The crystal clear plasma is called
many different things depending from what part of the body it is secreted. It is called saliva, spit, mucus, lymphatic fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, ocular fluid, kyle, mong, and gleet, but, it's all the same blood plasma. Credence Clearwater Revival calls it all "dew". Some of their music is a "grimoire" (grammar) of the Underworld. ������������Why has it been deliberately
confused like this?? It was always considered to be sacred. By the way, the word sacred come from the Sumerian word "zook", throat, from which we get the word and name for beard, zachery, that which covers the throat.
������������The compass & the square, represents
the "quadrature of the circle' which symbolizes squeezing a circle into a line. Squeeze what? The G is for the Hebrew word "gorun", throat. ������������It was believed that, like the
pulling out of the cadmium rods of a nuclear reactor, the loss of the dew caused the access to the Underworld, hallucinations. ������������That's why Christ was stabbed in the
side, to pour off his kyle, stomach's lymphatic fluid. Of course, the crucifixion already caused serious hallucinations by forcing holotropic breathing, see "
Hi Miguel--

There are some interesting points in your writing.
Have you been using lots of LSD or been involved in MKULTRA?

I have one of those so called witch marks on the back of my neck. ahah
Good thing I didn't have it during the time of the witch hunts. A few people told me it's the exit point my soul took during previous incarnation. I think it's just a birthmark but would be interested on your take on it.

So Albert Pike said that huh. Well if anyone was profaning it, it was him.
He took the legitimate rites of Masonry and bastardized them, introduced (or reintroduced?) Satansim to Masonry.
Well put Laurel...

lol exactly what im saying

Ohhh I love it!
thanks, smiles..hehe
So funny Leah, love that kitty and reubics cube, so like we humans with life in general, haha and perfect for the twists and turns this dialog has been taking, haha. You are so cool my friend. Wish I had been around more recently to have joined in more....I am laughing out loud about now....


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