Religion on personal level has got peace into minds
Religion on social / Mass level has only got destruction

Religion has now become A Money Making Scam

whats your word????

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Everything is cause and effect. The value of a teaching depends on the level of happiness that is consistently reached through its practice. Any 'religion that results in the ultimate destruction, human beingsa killing one another, can only be classified as, at best, incomplete; at worst, even perhaps "evil". There is a scale; where on the scale a philosophy falls depends on its logical consistency, as well as on the actual proof experienced by its practitioners..
There's nothing wrong with religion, the problem is people do not follow the principles of their religion and so what could be faith, love, hope, etc, turns to fear, division, envy etc.
All things in life end the same if one is following a negative personal path. We all get negative from time to time, a faith is supposed to pull us through these dark times, not b the cause of them. Compassion is the basis of most religions yet it is not always put into action. Love is needed to move us to compassion. Religion does not cause world pain, people using their religion to harm does. Blessed be.
hello esoldier
let us not blaim religion for all the destructions, it is people who are evil enought to convert peasful sentences from spiritual books into manifest of evil
all religions that where writen thousands years ago are for the meaning in finding peace within,all of them are good ,it is in the eyes of the reader what to understand from it and usually people dont find the good only the bad
we must also undestend that those who are from the right side of god are good but the left is evil, from the left hitler grew up from the left ahmadinigad of iran and he will strike just as hitler did
one do not collect wepons, inreach atom bomb, speaks of destruction of a nation, fill himself with hate and hang people in his streets just to leave it like that,he woud want to be remembered on the pages of history,i predict terible events in 2011 and 2012,we all should write a messege to the un to stop this madness
zvia ben ami
Am LMAOROTL> tears from laughing rolling down my cheeks, Halp..can't get off floor!
Hurry, Scotty Beam Me Up!

I had a great time reading this, Thanks!!
Bummer..Wang left ipeace, so all his comments are gone on ipeace and this, which my reply above,probably makes no sense,with out his comment above mine..oh well ..:)
:) Religions probably originated from man's need to free himself from the pain & sorrow of life on earth. But in their present form they are manifestly evil, pitting man against his fellowman, merely to prove the superiority of his belief (not experience, understanding) !
With so many Humans having such a wide range of Opinions....
One thing for certain is that they can not all be...Right....
So what is left.....
They could all be Wrong......

RELIGION AND PEACE-FREEDOM physical and mind, is the base for Humanity. It is not simple to get out privilege of primitive high level positions, that have been established for leaders of communities for Centuries. Naive new born individuals learn what their parents and family, who give them eat and drink...what they must do to become member and survive in that society. But if Religion do not authorise individuals to be good to others that are good to them, and if individuals are not free mind to decide by own will, nor free to refuse physicaly to accept decision of someone else and cannot walk away free of that Religion...than it is not a Religion but a Slavery. Believe in good men is Religion. Be smart and get out step by step out of primitive-religous-emprisonments. FRB-Trogi.
To me all religions are a combination of some god or some one telling us, the people on mass, how to behave and what to believe in. I have found that people who have an actual relationship with spirit have faith. With thier relationship to spirit and their faith their hearts and minds are daily striving forward looking and feeling for actual solutions to help to create peace.

People have created the problems of today. People from all churches, all beliefs, people of all colors from all nations all in someway shape or form have helped to create what we live in and experience today.

It will be spirit in people that will help to recreate a more peaceful society for tomorrow.

As far as the money scam thing the ony church that I know of that is grossly rich, is the caltholic church for whatever that means.


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