Remove yourself from being Limited and Become Limitless

Remove yourself from being Limited and Become Limitless
Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ May 12 – 19, 2013
Received by Julie Miller
May 12, 2013


Every day is an opportunity to look deep into the areas of your life that brings dissatisfaction. When you focus on these areas, you are greeting a potential to expand these areas by increasing the distance of your comfort zones, making them wider and possibly dropping them altogether. It is important dear ones to comprehend dissatisfaction is not a new concept for you to learn, you have experienced this more than once. We have seen many dear souls become indifferent and oftentimes stagnant in their own growth as a person and dissatisfaction also has created delays in your ability to make healthier decisions. When you are feeling dissatisfied, feelings of woe take over, and a sense of hopelessness becomes a companion. Remember dear ones, even your thoughts are choices. If you ever feel hopeless, it is only because you have thought it and made it so. When feeling dissatisfied, you are expressing that there is no way out of the current situation and causing limitations within your own Self when in fact you are limitless.


If you are truly dissatisfied with how your journey has progressed so far, look at it as a positive opportunity. This is a time dear ones instead of feeling helpless or hopeless, you have ample opportunity to let go of all the old and embrace new Light and Love bringing ways into your entire life. Letting go, and embracing the new removes you from the feeling of being limited to being limitless. Understand dear ones; limitations will affect your logic and the understanding of your own well-being. It is important dear ones to sit back and see how you actually participate in all areas of your life and through your self-observation you will recognize where the dissatisfaction comes in and from this observation you will be able to determine just how dissatisfied you are. Any challenges that you are currently in or just passed through didn’t just occur out of thin air, they were created from feelings of dissatisfaction and when you become uncomfortable in a certain area and your Self responds through these heavy feelings of woe. When you learn to let go of any limitations that you discover, you propel yourself out of feeling dissatisfied and back into a calmer state of mind.


Instead of seeing the negative experiences as unpleasant, look at them as opportunities filled with positive steps that will help you overcome the many obstacles you yourself created. It is through your own decisions and choices that are created when you judge yourself, that dissatisfaction is born. You cannot bring change into your life dear ones until you are ready to admit and accept that change is required. Bringing change is simple dear ones. It requires no complicated steps or procedures; just a decision that you commit to in order to stop a cycle that demonstrates clearly that it’s no longer inspiring or motivating you. Every time you take the brave step beyond your comfort zone, you enhance the quality of your whole life. Moving forward does require courage, acceptance and faith that in time from your hard work and applied patience will bring you to a happier and peaceful state of mind.


Once you make the conscious decision dear ones to leave behind your dissatisfaction and feelings of woe, all possibilities for your journey becomes infinite. Every time you decide to devote time to your Self, you are being accountable for the situations that you have recently experienced. When you can accept that you do have the Power and the Strength to improve your life you are showing your whole Self the way out of your current moment of suffering. There is no other person that can do this for you. This is your journey. Yes there are others that can support you, love you and offer you guidance, but each step is yours to take. Only you can end the dissatisfaction and increase the amount of Light and Love from God into your life which will aid in expanding the quality of your life. Each time you decide to work on your Self in areas that you know require further development you are increasing your own self-esteem and confidence. Because this is your life, your journey dear ones, it’s important to be an active participant in order to make choices that will create satisfaction.


When you decide dear ones to interact more with others, instead of avoiding them, you are helping your self-esteem. And when your self-esteem is increased, you are able to make better, healthier decisions and you demonstrate to your Self that you are ready to learn something different – go beyond your comfort zones. And this dear ones is a big step because you are learning to triumph over your dissatisfaction. Remember dissatisfaction is only a feeling. When you hold onto these feelings dear ones they create the situation out of what you dislike. But when you allow your Self to move forward and progress, you will understand deeper depths of being satisfied. Just remember dear ones, how you do anything is how all is done, through your thoughts…you change your thoughts you change your direction. Every time you make a conscious choice that supports and empowers you, you are bringing in more opportunities that will influence better choices and bring in more feelings of satisfaction.


After you take the time to truly see with all honesty the areas of your life that create feelings of dissatisfaction, you provide your Self to envision the current situation as it could have been. Think more often, that you can instead of thinking you can’t. When you see the simplicity in things rather looking at situations and creating complexity you will recognize what it is you need to do in order to make your goals a success. Even if it takes baby steps you will reach them. Change the way you self-talk and see your Self as worthy and commend yourself for all the hard work you have accomplished, the tough storms you have weathered. Remember dear ones, each time you tell yourself, I can’t you are limiting yourself and preventing yourself from letting go of old behaviours and ways and this is where the feeling of being stuck often comes in. It’s essential to the development and growth of your whole self and of your journey to create positive thought forms – your thoughts do help to create your decisions…they will either hinder or facilitate your success.


When you finally let go of your dissatisfied feelings, you will experience and begin to learn what it feels like to be satisfied. The easiest way to move beyond any dissatisfaction is through your own permission to Release these feelings. When you release any discordant feelings you challenge your fears and from your release you dissolve dissatisfaction from each area of your life. Accepting where changes need to be added and releasing all dissatisfied feelings will show you how to be truly satisfied with your own Self. This is a gift you Release to your Self and we think each of you are truly worthy of such a divine gift.


And so it is…


I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller 

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