Rubble Can Be An Art !

Life will not stop, I will challenge the Israeli occupation and rise up despite of the hurts, said : Shireen Shamia, 26 years old, a Palestinian art teacher. Shireen lives in Jabalia Camp in northern of Gaza Strip. She has lost Two of her brothers . Israeli Occupation army shelled her house around ten o'clock in the morning on 19 January 2009 by F16 warplanes where she lives with 20 of her family.

Before the war, she sent a letter to the ministry of culture asked to make exhibition for the olive tree, she would like to use the destroyed olive tree in order to change it from a rubble to a beautiful masterpieces.
What a pity, Israeli warplanes pilot has killed her dreams when targeted her house and damaged her art masterpieces and paintings .
How much strong is Shireen, despite all of sad situation she lives, the dream has become as a challenge. She has taken a decision to go on and make an exhibition on the rubble of her house titled "we will rise up despite of the hurts".

She presents this an exhibition to her two martyr brothers Zaher and Mohamed, all Palestinian martyrs, Palestinian prisoners, her family and relatives, Palestinian people live under siege and to whom support her in his artistic life .

On her brochure , I find her desired words, Shireen said : we will rise up despite of the hurts, the difficulties, the destruction, and the siege. The land embraces the olive tree for long time till destiny set them apart, their screaming penetrated my ears to the extent that my heart aches me. But I never give up and I didn’t stand the arms folded.
Therefore, I put the olive tree among my tools to start a dialogue in between, they decide to scratch the wood of the sad olive tree to turn it into an artistic masterpieces and immortal one. This true would witness the coward Israeli attack and to express the civilization and heritage of Palestinian and the strong well of patience and struggling people .

Shireen participated in many of exhibitions , one of them was titled The Sand of Palestine, she wanted through that to change the fragile sand into a rigid material in order to express the patience and the strong desire of continuity.
At the end, Shireen asks : for how long we live under siege , but she insists on that we will stay patience on this land .

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Dearest Shireen

How awful a life.. how horrific the war.. how tragic the loss of life.. how terrifying the knowledge it could have all been avoided had there been an acceptance of the rightful return of the land of Israel to her Jews. 1948 was the time to have held hands and all lived in peace.

Peace to us all
Peace Be UntoYou Adham,… We at iPeace feel the pain and suffering of your people, and the pain and suffering of people around the world! We assure you that one day soon, when the majority of people on earth come to recognize and really get to know their true and eternal selves that (Terror and War Will Be No More!)

For then my brother, we all will be empowered to recognize that same true and eternal aspect of ourselves as it exists in our so-called enemies… The Nature Of Mind/The Nature Of All Things!

We will be less likely then to destroy one another in the name of terror, war, or for any other reason!

Only then can we establish (A True and Eternal Peace on Earth!)

We All Are Indeed, One And The Same…One Human Family!
Interesting Adham.

There was a similar kind of thing mentioned in this 2003 article about Arafat from the Onion.

I never figured out if this was a joke or for real, but I did read that the people in Palestine are known to have a great sense of humour (albeit gallows humour). Hope this doesn't offend anyone, that's not the intent anyway.
Great initiative and beautiful attitude! To turn rubbles into art, horror into beauty, destruction into creativity... That is the task of the Light workers that we might all have to fulfill somehow in the coming years to make this world a better place, to change despair into hope, suffering into rejoicing, hatred into Love. Salam Al-Hobb


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