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I'm Taking A Break From Most Online Activities

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wow, you're on the ball.

just in general we will have to be discerning. especially 

someplace like this

in our world are sorts of

cynical nihilists who have given up on peace

and who therefore want to attack and weaken any

who believe in its' possibility.

it reflects on their own lack of foundation or belief in 

anything really but

all through the 20th century that sort of nihilist

plagued and slowed up all sorts of progressive initiatives

and won't stop just because there are computers now...

evolution doesn't go backwards, though,

people simply must become more discerning,

as the "fans" of prejudice and all that prejudice entails

want to force their view that life is meaningless on anyone.


maybe it gets easier if it goes on.

personally - once i was in a group called 'godlikeproductions' someone calling herself trinity

ran it.  but some NURD bought them out

and where the previous focus was on gaining truth on secret government and conspiracies

the "new management" began to silence people who had good points or insight

and HUNDREDS of people, maybe thousands, all over the 'net noticed this.




we know this, or else we could all just send a petition to  the  U. N. and all wars would end tomorrow.

often, warmongers like to POSE as peace activists and stop the flow of conversations.

i have noticed this at iPeace over and over in the past two years.

they play a mind game. they won't ADMIT that they are doing such here

but to stop the flow of discussions is their goal.

again, it's philosophical Nihilism as in Nietzsche -- they insist that life is pointless

so anyone who sees a point or meaning in life they view as an enemy to be silenced and ridiculed.

this tactic happens a LOT online. i had to gain experience in many conversations 

where i realised that the person debating just wanted to keep the empty debate going,

a sort of mental sadism that plays a quicksand game.

if they can bog down a person in a pointless argument

that's time that they are NOT spending making the world a better place.

people have to learn these lessons, inevitably. hopefully, they do...

Marques De Valia:

Thanks for taking the time to share your thought-provoking post.


I've been online for many years, got hacked & stalked,

so warn others who are unaware that there are people

who are intent on harming others online.


As a long-time iPeace member, it means a lot to me, so I warn iPeace members .


It's possible to keep any site almost scammer-free by having a 24 hour admin membership approval, which I've suggested to the new iPeace owner.



i've been a member for a couple of years but haven't done much.

in the United States there is a legend-conspiracy theory-historical fact about a covert program made by the Gov't in the 1960s

its goal: to infiltrate any countercultural movements and insert "agents" that would undermine the movement, sabotage attempts to do activism and create false understanding.  This "Counter Intelligence Program" was rumoured about during the early periods of attempts for groups to assert their right to exist -- the NAACP, American Indian Movement and Jewish anti-defamation groups were SUCCESSFULLY infiltrated...in the late  1960s and early 1970s.

Even though this "Program to Counter Intelligence" was exposed in a TIME Magazine article in 1977, there are people who insist that it is make-believe, the result of paranoia from "radicals" like me and the mentally ill.   And i and other peace activists that I have known have had to deal with disruptive elements -- individuals and groups who, whether they were trained narcs or just independent jerks, showing up to disrupt activism efforts with fake behaviour designed to make people GIVE UP, basically...

to slow the process down, break people's spirits and wills and often while feigning friendship.   And that all was BEFORE the electronic frontier opened up like it has now.  I have learned to reject paranoia for basic caution, carefulness and to always trust my intuition when it goes off.  But it happens electronically, now...and an open-hearted place like this is an obvious target.

Spammers, sexual predators and people who are just emotionally needy show up to derail the effort.  Add to that that warmongering is THE Big Business on global news 24 hrs/day, reinforcing the idea that war is an inevitable and eternnal part of existance and that people who seek peace are just delusional, unrealistic, cowardly etc...

But the COINTELPRO is the worst!

Some theorize that in 1977 the United states Gov't ANNOUNCED that it was discontinued, after the TIME Expose -- but it goes on, in the form of obvious anti-war nodes like this one getting everything from 'bot uploaders to people who SEEM like sincere activists...but who just want to bog everything down with insincere arguments.

To sum it up, it's much saner to be careful and cautious and check a lot than to be paranoid...

Marques De Valia:

For another wonderfully articulate & interesting post. 

Part of my tailor-made philosophy: Accepting that which I'm  unable or not prepared to change; not always easy, but it does bring contentment,

learning not to take everything personally; being able to distance oneself without losing one's humanity.

Part of my online interaction is belonging to & hosting for sites,  forums, groups of interest. 

I've been reasonably active on this site, welcoming new members; warning those who are unaware of scammers & co. & staying in contact with friends. (:-)


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