"What is important is to look upon everyone with a deep sense of honor, beacause your own heart and mind are influenced by the way you look at others. If we could do just that, we would be rendering the greatest service to our fellow beings; and the reward of that service would be inner peace and God realization."

says Muktananda in 'Believe in Love' booklet

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i love my girl friends(10)
Sumod...only 10? well its a start anyway
it's true !
if i felt that the personin front of me z looking at me and smiling or respect it willl affect my whole day ,and i do the same with all who i met and that's it all poeple became happy and peacefull :)
When we smile at another...we send them a message of recognition, a message of acceptance, a message, ultimately of love. And when we spread love, we spread what is most godly in each of us, and it connects with the golden souls of those we illuminate and warm with our smiles!
smile the whole world will smile at u , cry u cry alone actually not alone with GOD & with ur guardian angels.
Our Creator wants us to be happy - We should respect that. Our Creator wants us to get along with each other - play nice... We should embrace that. Our smile is a gift that we can give freely, and it gets great returns... Our smile is respect to our Creators love. We should practice that.


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