Sharing my daily chats with our HERO friend MOUD in Pakistan

I´m asking him toi add your name in the click
as everytiem we click in th eTibet site
a cent goes to Tibet
Muhammad Khurshid
It is great
so I asked him to create a click fuction for you and your family
Muhammad Khurshid
Thank you very much. May you enjoy the life
May God the Great make your life beautiful
this is the link
just take a look
Muhammad Khurshid
Ok! I am looking the page
Muhammad Khurshid
I have looked the page
I think it will be great if he does it for me and my family
I´m going to suggest that he also open a Paypal account and I´ll be the first one to deposit and amount
everything has to be done now
as he just sent 2 messages
one after the other
Muhammad Khurshid
Oh! thank you very much

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