Simply Love Unconditionally
Message from Archangel Ariel
Channeled by: Julie Miller
February 17, 2012


It seems there is never an end of ‘things to do’ in your everyday lives. One of those is finding peace and harmony within the many relationships you have. It is really simple, not as complicated as many would think. The quickest way to bring peace into your relationships is to bring in LOVE. It is vastly apparent that many children of Earth have conflicting emotions and ideas regarding love. There have been many who have deliberated on the concept of love and many still do today. There is a lot of in depth analysis on the concept of love and happiness and how the mind works within the spiritual heart. Quite basically, accept love as it is; without any connotations. Start with simplicity that appears to work best as love is not meant to be complicated.


The relationships between the various people that are in your life, sometimes has a life of their own when they become out of control. There are relationships between co-workers, managers, students, parent to child, brothers and sisters, etc. Then there are those other relationships that cross your path with strangers that bump into you, or suddenly without provocation speak inappropriately to you or those around you. There are many relationships that you live among and go through every single day. Some of these I have seen you breeze through; yet some have left you in tears or serious frustration. I can help you dear child with any of the relationships you have that occasionally become difficult. I will help lead you to solutions that will best suit your needs. Remember dear child you are greatly loved. And it is important to have these lessons that include those that you are close to in order to grow within you a wiser and more knowledgeable child of Light. You cannot put your head in the sand until the chaos has cleared, you must find ways to overcome what it is that is at the core of the situation and clear it from your heart, your home and your life and learn what that situation came to teach you and those that was involved.


Do not ever think even once that you are alone sweet child. I have held your hand before and I have sat beside you comforting you through many relationship situations. There is peace for you and your home and it starts with you. Learn to love yourself by learning who you are. Figure out what it is that you want from life and those of your closest family members and friends that are included. Action plans written out are great ways to begin. You can create a timeline or a chart with gradual progress markers and reward yourself between each stage, especially the ones that brought unexpected grief. When you are ready you will find balance with every single aspect that has delivered you to the place you are now. You are combined with not only the good and wonderful aspects of human nature but with the negative as well. Make peace with each part, accept all and balance you will find. Once this balance is found, maintaining equal balance becomes the next ongoing challenge. By this time you will know when a part of you becomes out of sync and you will be able to begin correcting the issue before it becomes out of control.


Discovery of yourself and the great inner peace that follows will assist you with your relationships dear children. Once you are at real true peace and you are living through your love filled heart, all your actions will speak with a serene calmness and strength that may have not been there prior to the personal growth and development you have just undertaken. Within each relationship that you are part of have workable solutions already present that can be handled without heated exchange of high tempered words that often are filled with profanity. Remember to love all through your actions, your thoughts, your feelings, and your spoken and written word. How you present yourself each time with precise clarity and with the second guessing Ego removed will be greatly appreciated dear children. You may not receive any verbal acknowledgement but if you are careful with your observations you will be able to notice slight difference in body language and attitude.


Relationships require a lot of give and take, just as unconditional love is to love without expectations. You have the power to make any relationship work as long as each party involved is willing to try also. Change is one of the big ingredients to successful relationships of any kind. Many relationships become toxic when one person has changed in drastic ways and the other person has remained the same. Learn to pick up cues to when normal problems become larger and more difficult for you to handle on your own. Do not fear seeking outside assistance whenever possible. I will be with you dear child every time you call my name and need guidance and support. To invoke my presence and to aid you in your current situation, simply whisper my name into the wind. I will hear it and be by your side immediately. I will teach you through guidance how to manifest what it is you dream to have and what it is you need to do next as a result of the relationship situation you may currently be in.


It is important to be able work through your sad times because they help you to understand what it is you want and you receive so much personal growth and even more wisdom. Sadness invites reflection then you have growth of the mind, body and spirit. Allow yourself some down time in solitude, to empty your mind and think of absolutely nothing. This may require you to take a drive to a coastal area, maybe visit a favourite park, a quiet place in the woods to contemplate; what brings you comfort is where you are suggested to go during these times if you can. When you cannot go to any of the places suggested or where you prefer to be, maybe the back table at a local coffee/tea house, or sit on a church pew if the pastor will allow it, or take a long fragrantly scented bath with candles; a place of solitude is not impossible, think creatively and you are already halfway there.


My time with you dear children through our dear vessel has been incredibly delightful. I smile radiantly down up each of you with the expression of deep love that I feel for all God’s children. All the answers you are seeking are already available to be found dear ones; your search is within you.


And so it is, Archangel Ariel through Julie Miller

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