This Site Means So Much To So Many


Hope The New Owner

Will React To This Request


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I hope your efforts make their way to the heart of who keeps up this wonderful network of people who have become so dear to me. I add my own light dear lady that is infused with love and light from God in every word. You and your goodness brings so much peace to ipeace. 

May your year and the future that is ahead of you bring you many joys, smiles and memories that will always be a part of you, your family and your friends.



Julie: For your kind words & regular peace participation. 

It's almost unbelievable, but there are still some who fall for scammers & get harmed.

When time allows, I've been posting on scammers' profiles/reporting & blocking them.

I've asked the new owner to appoint a 24 hour Admin to approve membership to avoid this problem.  (:-) 

Thank YOU Sis GP..yes, I also do what I can,when I can to spot & expose spam..either under their posts/blogs or on peoples pages. I was the "spammers slammer' on the Welcome Team & since is really no one around to quickly delete or even warn these spammers,I too hope this you posted will get attention to this very big and so sad issue,

Hugs ,Respect & love xx

This is what I post on the sure you & others may have seen where I have posted these..

"Wishing You the Best Always!"So many of Us felt this way!

Leah: For what you still continue to do for iPeace.


Al: So many left again because of a lack of an Admin & the on-going problems.

I try to report scammers/welcome new members, as often as I can.

Hope this problem will be sorted out. (:-)

Jussara: Thanks so much for your kind words.


It is so sad to see scammers abusing iPeace almost daily.


If there were a 24 hour admin team, then membership could be approved,

which would prevent scammers opening new profiles & scamming.




Jussara: No need to apologise - everyone understands you!


You are one of the great iPeace members who keep it going.


A number have volunteered for admin duties;

hope the new owner will soon choose suitably qualified people.


I will of course help out if asked. (:-) 

awesome graphic & strong message sis G.P! Thank YOU for all you do for iPeace  site ,Peace & sharing with what is left of the iPeace community that are here for sharing Peace  and NOT for SPAMMING! Sadly when ever I do come to iPeace is only 1-2 people on here,so very sad indeed..I honestly don't know if we will ever get this site back to it's once vibrant level of activity? As long as people like you & Jussara,all others that are still HERE for peace then iPeace will thrive on..

Love, Peace and..

Leah: Thanks so much for your kind words.

It still hurts to see what is happening to this site, which means so much to so many.

However I'm deeply grateful to those who do not allow the daily influx of scammers/spammers to stop them from sharing peace.

I still share Peace! 

Unfortunately it saddens Me too much to do it here!

Due to an uncaring Administrator!

Whoever that might be!

"The new boss,the same as the old boss"

That injured iPeace "Home for so many" in so many ways!

"Thank You" for All that You do!

You are so much stronger than I & I thought I was Strong!

Lovin You! 

iPeace, Motorcycle Hippy Al

Al: Thanks so very much for taking the time to post.

Your kind words about me is deeply appreciated.

I try not to allow adversity to get the better of me,

 but as you know it's not always easy.

I know how you & so many others feel about

 what has happened to our peace home. 

It's so very sad that so most stay away mainly

because of  those daily nasties who scam iPeace. 

My very best to you & yours




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