SOUL-UTIONS Are Found Through HOPE
Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ September 27 – October 04, 2013
Received by Julie Miller

September 27, 2013



Becoming overwhelmed with what is going on throughout the world is hard to supress or ignore considering how much the media exploits every detail. You may not be able to control the media or how the truth becomes distorted for viewers and readers but you can control how you react to what you read or see from the many sources currently available to you. It is too easy to give up on Hope when HOPE is exactly what you need to hang onto regardless the difficulty of your journey.


Dear ones understand that Hope is created by you. Hope does not appear magically out of thin air, or from any other source. Inside each of you is the natural born ability to create Hope. It is essential for your own growth and development that you nurture the Hope you do have for yourself, for your children, for those closest to your heart and for those within your global backyard. Make Hope an intentional creation for the betterment and promise of a new day that will bring new rewards, new challenges; more opportunities to learn and to become all that God has intended you to become.


You do have the ability to overcome any fear by holding onto the Hope that you create from within that will get you through another day trusting the direction of your journey and that God is walking beside you throughout each brave step. You can increase the amount of Hope you carry within you through positive actions and positive self-talk – take charge of your life dear ones and allow Hope to become an active partner on your journey of life.


There will be bumps on your road and through each bump remember these are your moments to grow and to develop. Don’t use up your precious energy judging yourself with harsh criticism, instead give yourself the love and compassion that will nurture you and encourage you to keep trying. Look at what is before you, and focus on what you want most from what you see, then create a plan that will bring you to your success. Give yourself time to yourself to help regroup and re-center your energies. Discover new SOUL-UTIONS that will make you feel you have come home when in truth you have…every time you discover something new that resonates with your heart and soul, you shed what was old in favour for this new concept and you begin to grow into a newer and more vivacious you.


Silence has always been a great way to unwind; it is also used for grounding, self-healing, moments of reflection, emptying the mind, etc. How you make use of your quiet time in silence is important to you. Do not compare with another on how they make use of their time, focus on this special time with yourself, become more connected with your Inner Self and feel the power that courses through each particle of your being. The energy you create here even though you are in a quiet and reflective mood is quite powerful – enjoy what you bring out of this moment with yourself and relish in the revitalized energy and spirit that is an outcome of your sacred silence.


We are aware many dear souls are drawn to what the media has delivered each day and many times throughout the day. It is for your best interest to give yourself a limit on how much you are going to tune into. If you allow yourself to become oversaturated with the news, you will find your own health at risk because you pick up on heavy energy that is emitted through newscasts and newspapers. Instead of looking at all the horror and exploits the media likes to focus on, find other articles that have a more positive appeal. You may not be able to avoid all the negativity that is found within the diverse media sources but you are able to limit how much of it you are willing to watch or read. Remember this is your journey. Don’t give away your precious energy and power to what someone has written or spoken about in one of your newspapers, news channels or magazines.


We remind you dear ones, that each day you wake and rise from bed is a gift given to each of you from God. Hope is renewed as you rise to greet a new day and within the newness of a fresh day there is much all around you to appreciate. You know there are people that share your journey that are difficult. Don’t allow your annoyances with these dear souls to bring you down or take your power from you. They are on their journey as you are on yours. Appreciate what you are to learn from each encounter and connection you make with another dear soul. Stop focusing on how someone irritates you and concentrate on what makes you happy. Let go of the petty discrepancies that can throw your balance off and bring your total self back into peace and harmony.


It is important to the well-being of your mental and emotional health that you find a few minutes each day to breathe and give gratitude for what you have accomplished so far…enjoy the sunshine, allow yourself to feel the gentle breeze kiss your cheek and remember Hope is something you have within you that you created and with Hope anything and ALL is possible. Problems will continue to exist. Conflicts will come and go and through them you will grow and develop, you will learn and share your knowledge – you have much to be Hopeful for and it all begins with you, where you have come and where you are yet to go. As the sun rises each day, rise with it and allow its glorious healing energy touch you deep from within. You share the sky with so many, think of others that share your global backyard and remember each of you has the capability to create workable solutions to situations that are current; be a giver of love to yourself and to others selflessly.


Give your love freely and when possible be spontaneous. For no reason, give a friend or co-worker a hug. Hugs are healing and demonstrate compassion and know when you are giving yourself in this way, God is also working through you. Don’t refrain from giving compliments to people, even those that serve you coffee or bag your groceries. If you like their service, tell them and be thankful for their efforts. When you are able to express respect and compassion you create a warming bond that emits positive energy and this energy remains with the people you interact with and when they see you again, they will remember you for your pleasantness and kindness. Giving and receiving kindness is beneficial to all that is involved, it is never one sided. Hope becomes part of each giving and receiving act of kindness.


We know you understand the power of affirmations. We encourage you to create and discover positive affirmations that help to create more Hope and positive thought forms. Within you is the key to your own peace and happiness. We want you to believe that happiness IS something you can reach and when you achieve happiness you also achieve peace. Since you have to live within a world based on your actions, it is vital then to choose actions that express love, compassion, respect, Hope and faith for yourself and for all people that helps fill this earthly home.


Hope always is partnered with trust and this relationship will help transform your perception on what you have been helping to co-create. We know you find it hard to remove yourself from feeling sorrow for the things you cannot change but you must accept dear ones what you cannot change and let them go. Give yourself room to allow the Light and Love from God that will help to fuel the Hope that is alive within you, created by you.


Sadness will come and go, so will challenges. Without conflicts there would be no growth and no understanding. It is possible to find solutions within your conflicts that are sound, compassionate and non-hurtful. Let Hope show you how to resolve conflicts and to instill peace instead. Embrace in your own confidence and make use of this strength to bring the feeling of Hopelessness to an end. Remember dear ones when you embrace your own confidence that nourishes the growth of Hope that is created by you, you begin to walk a different path, one that is lighter, one that easily demonstrates the Presence of God and you know dear ones, this is so because God has always been a part of your existence.


And so it is …


I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller 

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