iPeace is as much your community as it is ours. We care deeply how you feel being here and as such we take great care to prevent stalkers, harassers and spammers from exploiting your privacy. Our commitment to you is to keep and maintain iPeace Spam free.
To be effective and consistent we entrust your help and assistance too.

iPeace is growing in popularity and in numbers. As it grows and expands, like any garden, the danger of infestation increases.
We are ready to meet the challenges and realize too it is not always possible for iPeace admin and iPeace volunteers to spot and identify every incident or preempt intrusive or abusive behavior
We share your desire for iPeace to be the exemplary, truly global inter-cultural community, free of harassment. We can only achieve it working as a global iPeace team: Help us, help protect iPeace and each of you who believe so much in its goals and aims.

Should you receive a message from someone who's trying to sell you anything. Anything….

Should someone offer to save your soul, without you asking for it.

Should you find a comment on your page that looks and feels like unsolicited commercial marketing.

Should someone request for money, however noble the cause seems, or honest the request.

Should you feel in any way threatened, stalked or somehow harassed,


We have created the option for you to write a comment on Report Spam's page
(you can always find the link on the top left corner of iPeace home page)

Your anonymity is guaranteed.

Thank you

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This is half of one day on my gmail inBox
Why now? because now we can can make it free and make it free from distractions and cyber hawkers. I will be on the look out. I believe in being free from comercial interests, RanchoBozo has been free for it's four and a half year existance. iPeace is pure and needs to stay that way. Right On!
i am just spreading the message of love and humanity through my post on peoples wall.
you can even look at my profile and see every1`s positive response.
i am not promoting a product,life,religion,soul, or asking for money,gifts donations.

i respect the guidelines and have not broken any.

these must have been a mistake in understanding my situation.

plz see through the matter and let me know
why i got a warning for spamming when i am not spamming at all.

thank you
Jash Ashar

thank you.
Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace

Right on, great guidelines, great spirt of unity and peace and selflessness here, thank you!
FLAG!!!!! please check out KRISTIAN CRAIGE
it looks like an ad to buy a CD
his profile says BUY NOW
i did not welcome him
'ball is in your ball park
Greetings, ok there is that person who has been harassing me with false profiles for over two weeks. She keeps filling my pages with stupid comments and uninteresting things, Each time I block her messages she opens a new profile. I believe she has used five different profiles so far. I know who it is because she has been writting some personal messages and emails at the same time. I blocked her last profile but kept receiving more messages from her. Four new ones in half an hour. This situation is frankly annoying. It fills my profile with stupidity while draining my time and energy to errase her messages, which could be put to a better use to communicate with good hearted and interesting people.

I just want to know if there is any kind of measures that can be taken to prevent such harassment and if not, I will have to leave this site because of the constant intrusions of that person, Please can someone give me an answer or do something about it? A great site such as iPeace should not allow this kind of behavior. Thank you to all people of good will.
How do you know my page so well? How do you know what comments I refer to? I never mentioned anyone's name ... yet... Writing on my page that if you send me pictures of dancing naked girls I won't erase them is a provocation, it is not nice nor funny at all,it shows you project your preconceived limited perceptions on me without even knowing who I am. I have never written to you a single message yet!!!

Filling my profiles with such undecent comments is brain squatting and, it is not my kind of humor. I know how to have fun without it. No one here has sent me stupid messages except the same person under 4-5 different profiles. Tienes que cambiar de magia y dejar tu obsecion para algo otro. Espero que entiendas...

A conversation is done between two persons or more, when it is one way it is not a conversation. If it becomes invading it becomes spamming. Out of 18,000 members here, how can you find the time to write to the same one ten times a day when he never replied to you even once, without even having introduced yourself? Because you have known him under other profiles... You life must be pretty narrow and boring.
Hola querida Jahsi, amiga verdadera y preciosa, no tendré verguenza de escribir aqui que eres la mejor amiga que encontré en este sitio, porques amas a la gente, cuidas con tu corazon y los ayudas a sentirse bien y elevar sus pensamientos hacia el Amor Divino.

Aunque amo a todos mis amigos, de comunicar contigo a un nivel quasi diario desde dos meses ha siempre sido un grande placer y una bendicion energetica bien apreciada.

No quiero sacar el perro muerto del suelo, solo que el perro ya no esta muerto y me trata todavia de morder las ortegas. Quiero perdoner el pasado pero porque esta persona que solo tu conoces porque te dijé su nombre quiere perseguir asi tratando de atraer mi atencion con falsos perfiles? A un punto uno tiene que protegerse de los parasitos energeticos. Que haces con un perro que quiere morder? Lo dejas o lo botas?

Bueno, no quiero quejar aqui, solo buscar una solucion a la situacion. Quiero la Paz.

Paz y Amor a los angeles de positividad y a los seres humanos de buena voluntad.
You seem to know my page very well but you just started bombarding it about four days ago, just after I blocked your last profile... that you erased right after I did, just to open this new one.

Nobody sends me naked women. I said that what annoyed me was YOUR comment saying that if you would send me naked girls I would not erase them. The only stupid things that appeared on my page came from the same dishonnest person under different profiles. Talvéz entendras mejor en tu idioma. Sabes muy bien de que hablo. Si me permité de rechazar el ritual que me ofreciste en tu correo es que no quiero tu magia. Entoncés tratas otra vez un nuevo truco.

Si me escribes unos comentarios a bajo de mis fotos y los borro y que el dia siguiente me escribes los mismos comentarios bajo las mismas fotos con un diferente perfil, pienses que no me daré cuenta que es siempre ti? Me pienses mas estupido que soy. Lo que haces es importunar con malas intenciones bajadas en tu fijacion sobre tu fantasia ilusionada. Es muy feo.

Es muy aburidor tu juego. You have to let go of the ego and go into the we go. Vuelvete a la Luz.

Sigue tu vida y dejame en Paz. Ocupate a algo mejor o esta celoz te llevara al infierno.

Te sacaré de mi aura como una pulga. No te daré mas atencion. Ya estas borrada de mi vida. Esto es mi ultima poesia para ti. Que Dios tenga pitad de ti y te cuide. Yo no tengo el tiempo.
Una persona que pierde su tiempo escribiendose mensages de un perfil al otro debe verdaderamente tener nada que hacer de su vida vacia, o sino tiene un serio problema de esquizofrenia multiple. En ambos caso, esta persona no me necesita para hacerse la conversacion o satisfacer sus esperanzas. Lo puede hacer ella misma sola de su lado isolado
Observo que me respondes cuando me hablo a mi mismo. Te intereso tanto? Pero lo hago con mi verdadera cara y identitad, con honestia y intencion sincera. Eso hace toda la diferencia entre nos dos. De hecho hablo a la comunidad aqui.

Pero para ti solo diré eso: Pray for yourself. I can take care of myself without your help. Can you take care of your own? I won't swallow that kind of crap.

Greetings, I reported a case of harassment by someone with false profiles a few days ago and never received any answer yet. Is there anyone responsible here or able to do anything?

The harassment from that person has not only contiued but even increased. I blocked her messages but they keep coming in. What the... What kind of site is iPeace if there can't be any kind of moderation for such cases?

Am I writing to someone here or just filling archives? Please let me know that I'm being read and that you are concerned about the quality of this site. Please tell me that we can do something about it. And please explain to me why if I block someone's messages, I still keep receiving them. Anyone there?

In case there is, thank you for your concern.


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