iPeace is as much your community as it is ours. We care deeply how you feel being here and as such we take great care to prevent stalkers, harassers and spammers from exploiting your privacy. Our commitment to you is to keep and maintain iPeace Spam free.
To be effective and consistent we entrust your help and assistance too.

iPeace is growing in popularity and in numbers. As it grows and expands, like any garden, the danger of infestation increases.
We are ready to meet the challenges and realize too it is not always possible for iPeace admin and iPeace volunteers to spot and identify every incident or preempt intrusive or abusive behavior
We share your desire for iPeace to be the exemplary, truly global inter-cultural community, free of harassment. We can only achieve it working as a global iPeace team: Help us, help protect iPeace and each of you who believe so much in its goals and aims.

Should you receive a message from someone who's trying to sell you anything. Anything….

Should someone offer to save your soul, without you asking for it.

Should you find a comment on your page that looks and feels like unsolicited commercial marketing.

Should someone request for money, however noble the cause seems, or honest the request.

Should you feel in any way threatened, stalked or somehow harassed,


We have created the option for you to write a comment on Report Spam's page
(you can always find the link on the top left corner of iPeace home page)

Your anonymity is guaranteed.

Thank you

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you re one of the spammers i receive in my mail box.


joy Female New York, NY United States

This person has been coming back daily for quite some time:

joy Female New York, NY United States


Rose Grandson Female montreal canada Canada

exept for Yaris Ali,all the messages and amity askes are spams.peoples who want me for liberate millions dollars from Africa,calling a priest or a christian minister who supposed have the faith of those people,and who can help me to take these millions(if i can #help#them in sending a big amount)and who swear to me that i ll recuperate my supposed investment multiplicated by 10,110 or 1000.

if just a new spam come in my mailbox,be sure i ll close my page on i-peace and never i ll return.

i hope sincerly this trouble be repaired in a short time.thank you so much.

ann solange humphrey


Thanks so much for caring Solange.

 I am so sorry that you feel this way - please do not give the scammers any power by leaving iPeace.

They get reported, blocked & deleted but it's very difficult to keep them out.

you re right.i ll report them this is the best way to do.yu know,when i received all those spams,i was deceipt,to live in peace people like you do great work,and those spammers come,install em on the site and scrap a wonderful idea;peace all over the world.it s sure that all don t work for a futur better and everywhere there will be some who will have for mission to stop peace.you make me think about all that,and your opinion is really the best for me.i ll stay on the site and i ll do my best to give peace,love and serenity in the heart of each of us.

thank you for your precious help my friend.will peace ,love and happiness enlight your day.



So very much for not giving scammers power over you Solange!


It would be such a huge pity if we did not try to stop them harming others.


Each of us are at our individual level of development,

but many do not want peaceful interaction;

one can either choose to prevent or allow harm.


My best wishes to you & yours!

how true you are.peace need all our strengt and our passion.you help me to be a better person and temperate my patience loss.

have the best day filled with love and peace.yours in peace...Ann Solange.

You're most welcome Solange!

This is what is so great about this site;

we learn so much from each other;

especially to share peace & respect!

thanks a lot my dear.may peace and love be a great part of your day.xxx





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