iPeace is as much your community as it is ours. We care deeply how you feel being here and as such we take great care to prevent stalkers, harassers and spammers from exploiting your privacy. Our commitment to you is to keep and maintain iPeace Spam free.
To be effective and consistent we entrust your help and assistance too.

iPeace is growing in popularity and in numbers. As it grows and expands, like any garden, the danger of infestation increases.
We are ready to meet the challenges and realize too it is not always possible for iPeace admin and iPeace volunteers to spot and identify every incident or preempt intrusive or abusive behavior
We share your desire for iPeace to be the exemplary, truly global inter-cultural community, free of harassment. We can only achieve it working as a global iPeace team: Help us, help protect iPeace and each of you who believe so much in its goals and aims.

Should you receive a message from someone who's trying to sell you anything. Anything….

Should someone offer to save your soul, without you asking for it.

Should you find a comment on your page that looks and feels like unsolicited commercial marketing.

Should someone request for money, however noble the cause seems, or honest the request.

Should you feel in any way threatened, stalked or somehow harassed,


We have created the option for you to write a comment on Report Spam's page
(you can always find the link on the top left corner of iPeace home page)

Your anonymity is guaranteed.

Thank you

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Well Mary, we're happy to have you back.
Thank you David.
I have spent a LOT of my time on sites where I am needed, abuse (dis-respect) is not something I tolerate, but seek seek to change, and educate those who do so, to a better way.
I fight for peace, without attacking.
This is my first time at a site devoted to peace.
yet am here for a reason.......
In the fight for peace, I am heart warrior, healer, shamen, I am not here seeking peace, but to offer more of it.
To add to the power of this place, and its mission and goal.
As if the voices of millions screaming out, has been heard, I fight for peace in this generation, in the name of those who follow it.
May the creator of all things, assist you in this mission of peace, as I seek to assist you as well, in that name.

The Thunderchild.
Thank you David, for sugest those guidelines

Unfortunately, we have to identify those who are not in this network only to share and spread a culture of peace!!

Peace and Love
Hi David, I am clear what spamming is. Im not sure about stalking. How do I know Im stalking you or not or anyone else?.
Thanks kindly
Great to see an area address which a lot of sites neglect. however It must be difficult to deal with borderline spam.
I have a slow dialup connection and images are slow to download on a message. some regular messages are just an image saying have a good weekend. How do these differ from spam if they cause the same degree of inconvinance?
I hate spam as much as anyone so well done on encouraging control. I promote my saveNature site to ipeace members. It is at http://SavetheWorldfree.ning.com and sometimes it gets mistaken for a commercial thing. It Is Not. I do Not request money or try to sell anything.
Many iPeace members are also on my site and we help promote iPeace at out main page with an iPeace badge.
iPeace and saveNaturefree are growing together in peace and harmony gaining good people to widen the message of peace and community everywhere.
I am thankful for the support I get and I don't mind returning it.
Thank u very much David for your advise.
Dear David, I consider spam write of Margarita Raquel in my page. I look to stop her letter from her page, but the sistem don't function. I am obliged to change option to control what come in my page.
In this period I am very busy in my life, so I cannot operate in i.Peace. What have I to stop post exept for few friend stayng always into the groups?Thanks. I shall come back early!
Good work always looking for peace! and thanlk you very much for all

I have no complaint of ipeace, all have great affection me Thanks David love
Iam sorry to say that I receive too many e mails from e peace,how can I make this stop?
whats your role in iPeace?
denise glancy
I keep getting emails to join other networks in my email and I do not want to receive them. How do I block it so that no one can get my email address and send me emails asking me to join their websites?


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