A husband and wife were killed last night in Pliladelphia, Pa, the victims of random crime. Please direct your good wishes/prayers to their family today. Practice acts of KINDNESS not violence!!!

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if yu wanna really help yourself kick there ass first and then go for kindness because when you are speaking of kindness they are not thinking of kindness so first step into there shoes and kick them first and then speak kindness
You wouldn't really want to kick their ass would you ? I mean that seems like the normal thing to do butat the end of teh day you know it's not going to change anything. They may not respond to acts of kindness but they won't react to a beating either. I can't speak for anyone who has been in the situation but I'm sure prison has it's effect on the mind that would do better things then a beating. If you ask me prisons don't have enough rehabilitation facilities. These people should be mentally deconstructed to help us figure out what causes such random bursts of violence and other horrid crimes. I don't mean to come off as weird saying they do need to be changed if they are in jail for something as srious as a random attack. In Ireland where child molestes get sent, their therapy is optional !! it sickens me.


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