”Religion is the realisation of Truth already in man. The religions of today make people separate from each other. The world does not need more religions, we need humanity. Humanity is conscience and sincerity. Still we are only Homo sapiens — we are not yet human. We are not yet civilized. Be human! Lack of conscience and sincerity bring misuse and demoralisation. We need diversity, not separation and duality”.

Swami Sri Ananda Acharya

What do you think? What is religion? What does it mean to you?

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hi guys

The reason we are divided is because we have not dedicated our time and energy in studying the Absolute Truth. Here is some steps to show the glory of the Father, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


cheers and lets make God the Father present in everyone's life!!!
As someone who came out of an academic comparative religion background, I think of religion starting with the meaning of the root term, religare, to bind. Even this may be a point of contention, but it is similar to the meaning of the term yoga, to yolk. In both cases, I think the intended meaning is to bind, yolk or connect the individual to the divine. This also happens to bring us together, or bind us to one another, since the divine is omnipresent.

Of course, religion in a politicized form has been the source of a lot of trouble. However, the religions are also a rich repository of culture, and share similar moral or ethical guidelines.

I registered the domain Pneuma.com many years ago, and will soon use that site to run a syncretic social network and discussion forum, to bring people of different faiths together, to discuss what is common to us all, and to celebrate the unique expressions of these common ethical foundations.

Last summer I made a Ning network for Pneuma for this purpose, but have been busy building the new site from scratch, so I haven't publicized the Ning network. However, feel free to join it, if you'd like to help develop a community like that.


BTW, one of my primary teachers of religion at university, Noel King, was also a practicing member of many religions himself.
religion is very destructive it has caused many problems in my native country of scotland, there is hatred and bigotry between religions which has been going on for years and continues to this day, children are taught hatred by their parents and community in the name of religion, we need to help this to stop by trying to pull down the walls which divide us. have you any ideas how to help scotland?
when we understand our religion surly we can recpict each other, we will be abl to forgive, alwayes want to help.......... and trad every one on this world like we have to.......then we will be humans........ and we will find our humanity
Religions is taking care of orphans and widows and keeping one self free of the sins of the world.
There are many bad religions the worst are run with people judging people and telling them who, or who they should not beleive in.
THe best like the church I go to every sunday we LIVE AND LET LIVE athiests are welcome too.

Is a voice for those who have no voice .Clothe those who have none, feed those who are hungry advocate for equality black white gay straight fight for justice for the poor and the third world the immagrant and the prisoner
How do you get together in your community to support one another? HOW are you changing the world without HELP?
WHo is running the food bank who is collecting coats this winter who is visiting the sick who have no one.
I am often suprised by people who hate religion.How is it that they can be spreading peace in there lives without meeting the people who are DOING these things, 90% of the time they are men and women of the cloth.

So who is it that does these things in your town?WHO is hugging the addcit that hasnt bathed in two months.
if everyone do what he have to do......... what our relison wanted us to do(((((( i'm talking about the god relisions, which are the best 4 the humans))) ,, if we belive that we have to live in this world like how god want us to live.............. all of these problems will be not exasite any more...........
if we feel that we have to help each other......helping people is not our option.....
ther is some pepole in my town doing these things ((((( they are pepole love god so god love them and they choese to shar what god give them with others.......
but 4 the pepo;e who dont have relision...and they are beleive in wrong things some one have to give them a hand..... to make them live in peace with them selfies and then with there comunity
Religion is the outcome of a community of people's attempt to give expression and form to what would otherwise be a totally personal experience.

If religion smothers the personal experience it will fail in its goal..and that all to often happens.

If it does not build a community of responsible human beings, it, too fails.

To borrow the Boat metaphor: To be out of Religion (yet to be "religious"/spiritual) is to be out of the boat...immersed in the pure spiritual waters...The boat is our world..Mankind on its worldly and social path. It is the place that allows us to make a journey..covering miles of water..able to explore various currents.

Today we are blessed that the various communities can navigate their boats into each others bays and tributaries. We can look, learn about even experience each others forms.
It is like a pin code in my opinion according to my lord we r first human and we have proud to be a human
Rajesh, c

ould you pls explain a little more..

This is enticing..

A pin code..does this mean an individual code? an access code..
Is it that we are all human but have individual access codes that are our own..and others may not know them..but all humans have their own access codes..meant for them??
It doesn"t mean such code which you define it means the bifurcation between different people in their races so religion help only like a pin code
Religion is interpretation.....the ineffable spark is Eternal. What destroys PEACE is the insistance that my " God " is " God " and / or your " God " is not "God " . I bow to the GOD in you.......
Religion is interpretation.....


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