”Religion is the realisation of Truth already in man. The religions of today make people separate from each other. The world does not need more religions, we need humanity. Humanity is conscience and sincerity. Still we are only Homo sapiens — we are not yet human. We are not yet civilized. Be human! Lack of conscience and sincerity bring misuse and demoralisation. We need diversity, not separation and duality”.

Swami Sri Ananda Acharya

What do you think? What is religion? What does it mean to you?

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what interpretation it show u the path how to live the life all ur anxity stop here
Churches, synagogues and organized religious groups do outstanding charity work to combat poverty, help the sick and work for social good. Churches and synagogues perform an amazing amount of charitable works in today's world. The benefits of organized religion are enormous.


Michele Glance Rooney
Great Lakes Sales and Public Relations
Religion is HARMONY, but what is Absolute Harmony?


Let's unite ALL religions !!!
cheers ;)
Greetings . I was born in 1957 . It was a fairly stable world back then . I was raised non-denominational
Christian , and we did not take Religion very vigorously . The way that I see it is , that Spirituality , is a
personal , individual quality . It originates mainly from the sense of how huge this world , and universe is .
A sense , that there is more out there , than we can understand . When a person is young , they are very susceptible , to being lead by others , or just soaring with their imagination . Spirituality , may develop very
strongly , or we may be fairly cruisey about it , or a floating variation of both . Spirituality may vary greatly .

As for religion , and I will specify the Abrahamic religions , Jews , Christian and Muslim , is an organization
that offers to lead an individuals Spirituality , and give them support and protection , to get to Heaven .

No Heaven , no religion , an Empire goes bankrupt .

So to me , Religious Leaders , lose their jobs , if we do not follow their teachings about Heaven and Hell ,
and tend to just call it good and bad .Therefore the Leaders are very staunch about the word of their God
and call everyone else's God wrong . This often leads to war , because one Empire , wants to rule everything .

In times of plenty , or good leadership , opposing groups , can live side by side , and be very humane people
as their Scriptures , demand them to be . But when times get a bit tough , or a zealous leader , there is war.

Stoneage to Spaceage , little has changed . But now we have the Hubble space telescope , and we know
what is out there , and our billions of years heritage . If the Empires would unite , and work together , as one
species ,not opposing groups and countries , then we can fix the mess we are creating , of CREATION .

Should be easy eh . It boils down to , what do we choose to read . Books about knowledge , or opposing
books about being Spiritually lead . Do others see this so simply ?
Following Adam, Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and all the Prophets

We're just some lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl,
Year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have we found?
The same old fears.

This is a fantasy world, life after death is the real world, that world is so hard and so rude.. No love, no mercy, no Kindness, no forgiveness a lot i cant write..

We are In Cafe... every morning GOD is giving us lot of mercy... At morning wake up and going for exchange...

So find the similarity among us and you.
Not the difference what is 2,000 years conflict.

In Christianity AMIN...
In Islam Also AMIN.
Thank you for this interesting topic. My feeling is that religion is only a phase of the human evolution. I believe that will be a time when your need of a religious system will simply disapeer, vanish. I feel that while your spirituality increases your religious needs/feelings decreases.
Peace and Love to all.
So, when spiritual awareness grows the individual step away from organized religion and can no longer be controled that way. We both agree, I think.
Why their is need of Religion only to reclaim the history or to know the facts which will never occur all are talking about spiritual awareness, can any one tell me what is this awareness
My brother from India, I am very sorry but with my limited understanding of the english language I could not understand your reply. For that please forgive me that I can´t accurately reply to you.
Regard to spiritual awareness I conceive that like a growing enlightment of humans.
Thanks for your reply be in peace OM
hi, how r you. The peace, before establishing outside, we should establish it within us.How? By checking if I am at peace with myself, my friends, my relations...and changing myself....then peace naturally extends outside us without any effort.To be at peace myself, we should know the Truth of Life.The Truth is that i am and all human beings are naturally are peaceful beings and experiencing peace within ourselves whenever we find time, not looking outside for peace, we can spread peace to the world.Let us try this now experiencing One minute of Silence by keeping our body in a relaxed position and making our awareness being in present moments.
Your Peace definition is good


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