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Got that darn machine today
Couldn't think of of what to tell it to say
First I tried to say just HI
Please leave a message before you say goodbye
That was no good so again I tried
Another message but modified
I'm not here as you can see
So on this machine leave a message for me
But that didn't work so I got mad
Because when I got home not one message I had
So another message I now submit
If not good enough I'll throw a fit
So please listen close to hear it clear
To this message the last I fear.

Hi, you have reached me and her
We may be here we may be there
We may be darn near anywhere
But you're important to us after all
So please your message after the BEEP
And this @&*%J^&( machine your your message will keep.
Zaida (Bob Taub)

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