Terrorism is a multi-billion dollar industry! Hamas, Israel ,Al Qaida are it's puppets

The US has constantly supported the cruelest creepiest bastards like Pinochet used the most inhumane weapons like napalm.
Let me tell you who I think the terrorists are, a collusion between the military-industrial complex And that includes the CIA, the Mossad,and all the security services and that also means Arab and Muslim counties Multinationals the Media, They are the Oil industry CNN and Fox
But the real people responsible are hidden behind billion dollar arms deals and work hand in hand with the CIA thr Mossad and other things.
Terrorism is a buzzword. A propaganda word. Meant to confuse and dilute much truth. Something u can use to tarnish any resistance. To isolate a cause . Here is an example in the USA one group has been listed to be a terrorist group by the US is an animals rights group that broke into some buildings to make videos of the inhumane practices in force feedings of ducks .

And they are called terrorist. Pssft. Blackwater Guantanamo
There is only one war against terrorism! The one that has been engaged by Gandhi and followed by many including here on minekey .
The other one is a hoax! The one that went to Irak and Afghanistan Viet-Nam in the name of democracy and that has spent it's last 60 years beefing up it's killing machine.

I am not saying they bombed the towers but Bush and the family sure got a bunch of plusses on that.
They like these quick TV wars because it keeps on convincing the public that their making good investments to support their military. Remember Irak first time around. It back fired this time. They also like to convince the world that their arms are superior and more humane.

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As you know I agree with this masters of war" theory and if my dial up the capacity I put eddie vedder's
version on right now. So what can we do about it? We all have to wise up and stop supporting the war machine. We need to stop eating the crap we are being fed to support these slimy conglomerates that feeds of the blood of the poor and innocent, by instilling fear, promoting hunger and poverty then cashing in on it when the desperate take up arms spurred on by a pack of lies and the dead end of the blame game. Its been said before these revelations are not new. But with the power of stronger global communication we can unite in peace. Perhaps we can dispell some of the lies and intrigue independent of any government. I think that many organizations have been trying to bring these matters to light such as amnesty international and WILPF but they need to be heard.


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