May we all send our prayers to our brothers & sisters who have been involved in the terrorist attacks in Mumbai overnight........

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I'm so touched that people so far away feel for such a cause ,,it is indeed unfortunate ,how could people get involved in such barbaric acts of violence ,,killing innocent people ,,god knows what motive they achieve ,,
Please let us all join hands and work towards PEACE before it is to late ,,,before people lose faith and start believing that
PEACE is just a dream .
we need your prayers to so that god shows vision to all those heartless people who are involved in such ruthless acts of terrorism....
.......Happiness and Peace

Dear althy, Hoping you are fine, Iam jaison a tour consultant based at kerala India. Iam sharing the sorrow with you ,at this sad time. ..........Because Ones I saw the innocents on the hospital bed at bombay after the last blast ..
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Lets all pray for all those innocent souls who have been affected by THE BLASTS happened in Mumbai .
Yes, that is a very appropriate suggestion, especially for ipeace. I know Mumbai personally, and feel very deeply for those people. This city is like a hub of life. What happens to them, happens to us. Thank you for this motion.


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