That year but the process your by digesting food actually burns calories it takes more energy in your body to digest protein that's good for burning fat as well but nothing is better than their diet may see an account deficit keeping you practicing your protein high your fat slut was decent you know you wanna go too high in fat the low-calorie diets you don't want to go loan you fast could you put your home all is in your fill of shady you be hungry all the time Neuro3x you know if you map & slows down digestion so much you can plug into math facts you get Claire protein and you cause high enough but not so how you going to surplus just another just gotten enough to wear um deficit was about to pass a week I’m over two hours a week to make sure you want to pound a week me personally if you're fat two pounds a week if you laying super pounds a week I love you own Lava I and I see him and it was the quiz devices the really great me I think he was amazing man two and half years of hard work now with a it is though .

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