I have just returned from some interesting meetings in Colorado, USA.
I don't know if this will sink into those of you around the world, but, the AMERO, a new currency for the U.S., Canada and Mexico is coming, and its coming real soon. This is not a joke or some off the cuff remark, its real. It has already been printed in mass production. This will affect the entire global population. Not in a good way either.
For the record, I stand with my brothers in those parts of the globe where conflict is currently ongoing. I have always suspected my government of evil, but now, now I firmly believe the powers behind the government, namely the bankers and military industrial industry are poised to take further steps towards the worlds population enslavery.
I have sat and thought on this for many days now. First I thought of picking up arms against those that are moving this forward, then, as I thought further, I realized there is not enough of us in the Western World to do this. I know this site is for peace, but how do you go about bringing peace as those in power are corrupted beyond reproach? I have tried to show the truth to those around me, some were interested to learn more, others just rebuffed me.
Frustrating, just purely frustrating. Have we truly become a society that is so dummed down we cannot see the truth that stares us in the face?

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Dear Brother Ty. Knowledge is power. Do the Mandela, Martin Luther King, Gandhi and many others who learned how to overcome the greatest odds. President Isenhower (sp?) warned the American community about the dangers of the Military-Industrial complex taking power to extremes.....its here and now. However, if your deep concern is over the Bilderberg Group, Be at peace. The reins of power are held by a Greater Power then they have at their disposal. The lust for power and the material manifestation of it....love of Gold has always created great sufferning and destruction, but it is powerless to conquer the whole body and soul of man. Abraham Lincolns words, "you can fool SOME of the people ALL of the time and you can fool ALL of the people SOME of the time. And you can not fool All of the people ALL of the time. Religion as it is now is a large part of the problem. Religion is a vehicle....if it can not take you where you need to be....(Great Commendment: To love God with all you might, and the second part, to love your neighbor (all human beings). Then the way we practice is failing and causing human being to reject religion. The religious are the not conscious of the purpose of spiritual knowledge...anologous to having a life threatening infection while the remedie, antibiotics are kept in a special cupboard and treasured but not ingested, assimilated and allowed to work its miracle.
Spiritual knowledge has been given to all races, cultures and peoples. The purpose is to enable man to climb out of his primitive state of consciousness and recognize the purpose for which he has been created. THAT PURPOSE is not served by rituals and ceremonies nor by the superstitions of the class of men who practice Priestcraft. (again taking power from the people for personal gain and failing to educate them in the verities of reality. I am a person of faith but do not proselytize. It is forbidden to coerce anyone to accept one's personal beliefs. Who forbids it?, the inner consciousness which tell me that respect and consideration can not exist where judgement and sense of superiority reigns. Peace and love is all there is, the rest is competion and we don't need to go there. Ernest


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