It is so much of the essence of the Israeli government to announce the building of another sixteen hundred illegal Jewish homes in the suburbs of East Jerusalem in the West Bank of Palestine. They did this on the arrival of Vice President Biden’s first official trip to Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu denied he knew anything about the timing of the announcement. Everyone knows how sensitive of issue, the building of more Jewish homes in the suburbs of East Jerusalem. While for over forty years the Palestinians have not been able to legally build any new homes and thousands of Palestinian homes have been destroyed or confiscated in the name of Israeli security over the last sixty years. 

This has been an on going tactic of the Israeli government that has happened over and over. One more Israeli provocation for the Palestinian people to react too so the Israelis can close down and lock-up the Palestinian people of the West Bank. This means many Palestinian people may not be able to get to their place of worship, work, school and travel outside their regional zone. The West Bank Palestinian farmer’s vegetables and produce will not be able to make it to the Israeli markets. What little West Bank commerce there is normally, it is almost completely shut down.

This is why it is a crisis for the Palestinian society and not for the Israeli society. The day to day normal life for the vast majority of the people of Israel goes uninterrupted while they collectively punish and imprison the Palestinian society in the West Bank and Gaza. As the documentation of the Palestinian crisis improves and is disseminated out for the people of the world to hear and see. It makes it harder and harder for the Israeli government to sell their bushels of lies. The Israeli deception of the past are clearly seen for what they are today in the modern internet media mode. 

For over fifty years after the end of World war II the Jewish people and organizations have chased, track down, captured and prosecuted {if not assassinated} Nazi war criminals all around the world. Today it appears the Israeli government continues the hunt and assassination of the Palestinian enemies in the same manor as in Dubai. Many people think this is the Israeli government way of trying to divert global attention from the investigation of the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. Hopefully what goes around will come around into the investigations and prosecution of Israelis for their many war crimes.

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