The event we waited more than 62 years - important to read

More than 62 years Jews and Muslims of the descendants of an ancient father - Abraham must unite for peace becomes a reality, that's why the event occurs in Neve Shalom, a place designed to unite the two brothers .

The purpose of the existence of dozens of peace organizations in the world is to unite all people of peace and love for this event I'm talking about, those of you who really love Israel, who really understand the level of importance of unity of nations, you are welcome  to a single event in the world.

Here is the Attached with official invitation to the event including the exact hour and date position 

Many people of all the world have already booked for the event, we made sure that everyone can get it for free on Friday so there is no excuse for people not to come 

 For years all of you are doing great work for peace, this is the time to come and make it reallity!

* There is not link  between the movement that will make the event and the event itself *

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this event is over my dear, but soon we will make another one in israel and i will post it here.
i love you
and Now did it go? "I hope seeds were planted" as it seems the "Flowers of Peace" have not come to Bloom yet. I pray They do someday. The sooner the better!
In Peace Brother, Al

I am called un- patriotic ( among other things,meant to insult me but I am not insulted) in my County,State,Town..due to my beliefs. I explain that I identify myself as a World citizen,not just an American.
I believe that We are one race,Human. I am a resident of Planet Earth & member of the Human race. My family heritage comes from all over the world and many different cultures & religions. To me this is far more important than the Nation I was born in,that my parents & grandparents,great Grandparents were born in.
The World would know Peace if more people understood that We are all connected, in infinite ways-regardless of Nationality,religion,culture,etc..I love diversity & enjoy learning about others cultures,countries,beliefs,etc...
Of course this does not mean there is anything wrong with being proud of one's Heritage,Nationality nor culture & it simply means,to me anyway- that we ALL are of 'ONE World'.
United; We CAN make a difference for True Peace and for a better world. Divided; We will Fail !

Yes, Dear Al.."as it seems the "Flowers of Peace" have not come to Bloom yet. I pray They do someday. The sooner the better!"....So do I !! ,my friend do so many here on ipeace & around the world..!!!
Love,Peace & Smile :)
One People, One World is the way I view things too - in many of my poems I return to the theme of our ultimate brotherhood & sisterhood. It is the needs of the one that are the needs of us all and only by cooperation and sharing will conflicts and the enormous waste they bring end.

One Voice For Peace can be drowned out by the war cries of the hasty. Millions of Voices For Peace can ultimately be heard....

Best wishes

Well put & so very True Bro Dave,I agree with your words here completely! Thank You and is greatly heart warming to read another that also believes as I do ~ One People One World :)
I read many others that also believe as we do..though often I also "read" the same people write comments/blogs,etc..that is contradictory to this belief. We have come far ,People have a long way to go yet to truly "Become"-that which we believe in..
Hope,I still have Hope...
With warmest regard, a hug & smile for You :))


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