The False Idea of Blood Sacrifice brought the spanish Inquisition and justified murder! not Peace!

When you accept that you must have the blood of Jesus to be saved. It justifies that you must kill something pure and holy to have salvation. This is why the Catholic church has a history of killing Holy people in medevil times and then 10 years later realizing they made a mistake and diefying them as saints.

The False Christian Religion Designed to Condemn humankind and keep them in SIN.

Imagine before you a legion of saints and angels; pure Holy, White, and Loving…. All willing and able to be heaven on Earth and bring it to humanity.

Now imagine a great swarm of self righteous bigots cutting down and killing every saint and Angel… or worse Imprisoning them and giving them a fate worse than death.

This is what the Fasle Christian religions have done all in the Name of the Very Person who really Condemns them for doing it.

Jesus Christ is a Saint, an Angel, A Master, A Savior, A Guru, A King of Great Peace… and much much much more!

Now the Sanhedrein and the fear of Pilot of the Sanhedrein working up the people to riot in the streets and this would stir for the Roman Army to come in and kill many Jews. Sooo Jesus knowing his fate made a deal with Pilot. He would be whipped and beaten as an example. The Most Holy and true of all men would be beaten… Now if you feel reverence and piety in this story… You are infected with the False Christian Religion that has killed the Saints and Persecuted the Angels of God! For any religion that thinks any kind of blood sacrifice is necessary for salvation and would justify the killing of their own God for this purpose… They will kill also in the name of their own God. The idea that Jesus died for sins by the very nature of simple psychology and behavioral science man believes suffering, death, and killing can be Holy… necessary and rewarding.

The Jews did animal sacrifice for sins. This gross practice was never necessary! All that needs to be done for salvation is simply what Jesus taught before they beat him and left him for dead on the cross.

1. Identify the problem, sin, limitation, evil
2. Love yourself and each other as Jesus loved his own disciples.
3. Support yourself in who you really are beyond the Sin
4. Use the Holy Name… in Hebrew, Aramaic and other ancient languages Name also means breath, light, sound, So we practice the Holy Breathing, The Holy Sound, and the Holy Light… These things are Ancient knowledge that the Initiates of every major ancient religion have known through time.

Why is the Jewish and Christian religion so contrary to the truth that is written here?
The Jews lost much of their true religion when they were captured away to Babylon.

Jesus taught to forgive one another. Most of the Karma today is not Eternal Truth of God mandated from Heaven. It is Mandated by the human mind and emotions of blame, shame, grudges, revenge, never letting a cycle of evil die; instead giving it more and more energy and bargaining with it more and more with the idea of blood/ life energy given as payment…. Giving more and more life to the illusions of evil and the illusions of sin consciousness… instead of giving life energy to Christ Consciousness. We are a great race of human beings that have been infected with lies and other things to keep us dumbed down and controllable to the evil force. Now there is a great enough power on earth to bring us up as we have never seen before.

We must repent for our blood lust sacrifice consciousness! WE must give out life energy to the Christ Consciousness. We must live to be like Christ and be Victorious, strong, good, happy, powerful people that brings a better world. Not the poor shrivled little Jesus on the cross… That was the great sin of humanity… making the mistake of trying to bleed the Christ dry as a bargain for sin to be taken away… instead of pumping him up and making him more powerful in the world.

Now Jesus is still alive and well and has been for over 2000 years now. If we decide to throw away the false Christian Dogmas and learn from him as he truly is NOW and not as he will be later or as he might have been in the past… and our minds are open… he will appear and we will know him.

Lets open our minds to what Jesus really taught and as he really is right NOW. Not out of fear for hell. Not to try to be good. Goodness is already within us. We must just throw off the layers of lies and we’ll find the Jewel inside already perfectly made. Jesus was an example of this.

Thank you so much for watching this video to all of you. Blessed BE.

Video number 2.

Now we know we should focus on Jesus resurrection and ascension and what he has done for humanity that was his real true message. Not what the religions have said… but as it is. As it is. Is something like this. The man went to India to live while Mary Magdelene and the entire family except for maybe James went to England. The Knights of the Templar originally protected them. Things went sour with the maniacal Roman Catholic church… they had the virus of he died for our sins blood sacrifice… What they ended up doing is Killing tons of innocent people and then later deifying them as Saints… similar to what was done to Jesus… See the pattern and how the sickness continues with these sickafants. Believe a lie that condones murder, and you will be a murderer; plain and simple. God had nothing to do with Jesus being crucified… it wasn’t God’s will at all! It was the evil ones will to deceive us and sadly the elite public controllers of the Ancient Roman era were successful in twisting the story of Jesus and using it to their own agenda.

While Jesus lived in India.. he still had scars and wounds from the crucifixion. Hence in his divinity he planned and prepared to take on a new body that was full, complete, invincible, and Immortal. Through various techniques that are similar to ancient Yoga, Hindu, Jewish, and Buddhist techniques gathered enough substance deep inside of himself that at the time of bodily death he would make a dupilicate of himself. At the age of 100 his old body gave out and a great yellow light came out of his body and there he was… a perfect immortal soul… neither born of woman nor man… but a body made from the invisible one substance God.

This is the true story of Jesus and now I have told it to you. Pass it on! A lie never produces salvation… the world isn’t better from 2000 years ago in many ways the wickedness is just the same, in other ways it is worse, and in many ways we have a greater potential for good because of our education and information age… we have no excuse to be ignorant.

Thank you for watching this video… Create blessings by showing it to others

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It is so true that "religions" have led people astray for all of the centuries and the messages put forth for the generations have been twisted into something less. People misinterpreted so many things and have truly been decieved and led into a path of failure on the spiritual level. If people could learn to love and embrace peace within themselves and practice love and peace and stop looking for answers outside of themselves and then labeling it a "religion" only to use that to justify wrong living by hatred and killing and all sorts of all the evils, then and only then will mankind live the kind of life that Jesus taught, as well as many of life's greatest healers and teachers, who knew that peace and love is the only way for the soul to live. To live as one in harmony is the only way that life will not be full of greed, power struggle, death, starvation and devastation. We are all god particles in flesh. It is time we started living that way. I love you all.
This is the true story of Jesus and now I have told it to you.

Please from where these truths.


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