This was given to me last night….I have had signs lately and have been following them when I feel it is right to write….pardon the pun...

The journey home may seem difficult for some. To brave this journey they must face themselves and like what they see. For many this can be a difficult mountain to climb.

Anonymity can be necessary for some because it is easier to forget themselves than confront their own demons. Without the knowledge or wisdom to make this task the journey can seem insurmountable.

There would be many who would simply choose to stay at the bottom feeling quite comfortable. But where is the challenge ? How does one grow? Even though the climb up can be treacherous and difficult at times, the view is worth it.

Every moment fulfilling this challenge brings rewards. To those who seek the truth, there is the knowledge that their hard work will lead to inner calm. Many do not ever achieve or experience this in a lifetime. We all know it is easier to not try than make the effort.

The journey is as much a part of the acquisition of knowledge as is the final outcome….reaching your destination. However, To enjoy the fruits along the way is to taste the enjoyment of success. All this can take its toll or have its price on your wellbeing, so remember to smile and enjoy your journey for there is much to learn but without enjoyment, would you even continue and risk being hurt?

To those who try and seek truth …we applaud you and admire your perseverance.
The gaining of knowledge is so important to your overall growth.

Each leads a separate path but all paths lead to home. The dream of rememberance is a journey we all must take and continues as long as life itself. The realization of your immortal nature will help you to keep on your journey.

Many of you are in despair…for these we ask you simply to continue walking at whatever pace can sustain you. You will accumulate points along the way and as such acquire knowledge.

To the ones who leap ahead, ponder this, if you rush to get to the end of the line but forget where you have been, have you really been there at all?

Finally we ask one thing…remember your friends….the ones who accompany you on this journey…their enjoyment is as much reliant on you as is yours on theirs. Express your love to them and know that it will be reciprocal and if by some chance it isn’t, know that this is okay for we love you and watch over you.

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This is wonderful and thank you so much for sharing this with us. To me the especially important part of this message is the part about remembering and rejoicing in your friends. Sharing your life and your journey to remembering your immortal nature is the most wonderful of all experiences I am finding out. I used to withdraw from life and not really connect with people, was pretty much a loner and a very guarded and lonely person. Lately I have reached out and grown to know so many wonderful and supportive people on my journey and I have gained so much knowledge, insights, truths, ideas and I feel I have been blessed. I no longer feel alone and isolated, I feel the joy of sharing with others, caring about them and feeling blessed that these new friends are a part of my life. I had never felt so much joy. Every day I am thankful for all of the people I now call my friends and I try to tell them how much they mean to me as often as possible. They have so enhanced my life that when I look back, I cannot believe the wonderful transformations that have occurred in my life. Without my friends I never would have had the courage to try to change and learn and grow in faith. So for all my wonderful friends here, to you Birugan, and to everyone that journeys with me along my path I say, I LOVE YOU ALL. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SHARING AN CARING.

Love Marique


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