The more shining and brilliant the outside is the darker are the “shadows” inside. Yes I really do agree with C G. Jung in that statement.


Why do we have to shine so extremely and for whom? When often our inside is like a black hole in the sky where no lights can enter and from which it’s impossible to transmit light. That’s Ok. That’s a human sign. We are worth loving anyway or just because….


We are not perfect and our inward is often filled with sorrow which is a characteristic for being just a human being. To top it all we are expected to ”shine”


From where will the grief and pain take their light ? No I think we first shall start to help each other to get rid of the ”darkness.”


We must have plenty of forum all over the world where we can talk about our shortcomings, traumas and grief. It would prevent many suicides and help in the healing process, reduce the prescription of anti depressive medicine, decrease the violence and all kinds of abuse, and in the long run create problems for the nations to find willing soldiers for their bloody wars.


If we do start to cut down the ”darkness” and people really feel better and regain their balance and harmony they have so much more to give to the world, in the battle for peace and in the struggle for a better life for people in general and children in particular


Today we don’t give enough space to those who struggle to survive . Where can they go?


Are there any links to sites that can help them? A network for ”dark shadows” for example should have an enormous percent of the world population if there was one. *smile*


Most of us are struggling with our lives and our loved ones without anyone to talk to.. Here, we could make a difference if we focus more on the dark inside than the cheerful external


I do not understand and I will never… I pray for those who need " the light"; Let us open our doors for those who need it most.


For myself I’m pleased if the stars light up my way, meanwhile I’m dealing with the dark sides of life. I should never forgive myself if I didn’t dare to recognize, try to analyze and hopefully do something for those on which the sun rarely shines


I want to conclude with an example. Some time ago a blog post of mine was deleted from a female Network with the explanation that it was to SAD. It was a video talking about child abuse to death. Of course that’s a subject that doesn’t exactly make us happy. But it’s the reality, The problem exist even if we try to deny it and make like the ostrich and hide our heads in the sand.


Violence DO exist so also war and other cruelty. Our duty as human beings and humanists are to recognize the problems we are facing, to analyze them with an intention to try to understand so that we can do everything in our power to minimize the damage At least we have to give it a try.


Closing the eyes for the problems is not acceptable We must shed our light on the darks sides of the life too…where it is most needed ,



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Not the trampoline ;) but that one with the "Hugs". Annie kan have the trampoline so she can amuse herself. I have my collage :)
Next time I will be a bit more accepting against my granddaughter when she likes to jump in these water spots. What did you call it again "puddel jumping" . is that the word?
My God i think I understand 10 % of all that is written here...Please God give me quickly a good knowledge in English..;)
So many misstakes I make because I do not quite understand
So I should be very pleased every time you correct my English
I laugh with you annie :) I like all childish expressions there are :) :)
The day I loose that I will not be a part of this world anymore. Too hard...
Tack för tipset Kenneth
A smile t o everybody but a special and tender smile to annie *smile* who find this video with three little birds :)
Kenneth, hope today you are feeling a bit better.

I am too sometimes missing the drugs, but I don't even drink alcohol or smoke tobacco today. I went too far...

I think, yeah as the others are saying - no matter what, one has to spend some time on one's inner self and stay grounded. Feeling nothing is a very sad state (I've been there.) Need to get one's body nad mind going a little (not too fast) so there are real feelings to work with. It hurts and all that, but You get joy as well.

Take care,
Do you remember that film in the nineties by Suzanne Osten - "Speak up! It's so dark...", Gunilla?
I think it was an interesting film, I saw it with my college class in "Folkets Bio", a small cinema.

It's about the meeting between a neo-nazi youngster and a Jewish doctor, and their friendship. I came to think about that film when I saw the title for the discussion.

Also, a quote in one of my Australia-notebooks: darkness is light enough. I think it's sort of good.

I do not think I have seen that film. Must have been an interesting meeting between those two.

"Darkness is light enough" Have to "taste" that expression for a while..Maybe it`s so...and if so "it`s sort of good " for those who cannot receive more light...
I took very long in my life to accept the shadow side of it. But when I did.... oh what a marvellous feeling! It was like recovering a part of me that I was allways trying to keep out of sight, and..... I never felt like really me before that day. It was a sensation of whoeleness almost exhilarating. I even wrote many poems about the beauty of my dark side... and then, all my sorrow, my grief, my anger, had a place in me, in my life. I felt so peaceful and so whole!.... And I thank you Gunilla for this discussion because you remind me I never want to loose part of my self again. I want all of me, not just the shiny part.

Thank you Liona for those words. Think it`s so important that we dare to deal with the dark side of our life, since that opens up for so much more sunshine. We have to get friends with our sorrow if so that will not scare us any more, and less energy will be used to keep it suppressed . Energy we can use to somthing better .:
Thanks again Liona *smile*
You know, I am sometimes arguing with friends about accepting the dark side and becomig friends with our sorrow, as you said, against "positive thinking" that I think denies reality and such an important part of us, and just bury´s the dark deeper inside...
I think we have something in common here ;)
Of course I do believe in positive thinking but not if it`s only a way too fool oneself. Then it should be much better that first get rid of the negative ones to give more space for the positives which surly will come if you have dared to deal with the pain first...
We may succeed in fooling others but our true feelings we cannot fool...


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