We all come here to meet new friends and new ideas. In a way we all come here in search of Love. On iPeace it is easier to find consciousness and respect. I had a couple of profiles on other sites which I erased a couple months ago, being tired of not connecting with the right people. Then I found iPeace and it gives me hope that some online connections can turn into sincere friendships and deep spiritual exchange.

But how do we relate to our online friends? Is it easier to say "I love you" than in real life? How do we pick them up? I must admit that as a man, I'm more tempted to do the first step towards meeting a woman attracting me than to meet any brother I haven't met yet, although I'm open to all friendships and I try to love everybody equally. I love you all the best I can, we are all important.

This place allows us to meet interesting people to share higher consciousness, but how deep go our connections online and what is the outcome of our online friendships? Will we use this opportunity to connect on a higher level, to organize and manifest concrete Peace actions and initiatives?

Still, a true friend with whom you can share the best and the worst of yourself, your highest and lowest experiences, is very hard to find and worth much more than many profiles on a list. Friendship has to be fed in order to develop and grow. But some connections seem to be already meant to happen, when two souls recognize each other as allies. You must all know what I'm talking about...

So how true can our friendshipo be online? How intimate and true do you allow yourself to become with your friends? I wish this tool can become a real healing platform where we come together in trust and share our deepest visions and feelings, as in a free and open Family circle. It's harder on the net when you don't see the eyes of who you talk to, but is it possible to trust here on iPeace?

How do you relate to your online friends? How do you care for them? How do you see the results of your online friendships? Please, share your insights.

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This is a great post and I thank you for sharing it. I am new to joining online groups and had no idea what it would be like. Up until recently my life was consumed by working, raising children and just the day to day survival,stuff where there never seemed to be enough time in the day for connecting to cyberfriends and sharing ideas, thoughts, and goals. Now I am disabled, no longer able to work and I have chosen to make this a blessing for me because I chose to use this time to find out more about what is going on in the world, find out about other peoples in other countries, learn what is causing all the distrust, dissention, and underlying causes for wars and killing, because I could never understand why every could not "play nice at the sandbox". I have always been the peacekeeper with my children, coworkers, and friends. Often people would turn to me for advice and for a "referee" so I guess it was only natural that the universe steered me in the direction of IPeace. I joined this site because it has to do with finding and promoting peace, which is the very most important thing a human on this earth can do in my estimation. This site has helped me to gain knowledge and insights, feel connection with people on a sharing level in all parts of the world, and I feel blessed to have been invited here to join, and have not been disappointed.

At first I was shy in sharing, usually I am a listener more than "talker" but I have started to really enjoy my day to day interactions with all the wonderful people on the sites I am a member of. Being pretty much housebound I have found a whole new world of love and feeling of connection instead of isolation. I think of this as my time to shine, to grow, and most of all to learn. When tied up with the busy-ness of day to day survival where you have little of no time for connections and exploring one can tend to not see the whole picture, your world perception can be a pretty small microcosm of life. So being a member of a sharing group can be so enriching. I have friends now from all over the world now, all walks of life, diverse religions beliefs, ideologies, life situations, and cultural beliefs, and feel myself feeling far more connected to the world and its inhabitants than I ever could have imagined. So many of the thoughts I use to hold about things have been totally changed and my outlook on things has expanded so much. I find myself thinking of many of my friends as precious and so vital in my life and look forward to hearing about how they are, sharing their hopes and dreams, sharing the humor in life and mourning together when tragedy occurs. I never imagined that I could grow so fond of people that I most likely will never meet in person. I find I truly do love my online friends. My grown children chuckle at me when I speak about this friend or that friend from my groups like I have known them forever, and my kids are even starting to know who I am speaking of now and which person is from which country etc. if that tells you anything! They say it is like when my sister and I used to discuss soap opera characters like we knew them in front of the kids and and our kids used to laugh at us for it and tell us we were really lame......Its just in the sharing the pains and joys and lessons of life together you begin to feel as if they just live right next door. That is the wondrous thing about the internet, it connects the world and bridges distances and makes it so much easier to connect and share. It is so amazing to me. It is so hard to imagine what my life would feel like now if I had not discovered how wonderful sharing life's ups and downs, hopes and dreams with so many truly diverse and wonderful people feels. And I feel blessed, understood and never alone. Ah, life is good..
Thank you Marique for sharing your insights in such a meaningful and generous way. I like the way you express clearly how you relate to your online connections and the rich potential of such a network as iPeace or similar goups. Indeed it is surely the best way we can use the internet to share our truth, our wisdom, our heartsongs, our Love, our beauty, along with righteous informaton about the world's situation in order to be able to know it and to face it, to create together peaceful initiatives and alternatives. In this way the net can become a powerful tool to help bring world Peace. Since we all hold a different place in the cosmic circle and have a different vision of it, we can enrich each other by sharing our individual visions while respecting the others' visions. In any case of disagreement, we can always come to a mediation compromise and sort things out to find a balance between the opposite points of view, with a small amount of good will and a peaceful attitude. We should wish good to all beings since we are all One big Family. What befalls to the smallest of us befalls to all of us.

As you say, communicating with online friends can also helps us to transcend isolation. But doing it with high consciouness people is even a stronger energetic support. There are many Light workers and planetary healers scattered in the world to do each on their side a part of the global transformation. It can be easy at times to feel alone of our kind within our surroundings, when we don't find the spiritual support or advice from allies in our everyday life and we have to keep up with the ongoing flow of demanding tasks and responsibilities. So receiving and sending Love and Light with some great people we connect with, whether they are at the other end of the world, helps us to rise our energy and vibrational level to keep doing our individual work as a part of the collective task.

Dear Marique, I share your feeling about the blessings we can send and receive from each other on this web. Also I really want to thank you for what you wrote about my comment on another forum. It is very flattering and encouraging. On my side I truly appreciate your sharings and the way you write. I'll keep reading you as long as we can connect.

And as you wrote, we might not ever meet in this lifetime, but it is a great blessings to know our allies.

I agree with you: life is very good and it always gives us the opportunity to make it better. Many blessings of Love...
Hello Marique I think that for some one who considers herself to be more of a listener you share very well your feelings and your views. When I read a post like yours «I feel nurtured and assured that there are wonderful people with so much to share that are seeking to understand the reasons and are part to the solutions of world problems. You are a good listener because you seek peace and to do that one needs to listen and also express and do things for peace. That you use this time on the Internet to know new friends and to care for others you may never meet is a way of spreading the peace.
I am not so good I am 57 years old when I type I have my eyes glued on the keyboard that I still type with 2 fingers and manage to make more then a paragraph is something close to a miracle especially that I think 15 thoughts but can only type 3 before I am thinking others. It demands discipline and determination. I usually stay focussed on what I feel I need to say and drive in but I do not make my personality as available, So it heals me to read others peoples digest of peace making and on line friendships.
I would not be seeking on line friends and connections in some of my other interests of life. Like vegetarian cooking or making music mixes or playing guitar because I would not find the drive. I rather do those things in the concrete. But meeting people who share this passion for a better world a peaceful one does give me that drive.
Thank you for all your posts.
Thank you Serge so much for making me feel that my sharing is of some good for others and that I am connecting with people in a positive way. This is all so new to me and I have so much inside me that wells up when I think about peace and how terribly it is needed in the world to make us all whole. I too would probably not be joining internet groups if it were not something so important and integral to the wellbeing of all. As far as being 57, haha, I am 57 as of 4 days ago and the similarity does not end there. I recently fell and broke fingers on both hands and had some sprains, so I too am typing with with only two digits, a right thumb and a 4th left finger. I think we BOTH do darn well. Having broken fingers has not been a picnic but I found not communicating with my online friends I have grown to love and deeply respect got lonely for me. I felt like someone had duct taped my mouth shut, haha. Takes more than broken fingers to stop me. So you see we both think that peace is worth it. I am glad you are here sharing in this wonderful group. It is you and all my wonderful friends here that make me feel I can somehow help peace along a little, in my own way no matter how small, and it makes me smile.

My love to you and all my wonderful newfound friends
May we all know and live in peace in this lifetime

Thank you Nicolette for your nice reply. You are right in all you say and you share some interesting facts. It is true that we better not have any expectations in friendship, whether virtual or live. We should nhoniur and respect everyone's freedom of choice. Sharing is a voluntary gesture, but it enriches all parties involved. Peace to all beings

Very nice quote by the way
In these times, it seems more than ever important to connect around the world, so we will stand tall with our quest for peace. I think most people are a little shy speaking in big foras, as Marique mentioned, but this get easier on the net. Suddenly we realize better that we are all of the same family, and that it is ok to speak and share as well as listening.

Strange enough, today I hooked up with an old friend and colleague on the net, on Facebook. Haven´t seen or heard from him for at least 15 years. But he was allready then, and for years, on the early internet and one of two who promoted this for me.

In Norway, we have a quite similar site as this, "altnett.ning.com", with lots of debates, bloggs and activity. It is good to think local, act global and vice versa. So, for me, I like the idea of using both global as local sites as global sites. And Fb for connection with people I know/knew from before as there you basically operate under full name. But I´ll try to join here a bit more frequently Ü

As to say I love you on the net contra in real life, I agree with SunBôw, but this is a very good beginning, isn´t it? In daily life, start with saying Hi and Hello to people you meet. With a smile Ü

This is a friendly and good site. The flag says Peace. I Peace. A kind of statement and commitment.
Thank you Ole for sharing your comments. As you say, it is a time to open to the world as to our planetary community. If the net is used as a tool to unite us, than it becomes definitely beneficial. By sending Peace, Love and beauty to each other, we help to raise our energy level giving each other strenght and power to bring more Peace in our surroundings. A sister here told me she met her daughter online after 13 years without news. Miracles can happen online has anywhere else if we keep the same consciousness awareness when we sit behind the screen than our highest aspirations inspire us to believe in. As you say, iPeace in its own essence does a screaning and filters many of the unfriendly contacts that you can meet easily on bigger sites like Facebook or Youtube. Peace to all living beings.
Greetings Nicolette, experts say that someone who spends more than four hours a day on the internet can be called an addict or weboholic. Well I fall into this category and even more since I know iPeace. I must say that I've lost plenty of precious time in my life on the net, but when it is to communicate with high spirited people like the ones I meet here, it is not waisted. You talked about my mention of allies. For me an ally is a true friend, someone you can rely on when you need help and support, whether spiritualy, intellectualy, emotionaly or materialy. In this beautiful but unperfect world, sooner or later, eventually, we all need somebody to lean on, we all need someone to stand by us, to make us feel we are not alone, that we are loved, appreciated and blessed. I have found here several such true friends I feel deeply I can trust and some have given me much sincere Love and sent very uplifting energies and inspirations. Like you, I have no interest in Facebook or similar sites. I'm here for the quality of the people.

Thank you for sharing.
SunBow, You have raised the issue very well..It is something i think about a lot.

Lately i have tried weaning myself a bit from Ipeace..A lot less "clicking", running after discussions, replying, etc etc. Less of the obsessive stuff, if you know what i mean.

But Ipeace has given me a variety of real social contact and human relationships..a few, not many. And that is a sign that the relationships are real. Each one has its own form and contact, some more personal and flowing, others more to deal with the issues and pains of conflict and need to address them and others. Due to the weaning process, and being less involved in the discussions I feel that I have lost some contact that was meaningful for me..maybe only temporarily.

In recent weeks I have added a few Ipeace contacts..some of whom could have developed more deeply, had they been made earlier.

Best to all!
Thank you Myron for your comments. Before I met iPeace, I had closed a forum I was moderating since five years and erased a couple of profiles on other less interesting sites, so I had been taking a good break from the internet. When I found iPeace and the high quality of people here, with all the nice connections I made here, on different levels as you say, because souls have a wide variety of different treasures to share between themselves, well I soon got "hooked" if I can say. A few days ago I realized how much time and energy I was consecrating to this community and started wandering if I didn't have to slow down or take a break for a while. But with the loving encouragements of a couple of my best friends, I kept connecting with this enlightning circle of sisters and brothers reunited for Peace and Love. I want to thank every soul dedicated to Peace and empower you to share your Light and beauty.

Peace on Earth to all humans of good will
hahaha! You are absolutely right! I don't listen to experts, I just hear about them. hehe... Anyway, I threw my TV in the trash a couple months ago after being tired of seeing that big useless piece of junk gather dust in my room. I had not been able to listen to it for a year, so it was not a lost. I prefer to spend four hours a day (or more...) to exchange here with good hearted and high spirited people.

About Myron's birthday, I din't know of it nor him until now, but I saw someone wishing him happy birthday. I thought it was you... It's probably to late for this now, but it will be next time.

Thank you for your cheerful comment. Peace and Love to all beings.
Ruach, Thanks for your wishes...
Yes, the friendship is real..and ours has been well tested and developed as we have both done our share of crying, torn in the strife and troubles if this region. But the affection and care is always so strong and real. Thank you for that.

I hope one day that i will come by for a visit, in lovely Ireland..where i can watch you drum and dance.

The hug is wonderful. A real hug is not something to be given..but can only happen together..so WE hug me a happy birthday hug.



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