We all come here to meet new friends and new ideas. In a way we all come here in search of Love. On iPeace it is easier to find consciousness and respect. I had a couple of profiles on other sites which I erased a couple months ago, being tired of not connecting with the right people. Then I found iPeace and it gives me hope that some online connections can turn into sincere friendships and deep spiritual exchange.

But how do we relate to our online friends? Is it easier to say "I love you" than in real life? How do we pick them up? I must admit that as a man, I'm more tempted to do the first step towards meeting a woman attracting me than to meet any brother I haven't met yet, although I'm open to all friendships and I try to love everybody equally. I love you all the best I can, we are all important.

This place allows us to meet interesting people to share higher consciousness, but how deep go our connections online and what is the outcome of our online friendships? Will we use this opportunity to connect on a higher level, to organize and manifest concrete Peace actions and initiatives?

Still, a true friend with whom you can share the best and the worst of yourself, your highest and lowest experiences, is very hard to find and worth much more than many profiles on a list. Friendship has to be fed in order to develop and grow. But some connections seem to be already meant to happen, when two souls recognize each other as allies. You must all know what I'm talking about...

So how true can our friendshipo be online? How intimate and true do you allow yourself to become with your friends? I wish this tool can become a real healing platform where we come together in trust and share our deepest visions and feelings, as in a free and open Family circle. It's harder on the net when you don't see the eyes of who you talk to, but is it possible to trust here on iPeace?

How do you relate to your online friends? How do you care for them? How do you see the results of your online friendships? Please, share your insights.

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Thank you very much dear sister Susan, for sharing your heart song with sincerity and for your kind wishes.

It is true as you say that communicating with people on the net can influence and help us develop our way of communicating in our surroundings. One of the first quality needed for true friendships is honnesty. To open up to someone you need to be able to trust this person. Trusting too much in anyone on the other hand can turn against us. I learnt it with time, as I have this tendency to trust too much too fast, and I easily get fooled...

I agree that iPeace is a place where we should be able to trust each other, but still humans are humans and not always truthful. Yesterday some very unpleasant experience happened to me here, my first of the kind on iPeace. I was looking for someone to talk about it just now, to let it go out of my heart, even thought of starting a new forum on it, but then I received your message and it feels like this is the right place and time to share it.

There is that sister whose name I won't mention, with whom I had been communicating here since a few days on matters that seemed to be of higher consciousness level. So she gained my trust and confidence to start with and I respected her a lot. Yesterday she opened not one but two false profiles here on iPeace with pictures of top models kind of girls. Then she started connecting with me in a very invitating manner and it went on for hours. She ended up sending me private messages of a suggestive nature like none others I have received here.

I'm a father being single for more than a year, with no feminine presence around me in my everyday life. So yes I'm very vulnerable to feminine charms, especially at this time. So yes, I can be seduced easily enough. I don't do cyber-sex or porno or such degradating activities which disgust me. I come here to share my true Love, my truth, my wisdom and my Light. I do my best to remain in the Light and higher consciousness levels. I found on this site some wonderful sisters and brothers alike, who share openly and generously their pure unconditional Love and their beauty and it has been uplifting for my soul and it has inspired me to feel happiness and more Love in my life, So I opened up my heart wide open to express all the Love, Peace and happiness I could share.

I believe honnesty is the first condition to a good communication. But yesterday I did fall in a trap that had been set up just for me here on this site. For a whole day my trust, Love, time and energy were stolen by false profiles. After several friendly invites, subjective messages started to show up in my inbox. So it kind of aroused my interest to look deeper into it, while still taking my time to know who I was really talking to.

After a full day of this tricky game, that sister erased her false profiles and sent me messages about morality, talking about my interior conflicts, my dark zones, my overload of fantasies, my lack of integrity and so on...

Now I can forgive her this little game since we had some high spiritual exchanges before, but I don't understand her motivation or interest for lying to me and the whole community, to exchange lies against my deepest truths.

What made me erase my profiles on other sites was the lower consciousness and the abundance of false profiles, people who play a role and manipulate just to get to your private life to extract your emotions, your time or your money, some kind of energetic vampirism widely practice by mankind here on the net or elsewhere.

So it breaks my heart and makes me very sad to find this kind of behavior even here on iPeace. I forgive the sister and I still Love her, for she has a good soul, but she is the first person I get to erase from my friends list. This kind of friendship based on seducing lies and deception relates to dark magic and is not needed in my life.

There is a difference between someone I Love unconditionally and someone I like as a friend. I guess this was a good lesson for me to meditate on that difference. Thanks for reading. Peace and Love to all beings.
In the end, this was a learning experience. It taught me a little more about forgiving and unconditional Love. And also about the nature of online firienships. It showed me that even here on iPeace there can be false friends, but I certainly hope and feel that it is a rare exception. If this was intended to seduce my heart, it certainly did the opposite. What makes me appreciate people the most is their truthfulness and honnesty.

I choose to keep on trusting you. Peace on Earth to all humans of good will
Thank you again Susan for sharing your truth. I'm learning from you as well, since we are all teachers for each other. I see in your posts a great sense or values and a good deal of understanding about human relationships.

Human life is but a collection of learning experiences and they turn out to be either good or bad depending on our reaction to every event we go through. Peace and Love with a small dose of good will can overcome all conflicts. I have to mention this to you, since I had told you about a somewhat dramatic story with my ex-wife in one of your forums. When that happened I found Peace minutes later with the help of a nice mantra video a friend had sent me here. Now, she came here while I was writing this very message to you and she just walked out a minute ago. She came to make Peace in a very respectful manner and I could finally share with her a little bit of my unconditional Love and Light. So I can say this, sharing this personal story in this circle and receiving helping feedbacks like yours helped me to release, to transcend and forgive faster. By changing my attitude into unconditional Love, it acted into the higher energy planes to reach her soul and we just had a peaceful exchange like it's been very rare in a long time, in which I could share a glimpse of spirituality.

So I witness one more time that Love heals everything, even though it might be hard to feel it at times. Also I realize that by sharing with the community here I do receive some real energetic help on many levels, morally, spiritually, intellectually and emotionally. So I'm starting to feel that this community can really be a healing circle and a tool for sharing with the world our best treasures through true hearts and deep connections.

As for the sister with false profiles, I don't judge her and it's all forgiven. She probably was trying a game to fulfill some kind of fantasy, but I won't blame her or hold it against her. I just hope that she understands that playing with people feelings and lying is not a good way to make friends. Again to share this experience with the community here helped me to transcend and forgive faster and I can say everything is already healed on my part. Only unconditional pure Love remains in my soul, compasion, wishes of serenity and prayers of healing.

May all beings be well and happy
Salut Bo très weird ton histoire. Comme tu la bien décris ces petites avances peuvent nous obséder souvent. Je savais que c'était pas la raison que tu avais commencer ce forum mais c'est quand même magique que cette histoire arrive parce que alors ce forum prends une dimension d'apprentissage.
Je pense que il faut pas que tu oublie que ipeace compte presque 20,000 membres. Alors des wirdos même en forme de sirènes porno peuvent s'y retrouver.
It is a learning experience. that you went through Bo and you did well. Just use your intelectual and moral filters to wash off the feeling of being used.
Salut Papillon, C'est intéressant de pouvoir discuter sur cette plate-forme publique de sujets qui nous tiennent à coeur. C'est comme une discussion à plusieurs ou les avis de tous sont respectés. Je dois te remercier à nouveau de m'avoir fait connaître iPeace qui, comme tu sais, prend maintenant une grande place dans ma vie.

C'est en effet un lieu de rencontres fantastiques, d'apprentissage et je dirais même de guérison dans mon cas, une recharge énergétique d'inspiration et de beauté. Pour le petit désagrément que j'ai vécu, ce n'est qu'un grain de sable sur la plage. Ça n'enlève rien à la beauté du soleil qui brille et ne fait que refléter un peu plus de Lumière. En passant, j'ai mis tes superbes chansons sur ma page, mais personne ne peut les downloader. Je trouvais que ça valait le coup de partager ça avec dus crédits, j'espère que tu n'y vois pas d'inconvénient.

Comme diraient les hindous: Bom Bole Gaya Bole = "chantons le Ciel, chantons la Terre". à+ vieux frère
Ah oui Bo 'avais remarque les chanson avant hier. Ça me fait plaisir au contraire. C'est cool ipeace Je suis content que tu t'y éclaté
Je viens de la montagne Je fait un pu de grippe alors J'essaie de la soigné avec de l'air frais.
Hello my friends what a wonderfully sweet discussion SunBow. I too have several friends here who I look forward to seeing regularly and miss when they aren't here.I think that the best way for peace is to meet people from every where and learn some of their culture. Many people I don't see much at all. I think on the whole it is a great site to meet people who are coming from their best intentions. There are many hopeful and loving hearts to be found in this world I think a lot of them are right here.
I wish that I could enjoy your videos and music SunBow but I only have dial up.
One time I met someone from on line it was delightful. We stayed in a hotel but got the best tour of Quebec City ever. I found that my very rusty parisian French was no match for a dinner conversation in the suburbs of Quebec.
Hehe... Right! Although we understand parisian French very well here, parisians don't understand us so much. Yes,there are nice people here on iPeace. But still, don't fall in Love too easily, it can turn out to be a very deceptive delusion. I lost my inspiration today.... sorry. Peace to all and only Peace...
Dear Sunbow my brother, when I was reading your words I remembered a very important life changing moment in my life.
We have been siting in the tipi around that beautiful fire we build with you and others there, 16 years ago. I remember the light and shadow of the fire dancing on your face and than you started to sing with your drum that sacred Hopi song. The healing the heart song. In that moment something is shifted in me, my heart open up to the spirit and I connected to my life mission for the first time. I thank you my brother for that healing because that moment it's resonating every day in my heart and in my life. We are all healers, activators towards wholeness. One kind word, one through heart connection can feed us, change us and reconnect, redirect us towards our deepest spiritual being. I can see in my life that through real love everything is possible. Sharing and living through unconditional love is the only way we can globally shift our human earth consciousness and find peace. Any way we can do that is a good way, a good medicine. This is a first time in my life that I became part of a online community and I'm grateful to be able to share my love and energy with all the soul sister and brother I have encountered here. We are Dreaming-Creating a New Reality globally and we remember deeper and deeper that only in love we are one. I have been contemplating love and tried to see what is love.
I find that love is,
and without all this, there is no love can exist. There is so many reflection in the sacred mirror, so many lessons to learn about our self.
Today we all know on Earth that we are challenged to transform globally our consciousness, our way of life and to ignite and to live the Sacred 8th Fire of Peace in our hearts, in our day, in our life. So be it.
Thank you my dear rainbow brother for the wisdom of your heart and for all the love that you are and to introduce me this site. I love you.

Greetings my good brother Swirling Rainbow. I've not heard much from you since you came back from Mexico. I'm not sure which one of the tipis we sat in together that you are talking about in your message. I remember seeing you taking the sacred red path and I've seen how far you have riden on it. With your years of sun dance and rain dance, and the sacred clown dance which made you the Crazy Swirling Rainbow you are. I thank you for being the first white person to enter into the ancient Midewiwin lodge, doing your part in helping the doors to open for us the next year. We have had some of the same teachers and shared many medicines as allies...

I'm glad you have joined iPeace on my invitation and that you like this community as I do. It is a nice place to connect with spiritual allies and to make friends, to exchange uplifiting energies, prayers and wishes. It's been a good energetic support for me since I joinded last month. Now I have to work on finding balance in my life.

It is good to know we are not alone in this journey towards healing and consciousness. We are all One.
I see that you are such a Loving soul....one would have to be blind not to see that...and I agree it can be difficult to foster and nurture online relationships, sometimes we are all so far apart geographically speaking.....sometimes one wants to have human contact...physical contact and of course that is impossible....but, as I have come to learn over the past months, that physical yearning may be present sometimes, but I do believe that spiritual connection can be much more fulfilling than a fleeting physical one...though of course, that is nice, but it is not ALL....

Since my last long term relationship broke down I have often felt alone, but these very beautiful spiritual connections made here are far more satisfying in some ways. These connections are so much deeper and they are made on the eternal time line....nothing will break them because we have connected on a 'soul level' deeper than the human situation...the body will die, but the soul goes on...therefore the connections we have made will also continue eternally.....we will meet again, somewhere, sometime, if not physically, then as eternal light beings. I await that day with much anticipation and Love,

Namaste x
Thank you so much Christie! I truly appreciate the beautiful wisdom of your words and the insights you share.

It is a greater challenge to Love people of our everyday surroundings than our online friends. We can't turn them off or change the page when they are part of our life, even when conflict arise. We have to work things out, to forgve and make Peace. We might find ourselves sometimes in some situations where we have a lot of work to do in Peace making and pacifying human relationships around us. The task at times can seem heavier than we can carry, and it is from a strictly human point of view. That's why we need to tap into the One Source of Universal Love above all human capacities to be able to keep loving unconditionally, without ego obstruction, to keep flowing with the healing energy. When the ego becomes a servant of Love, it creates beauty with devotion.

So our online connections should not make us forget or keep us away from the people surrounding us. Online connections can only be beneficial if they help us to deal with our daily life and human relationships. This is my reason for coming on iPeace so much, because I've met many precious connections here and received a real clear energetic, healing and loving support to live my life stonger, to Love more the people around me, to be be more creative, to get back to yoga and meditation and to rise my focus on higher consciousness levels.

As you say dear Christie, although the human or physical contact is missing online, communication with high spirited allies helps us to develop pure unconditional Love, the Love shared by the saints, the masters and the angels that we are called to become, especially is this time of major energetic shifts on Mother Earth. The faster the changes happen, the clearer it becomes for those who choose to remain in the Light. Pure Love is the solution to all the world problems, starting with our own. The more we will practice this yoga of devotion, the faster humanity will transmute into a conscious balanced caring and loving evolved race, as it is meant to be.

So the Love that is shared here on iPeace and similar groups can inspire and help us to rise our consciousness into sharing more spiritual true Love in our surrondings. As you said so well, this kind of connections are sometimes much deeper and they are eternal as they last forever in the spiritual realm. Love and Light forever...


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