We all come here to meet new friends and new ideas. In a way we all come here in search of Love. On iPeace it is easier to find consciousness and respect. I had a couple of profiles on other sites which I erased a couple months ago, being tired of not connecting with the right people. Then I found iPeace and it gives me hope that some online connections can turn into sincere friendships and deep spiritual exchange.

But how do we relate to our online friends? Is it easier to say "I love you" than in real life? How do we pick them up? I must admit that as a man, I'm more tempted to do the first step towards meeting a woman attracting me than to meet any brother I haven't met yet, although I'm open to all friendships and I try to love everybody equally. I love you all the best I can, we are all important.

This place allows us to meet interesting people to share higher consciousness, but how deep go our connections online and what is the outcome of our online friendships? Will we use this opportunity to connect on a higher level, to organize and manifest concrete Peace actions and initiatives?

Still, a true friend with whom you can share the best and the worst of yourself, your highest and lowest experiences, is very hard to find and worth much more than many profiles on a list. Friendship has to be fed in order to develop and grow. But some connections seem to be already meant to happen, when two souls recognize each other as allies. You must all know what I'm talking about...

So how true can our friendshipo be online? How intimate and true do you allow yourself to become with your friends? I wish this tool can become a real healing platform where we come together in trust and share our deepest visions and feelings, as in a free and open Family circle. It's harder on the net when you don't see the eyes of who you talk to, but is it possible to trust here on iPeace?

How do you relate to your online friends? How do you care for them? How do you see the results of your online friendships? Please, share your insights.

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You are so very wise Sunbow....thank you so very much for sharing of that wisdom and of your Loving Light...it shines strong and pure in these sometimes dark days.

Never forget you are amazing.

Love and Light forever...
So very, very true!
Absolutely great content here SunBow, and everyone who has replied has had a different view,
and they are all equally valid and I resonate with them all!
I understand that there is a spiritual `Shift` taking place, all over the Globe, it started some time back,
and I cannot contain my excitement when I see the stunning evidence unfolding in places such as this now.
It gives me the greatest glimpse of the world `returning to it's senses, assisted by New World wisdom,
which to me speaks of the possibility of my grandchildren living out their lives in peace.
Thank you Ozzie Owl, Indeed, shift happens fast and at an increasing rate. I had so many good news, amazing experiences and blessings in the past few days I could fill pages about it. It is good to have an online community with whom we can feel connected and share the fruits of our evolution. Best blessings of Peace, Love and Light...
Yes" this is a great piece and wonderfully said. I believe if people of the world want to come together, this is a great place to start, to open up, to release the tension and programming of daily activity. For kindness and to share with others even if it doesn't have the benefit of physical attraction. Its all about conditioning that has been in our ego ever since developement.

How do you relate to your online friends? Good question, It's very easy for someone to judge people for there very own selfish reasons. When one is aware, awaken to truth, it changes a person to open up to various types of personalities of sharing the common goal, which is becoming "one". I relate to others by listening, listening allows a person to accept an individual from the heart and not by the attractive shell of there flesh.

How do you care for them? I care for them because i care for myself. period!

How do you see the results of your online friendships? some might say its a form of a revolution. But i say its a form of becoming one under the word of 1st Creator source
For the new world approaching us in 5D. We are all going to see a huge party forming for all of us to celebrate a new way of life. The people who spoke now, reached out now, and gave a chance for the common brother and sister to communicate and share beliefs will be a result in "i told you so", "we new in our hearts to spend the energy then" for the new and wonderful world we see now!
That is the result i see with my online friends today.
Thanks for listening. Love, peace, and light for all is one :)
PS. This July 4th 2009 independence day should be celebrated as "ONE"-->not independent. Its time for change :)
I have found my own experience communicating with online friends very positive! I am sorry Sunbow that you have had a few unpleasant ones. For me to connect with like minded people all over the world has been a great source of encour-agement. I had been working thru some personal issues on my own but I found once I acquired a certain level of Peace inside of me, I found that Peace reflected back to me tenfold in my environment and thru friends here on this site. I feel much more optimistic about our world situation now that I know I am not alone. Everytime we encourage each other, everytime we validate another's feelings, everytime we take the time to just listen to another human being, we are changing the world for good. Our good intentions counteract a lot of the negative things that are going on in the world. Let's all keep of the good work and continue to nurture each other!

May Peace, Love, and Light surround you all!
Thank you Helen for sharing your insights. Indeed ipeace is a beautiful community gathering a diversity of people united for Peace in its many aspects. It is a good spirited circle to come and share and find support.

I'm currently talking daily to over 500 persons about Peace, doing the promotion and raising funds for our Peace Mission on the St-Lawrence, a nine days pilgrimage in canoes to gather people of many cultures with the First Nations in public ceremonies for Peace along the St-Lawrence river, from July 2nd to the 10th. The organization of the logistics,schedule and scenario for such a large scale project takes most of my time right now, leaving me few breaks to be with the online community. We have gathered so far at least ten boats and 30 persons to row together for Peace, with representants from various nations including the Mohawks, Algonquins, Abenakis and Maliseet, as well as Africans. Details about our program and schedule can be seen in my blog on my page.

So far I've always found moral support, encouragements and loving words on ipeace and I'm thankful to all the beautiful souls who are sending some positive energy and thoughful attention. I just wish that this community of almost 20,000 members would take the opportunity to use this network for more direct involment and collective support in Peace actions and initiatives. May we collaborate in the co-creation of a worlwide Culture of Peace.

We all are captains of our own ship, but we can sail together side by side towards the same positive and peaceful goals. As a fleet for Peace we have a stronger imput for humankind than alone in a single boat.

Think Peace, talk Peace, stand for Peace, walk for Peace, work for Peace, pray for Peace... in Love...


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