Greetings to all my friends!
I need your help and your input on a topic that seems to be an undercurrent of mainstream media.
Fox, CNN, and the rest allude to the topical events that have transpired since the early 80's and till now; but none have really tackled the concept, addressed, nor named the people driving the scenarios that lead to mass persuasion, peaceful resolutions to world economics and world suppressions of speech.
That is frankly, a NEW WORLD ORDER.
Do you believe that this is happening right now? Do you believe that a global economy is being hand fed to us as if we are a bunch of lemmings? Do you believe a national I.D. card is needed?
Do you feel as if our constitutional rights are being undermined? What about values and what about our constitution?
Why have gun and ammuntion sales rose by over by 300% over the past couple of months?
I am asking this as I am not that smart.
Does anyone feel as if we are drifting away from capitalism to socialism?
Let me think, we had a bailout to help the mortgage crisis. Right? Well, what happened? The
Fedral Bank bailed a failed company, well, several, AIG, Chase Fannie............. What happened to the liquidity that was supposed to help the homeowners? Nothing I can see. It is our taxes that paid the rich which still has not helped the poor mortgage people. Am I blind or just dumb?
The big 3 are begging for help, but then the United Auto Workers union refused a pay cut to salvage there jobs! OK, do not bail them, and let them get on unemployment and see how it feels like the rest of us. Arrogance!
Yep, I am dumb, I would like the wise, the Union boys, I mean boys, to explain all this. You go out of work, guess who else goes-dealers, repairs, parts stores. Oh no, a 35 bill. bailout is not good enough as you can not suffer a wage cut. Seems quite selfish to me.
Hey do not worry, you threw the dice,, let's see if it snake eyes my friends.
Final thought. The last of the big 3 I owned was 1979. Too many problems , too many repairs.
Since I went foreign, I have got an average of 200,000 miles, just changed oil and brakes. And much better gas mileage.
Yep, show up at the soup kitchen in a tux and silver cup and demand money and demand your wages stay the same.
Here is what I say, enjoy unemployment like the majority, you all are too important to take a wage cut to become competitive. The penny will drop.
I heard there is big money in the big 3 "BIG 3", enjoy as even chapter 11 will lose you.

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