It is said that the most profound truths are the simplest to explain.

With that in mind, what one or two sentence idea do you have that you believe is the core to accomplishing peace?

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Peace is NOT simply the absence of war.

Peace is the commitment within each individual to accept and embrace both the similarities and differences that exist in each of us. To Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself. To nurture and exhalt these qualities to the enrichment, expansion and unfoldment of mankind for greatest good of all.

Love to All in Limitless Doses.

-- Victor
Life, liberty,
and the pursuit of pure sillyness!
Stand up, show it to others that you care any moment of time - make that little gesture however little it is. Believe in your self -the whole and the conscience for a second that be the odds in the even - let everyone else count the odds....acceptence, faith and trust.
World peace can be achieved through a new socio-economic paradigm (which we're working on at Selfport) through which all people can thrive, with wide open creative and entrepreneurial opportunities. At the tipping point, when cooperation for mutual benefit replaces competition for resources, our natural tendencies for love and shared happiness will replace less enjoyable living modalities.
Money is the root of all evils...which still holds true is greed that cuts our forests,greed that drills oil from our coastlines,greed that allows "PorkBarrel Spending",greed that caused failing Banks and Auto industries...also the roots of Terrorisim...they want it,we got it,they blow it up if they can't steal will ruin the planet some day,if it's not too late already...
I'm figuring the Dalai Lama has it pretty well sussed when he says:
"Although attempting to bring world peace through internal transformation of individuals is difficult, it is the only way"
Who am I buying it from? How are there workers treated? How does it affect the planet? What are they doing with the money I gave them?

Buttons are nice and so is inspirtation and fluffy sounding poetry BUT persperation action and responsibilty are what we NEED and we need to ask questions. We should demand answers.
true this,but for some of us,it's the best way to comunicate our thoughts,in poetry or song lyrics...
there were many bands protesting VeitNam right?
why stop now?
but yes,question authority,but demand answers,hold Politicians/World Leaders, accountable for what they promised
Angel Healer

Angel healer

Mending wings

Healing spirits

Harmonizing soul

Peaceful flight

Suffering no more

Shelly Wiseberg, 2006
Emotional Healing

Smile with warmth and feeling
Loves true meaning around the globe
Soul connected to soul
Peace of mind in harmony
Universal breath meditating
Deep within the core of being
Sky lights beaming shines hope
Across all nations
Truth in meaning bringing
Shared blessing to all
Emotional healing smiles back
For more

Shelly Wiseberg, 2008
if humans loved more than they hate,it would be a step in the right direction...
if we teach our children that killing is wrong...why do we have war?
if cars cost as much as a house but you can't sell them,
why not lower the cost of cars,instead of raising the cost of homes?
if Our country is in such need of Oil,why fight for who owns it,why not reduce or eliminate that need?
and why on this Earth would you want to Drill for Oil on our Precious Coastlines?
why log our forests for paper?when there are alternatives that do a better job?
we Humanity,need to think about how to Help our population growth and where to place them,
not how to fill our pockets or what to wear tonight...
this might sound far fetched,but here goes...

we need a visit from a being from another world to show humanity that we are not alone.

*to explain*
too big for a Government Cover-up,but friendly enough to comunicate with Millions of Humanities Best Minds...
USA...Japan...India...Europ,ect...Every continent needs this visit at the same time...
not an invasion,but a friendly Howdy Neighbor,we just moved in over at Jupiter,come see us some


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