It is said that the most profound truths are the simplest to explain.

With that in mind, what one or two sentence idea do you have that you believe is the core to accomplishing peace?

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Okay, I'll start us off...

If there's light in the soul, there is beauty in the person
If there's beauty in the person, there's harmony within the home
If there's harmony within the home, there's order in the nation
If there's order in the nation, there is peace in the world
No, greed is not the problem, greed is the primary symptom of the problem. Like modern medicine , we fail to cure the disease by treating the symptoms, we must remove the cause ... What do you perceive is the "cause" of greed? That then will be the instigating factor.

Perfect Health and Clarity of Mind,

-- Victor
Hi, my name is Martha Jacqueline, I'm from Cuba and I don't speak English very well. But, I think that the problem is the greed. This symptoms is treating? I don't think so... I mean that... in the history of humanity the men figth for this, die for this... and nothing change. Is a genetic code in the soul.
Again, I'm sorry my English.

No need to apologize, Greed is a symptom of a more fundamental problem -- FEAR -- Fear of lack, Fear that there is not enough to go around, fear that "they" will get to have it and I won't. Greed is a symptom of Spiritual emptiness, an emptiness that cannot be filled by any acquisition or conquest, yet so many try to mask of fill it this way at the expense of others even unto their deaths. Pretty much everything we do is driven by either fear or Love, and I'm pretty sure that greed is not driven by Love. How would you propose to "treat" and "cure" greed then? Do you see what I am getting at? If we can correct the Spiritual emptiness, then the greed will go away of it's own accord.

Perfect Health and Clarity of Mind,

-- Victor
insecurity and the cause of this, as well as all negative emotions ie: hate, jealousy,vengeance, anger etc and these are all the sole result of coming from fear instead of coming from love.
Exactly right! Truth and honesty can set you free from individual to humanity.
Internal peace manifested globally wide spread universally with love and harmony. Shelly
Right on Robert... wow... well said!
Clear thinking NEVER arises from hatred or anger. Let us never hate war, let us instead Love Peace. Let us never anger at injustice, let us instead rejoice the just and the justice. Let us never be against that which we perceive as "wrong", let us instead be in favor of that which we perceive as "right". We must become that which we wish to experience in the world around us.

Perfect Health and Clarity of Mind,

-- Victor
The Light within me, the Life within me, and the Love within me is that same Light, Life and Love within ALL. We are that same Essence at the core, so I cannot do anything to harm that Essence within others without harming my Essential Self. I cannot do anything FOR another without expanding the Whole.

All peace grows out of that awareness.
Namaste... I love it... it's so true!! Thank you
Beautifully put and very heartfelt, Shelly
You cannot hate another without hating your self -- as they are one and the same; you cannot have an enemy without unless you have an enemy within, as there is no distinction between without and within -- they are one and the same. Unconditional Love is NOT affection, it IS acceptance -- as is. Life is "Inclusive" not "Exclusive".

-- Victor


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